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Famous Australian February Birthdays

Discover famous Australians born in the month of February! From actresses and singers to television personalities, there are plenty of ways to get inspiration from our February celebrities.

WERE YOU or someone you know born in February? You’ll find below some notable Australian politicians, footballers, actors, musicians, athletes and even our Man From Snowy River, Banjo Paterson, that have February birthdays.

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February Birthdays

BirthDeathBorn in FebruaryA little bit about them . . .
01 Feb 1985 Jodi GordonAustralian model and actress (Home and Away, Blood Brothers, The Cup)2006 Logie Award
01 Feb 1931 Roger David CovellAustralian musicologist, critic (Sydney Morning Herald principal music critic) and author (Australia’s Music: Themes of a New Society), 2006 Classical Music Award, 1993 Pascall Prize for Critical Writing
01 Feb 1947 Normie RoweAustralian singer (Que Sera Sera, Ooh La La, It’s Not Easy) and actor (Sons & Daughters), Variety Clubs of Australia National Ambassador, 1991 TV infamous on-air melee over disparaging remarks talkback radio host Ron Casey made about Normie’s Vietnam service
02 Feb 1888-1969Frederick LaneAustralian swimmer, first person to represent Australia in swimming at an Olympic Games, won 2 Gold Medals 1900 Paris Olympics
02 Feb 1958 Fiona WoodBritish-Australian, well-known for invention of spray-on-skin for burn victims greatly reducing scarring, led team to save 2002 Bali bombing burn survivors, Australian of the Year 2005
03 Feb 1920-2013Tony GazeAustralian decorated World War II flying ace (488 combat missions), awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross 3 times becoming the only Australian in WWII to achieve this honour, after the war became a race car driver, helped to develop Australian motorsport
03 Feb 1944 Trisha Noble
(Patsy Ann Noble)
Australian singer using the name Patsy Ann Noble (Like I’m in Love, Busy Lips, Good Looking Boy) and actress using the name Trisha Noble (Strike Force, The Private Eyes, Star Wars Episode II and III)
03 Feb 1948 Les TwentymanAustralian youth outreach worker and community activist, worked at Open Family Australia (youth refuge house in Victoria), runs 20th Man Fund (youth services)
03 Feb 1976 Isla FisherAustralian actress (Paradise Beach, Home and Away, Scooby-Doo, Wedding Crashers, Definitely Maybe)
04 Feb 1893-1988Raymond DartAustralian anthropologist, best known for involvement in 1924 discovery in South Africa of the first fossil ever found of Australopithecus Africanus (extinct hominid closely related to humans), later worked over 20 years with IAHP an organization treating brain injured children
04 Feb 1937 John DevittAustralian swimmer, gold medal 1956 & 1960 Olympics and 3 Gold Medals at 1958 Commonwealth Games
04 Feb 1975 Natalie Jane   ImbrugliaAustralian actress (Neighbours, Johnny English, Closed for Winter), singer-songwriter (Tom, Big Mistake), judge on X Factor 2010, MTV Award for Best New Artist 1998, 6 ARIA Awards in 1998, and 2 ARIA Awards in 1999
04 Feb 1980 Cameron MunceyAustralian guitarist and vocalist, member rock band Jet (Radio Song, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, I Spy I Spy, Bring It on Back), APRA Award 2006, 2007
05 Feb 1972 Crown Princess Mary
Mary Elizabeth   Donaldson
Australian married to Crown Prince Frederik (14 May 2004) became Her Royal Highness Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess Mary of Monpezat, she gave birth to Prince Christian (2005), Princess Isabella (2007), and in 2011 twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine
05 Feb 1976 John AloisiAustralian footballer, league total of 438 games and 118 goals, his penalty kick against Uruguay was voted by Sport Australia Hall of Fame as one of three of the greatest moments in Australian sporting history
06 Feb 1952 Richard CharsworthAustralian women Hockeyroos head coach when team won gold at Olympics 19962000 & at Commonwealth Games 1998), Sport Australia Hall of Fame 1987, Australian Sports Medal 2000, Federal Member for Perth (Labor Party) 1983-1993
06 Feb 1954 Peter BensleyAustralian actor (Class of ’74, Waterloo Street, Young Doctors, Restless Years, Prisoner, Neighbours, Home and Away, Water Rats, Packed to the Rafters), 1980’s  nude photo (strategically placed scuba gear) of Peter was the centrefold in Cleo magazine (Jack Thompson in Cleo was first-ever nude male centrefold in Australia)
06 Feb 1970 Mark HuttonAustralian baseball pitcher, played in USA major leagues (NY Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, Florida Marlins, Colorado Rockies), member of Australia national baseball team in the 2000 Summer Olympics
06 Feb 1983 Jamie WhincupAustralian race car driver, V8 Supercars champion (2008, ’09, ’11), Bathurst 1000 winner (2006, ’07, ’08)
07 Feb 1912-1981Russell DrysdaleAustralian artist, virtually blind in his left eye since age 17 yet he became famous for painting the remote Australian landscape and people
07 Feb 1941 Peter FoxhallEnglish-Australian evangelist, author (Odd Socks: God’s Beloved Eccentrics), ran Rainbow Ministries
08 Feb 1884-1953Reginald “Snowy”   BakerAustralian athlete (played 26 sports, 2 international rugby caps for Australia, silver medal 1908 Olympics for boxing) and actor (Enemy Within, Man from Kangaroo, Shadow of Lightning Ridge), he taught many Hollywood stars how to ride, fence and swim (Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple, Greta Garbo, and Rudolph Valentino)
09 Feb 1897-1935Charles Edward   Kingsford-SmithAustralian aviator, first trans-Pacific flight from USA to Australia 1928 in the Southern Cross, first non-stop crossing Australian mainland, first flights between Australia and New Zealand, flew from Australia to London in a record 10.5 days, served at Gallipoli as a motorcycle despatch rider, earned his pilot’s wings in 1917 in Royal Flying Corps, Military Cross for gallantry in battle (shot down and injured in 1917), worked as a barnstormed in USA and in Australia, flew under Cowra traffic bridge for fun, disappeared flying from Allahabad India to Singapore 1935 trying to break the England-Australia speed record, his body was never recovered
09 Feb 1929-2005Clement MeadmoreAustralian-American sculptor, known for his massive outdoor steel sculptures, author (How to Make Furniture without Tools), designed furniture for several years
09 Feb 1940 J. M. Coetzee
John Maxwell Coetzee
South African-Australian novelist, 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature, first writer to be awarded the Booker Prize twice 1993 & 1999, three time winner CNA Prize, novels (Dusklands, Life & Times of Michael K, Age of Iron, Diary of a Bad Year), film & TV (Dust, Lives of Animals, Disgrace)
09 Feb 1944 Derryn HinchAustralian media personality (Melbourne radio), police reporter, foreign correspondent, TV personality (Beauty and the Beast, Hinch, Midday Show), publicly identified a man on trial who was previously convicted of indecent assault with a minor yet was running a youth camp, for letting the public know about it Hinch was convicted of contempt of court, fined $10,000 and jailed for 12 days
10 Feb 1944-1992Peter Allen 
born Peter Woolnough
Australian singer, songwriter (I Still Call Australia Home, I Go to Rio, Legs Diamond),  first male dancer to dance with the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall, many of his songs were recorded by others (I Honestly Love You, Don’t Cry Out Loud), once married to Liza Minnelli, his ashes were scattered at sea, stage musical The Boy from Oz was based on his life
10 Feb 1970 Melissa DoyleAustralian television personality (Today Tonight, Sunrise, Where Are They Now, The Zoo), author (Working Mother’s Survival Guide)
11 Feb 1965 Vicki WilsonAustralian netballer, won gold medals with her team Olympics 1999, 1995, 1991 and gold medal at 1998 Commonwealth Games, Sport Australia Hall of Fame 2004, Australian Netball Hall of Fame 2008
11 Feb 1982 Neil RobertsonAustralian snooker player, at age 14 was youngest player to make a century break in an Australian ranking event, won 2010 World Championship, 2007, 2011, 2011 World Open, only Aussie to win a ranking event
11 Feb 1969 Alex PappsAustralian actor (Home and Away, Henderson Kids, Blue Heelers, Neighbours, Saddle Club, Flying Doctors, MDA, Stingers), TV host (The Factory, ABC’s Play School)1988 Logie Award
11 Feb 1948 Peter ConradAustralian academic specializing in English literature, Rhodes Scholar, writer of features and reviews (for New York Times, New Yorker, Observer), author (Behind the Mountain: Return to Tasmania), teacher at Oxford Uni.
12 Feb 1958-2006Grant McLennanAustralian musician, co-founder of The Go-Betweens (Unkind and Unwise, Send Me a Lullaby), his 1983 song Cattle and Cane named by APRA as one of 30 greatest Aussie songs of all time, 2005 ARIA Award
12 Feb 1959 Sigrid ThorntonAustralian actress (Underbelly 3, Little Oberon, Sea Change, Whipping Boy, Father Dear Father, Last Outlaw, Far Country, Inspector Gadget 2, Man from Snowy River 1 & 2), known for her ongoing work with World Vision, Royal Children’s Hospital, Vision Australia and other charities, Logie Award 20001984
12 Feb 1979 Jesse SpencerAustralian actor (House, Neighbours, Death in Holy Orders, Winning London, Uptown Girls, Swimming Upstream, Lorna Doone), plays violin in Band From TV music group with includes Hugh Laurie (lead in House)
12 Feb 1985 Saskia BurmeisterAustralian actress (Hating Alison Ashley, Sea Patrol, Underbelly Razor, Home and Away, Blue Heelers, Ned Kelly, Water Rats), AFI Award 2006
13 Feb 1921-1993Leonard MearesAustralian writer (Battle of Jericho Street, Dead Man Smiling, Rescue a Tall Texan, Jo Jo and the Private Eye, Major and the Miners), wrote over 740 novels mostly westerns, used pseudonym Marshall McCoy, Marshall Grover, Ward Brennan and Glenn Murrell, he could turn out as many as 30 books in one year
13 Feb 1939 Andrew PeacockAustralian politician, federal leader of the Liberal Party (1983-1985 and 1989-1990), ran against Prime Minister Bob Hawke but lost (1990), Australian Ambassador to the USA (1996-1999), past President Boeing Australia, had a well-publicised relationship with Shirley MacLaine
14 Feb 1934-1985Neil Brian DavisAustralian photojournalist, achieved worldwide recognition for his work during the Vietnam War and other Indochinese conflicts, earned the ire of the US military for filming the perspective of both sides of the Vietnam War, was wounded several times almost losing a leg, briefly imprisoned in Syria accused of spying for Israel (1981), while filming a minor Thai coup attempt in Bangkok he was killed by shrapnel fired by a tank, Logie Awards Hall of Fame 1986 (posthumously)
14 Feb 1934 Marlene MatthewsAustralian sprinter,  2 bronze medals Olympics 19561 silver & 2 gold medals Commonwealth Games 1958, Sports Australia Hall of Fame 1985
15 Feb 1930 Bruce Dawe  
Donald Bruce Dawe
Australian teacher and poet (No Fixed Address, An Eye for a Tooth, Just a Dugong at Twilight, Heat-Wave), Braille Book of the Year 1979, Dame Mary Gilmore Medal 1973, has four university degrees all completed by part-time study (B.A., M. Litt., M.A., Ph. D.)
15 Feb 1934-2005Graham Cyril KennedyAustralian radio, TV and film performer, known as the King of Australian television, started in radio as a news runner at ABC studios and then in the record library at 3UZ, eventually going on-air with (and learning from) the popular Nicky Nicholls (early 1950s), first appearance on TV was in March 1957 on a Red Cross telethon, his career really started May 1957 In Melbourne Tonight (similar to American Tonight Show format), later the Graham Kennedy Show (Feb 1960), Hall of Fame Gold Logie 1998, Logie Awards in 1960196119621963196419651966196719681969197319741978, following his wishes, his ashes were scattered at sea
15 Feb 1955 Bev FrancisAustralian powerlifter and female bodybuilder, broke more than 40 powerlifting records, won 6 powerlifting championships, first woman to officially bench press over 300 pounds, won the 1982 Australian national shot put championships, 1st place Pro World Championship of Bodybuilding 1987, International Federation of Body Builders Hall of Fame 2000, International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame 1987, appeared in the movie Pumping Iron II: The Women
15 Feb 1974 Jodie McMullenAustralian actress (Requiem, Jack of Diamonds), Miss Australia 1996, Miss Congeniality (Miss Universe pageant) 1996
BirthDeathBorn in FebruaryA little bit about them . . .
16 Feb 1929-2010Peter PorterAustralian poet (Possible Worlds, Max Is Missing, Better Than God, Automatic Oracle, Dragons in Their Pleasant Places), 2002 Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, 1990 Australian Literature Society Gold Medal
16 Feb 1967 Alyssa Jane CookAustralian actress (E Street, Above the Law, Home and Away, Beauty and the Beast), Alyssa’s daughter Georgia-May Davis is a member of Young Talent Time
16 Feb 1973 Cathy Freeman  Catherine Astrid     Salome FreemanAustralian athlete, at age 16 became first Aboriginal to win a Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games medallist (silver 1996gold 2000), Commonwealth Games medallist (gold 1990silver and 2 gold 1994gold 2002), World Championships (gold 1999, gold 1992, bronze 1995), dramatically lit the Olympic Flame at Sydney 2000 Summer OlympicsAustralian of the Year 1998, tattooed mid-way between her shoulder and elbow on the side facing spectators when she runs it says “Cos I’m Free”
17 Feb 1848-1920Louisa LawsonAustralian suffragist, writer (An Australian SongThe Digger’s DaughterA Woman’s Love), published monthly The Dawn was Australia’s first journal produced solely by women (1888-1905), Louisa is considered the Mother of Suffrage in NSW when in 1902 women were finally given the vote (unfortunately did not include Indigenous Australians), mother of famed Aussie poet Henry Lawson
17 Feb 1864-1941Banjo Paterson 
Andrew Barton Paterson
Australian poet (Waltzing MatildaThe Man From Snowy RiverClancy of the OverflowA Dream of the Melbourne Cup, his image appears on the $10 note and in 1981 a postal stamp, more information on our Banjo Paterson page plus over 30 poems and stories
17 Feb 1909-1979Marjorie LawrenceAustralian soprano who performed all over the world (Paris, Metropolitan Opera in New York City, Mexico), her autobiography was made into the 1955 film Interrupted Melody, she was stricken with polio in 1941 with paralysis in both legs undertook Sister Kenny’s treatment of muscle stimulation, during WWII sitting in a chair she performed charity concerts to entertain the troops in Australia, was awarded the cross of the Legion d’honneur for her work in France
17 Feb 1934 Barry Humphries  
John Barry Humphries
Australian comedian, TV host, best known for his delightful comedic alter ego Dame Edna Everage (Dame Edna Experience, Dame Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch, Dame Edna The Royal Tour), Tony Award 2000, Barry collects books and reportedly has over 20,000 in his in his London house, he was the voice of Bruce the Shark in the 2003 film Finding Nemo
17 Feb 1962-1999David McCombAustralian singer, songwriter of the band The Triffids (Bury Me Deep in Love, Raining Pleasure, Falling Over You), APRA named his 1986 song Wild Open Road as one of the 30 greatest Australian songs of all time, author (Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb)
18 Feb 1883-1956Jessie Litchfield 
Jessie Sinclair Phillips
Australian author and Northern Territory pioneer, mother of seven she published Far North Memories (1930) about her experiences, was the Darwin press representative for a variety of papers including Reuters, first Justice of the Peace in the Northern Territory (1955), her ashes were scattered over Darwin
18 Feb 1967 Andrew DaddoAustralian author (Flushed, Good Night Me, Youse Two, It’s All Good), TV personality (Worlds Greatest Commercials, The Great Outdoors, The One), did the voice-over for The Apprentice Australia, brother of Cameron and Lochie Daddo (actors, TV personality)
18 Feb 1970 Tammy McIntoshAustralian actress (All Saints, Police Rescue, Flying Doctors, Stingers, Farscape, Sea Patrol)
19 Feb 1946 Peter HudsonAustralian rules footballer, kicked 1,874 goals in senior matches (1963-1981), averaged over 7 goals a game over his entire career, All Australian 1966 & 1969, Australian Football Hall of Fame 1996
19 Feb 1971 Lisa McCuneAustralian actress (Blue Heelers, Sea Patrol), Logie Award 199519961997199819992000
20 Feb 1934 Neil Kerley  
Donald Neil Kerley
Australian football player and coach, only South Australian National Football League coach to win premierships at four clubs over three decades, Australian Football Hall of Fame 1997
21 Feb 1937 Ronald William ClarkeAustralian athlete, Mayor of Gold Coast Queensland (2004), multiple record-breaking distance runner, during a 44-day European tour broke 12 world records (1965), bronze medal 1964 Olympics, Commonwealth Games 2 silver medals in 1966, one silver medal 1962 and 1970, at age 19 was chosen to light the Olympic Flame during Opening Ceremony 1956 Melbourne Olympics, at age 69 was chosen to be one of the four final runners who carried the Queen’s Baton at Opening Ceremony Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games
22 Feb 1962-2006Steve Irwin  
Stephen Robert Irwin
Australian naturalist, wildlife expert and documentary host (The Crocodile Hunter), zoo owner (Australia Zoo), originally his parent’s zoo was called Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park but was renamed Australia Zoo in 1992, first episode of The Crocodile Hunter was actually film of Steve and Terri’s honeymoon spent trapping crocodiles together, Steve died 4 September 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary (Ocean’s Deadliest), Steve was survived by his wife Terri Raines Irwin and their children Bindi Sue Irwin (born 24 July 1998) and Robert Clarence Irwin (born 1 December 2003), two newly discovered animals have been named after Steve – in 1997 Irwin’s turtle (Elseya irwini) and the rare species of Queensland air-breathing land snail (Crikey steveirwini) in 2009 .. editor – yes, it’s true
23 Feb 1890-1925Lottie Lyell 
Charlotte Edith Cox
Australian actress, screenwriter, filmmaker, known as Australia’s first film star (Captain Midnight, The Bush King, The Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole, ‘Neath Austral Skies, Australia Calls, The Sentimental Bloke, Ginger Mick), her acting and writing spanned the early years of Australian silent film 1911 to 1925
23 Feb 1891-1978Harold HorderAustralian rugby league player, regarded as one of the greatest winger to play the game, named one of Australia’s 100 Greatest Players (1908-2007), Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame 2004
23 Feb 1908-1988William McMahon20th Prime Minister of Australia (1971-72), Australian Liberal Party, longest serving Prime Minister to have never won an election, longest continuously serving government minister in Australian history (21.5 years)
24 Feb 1942 David K WilliamsonAustralian playwright (also screenplays and teleplays) (Removalists, Stork, Gallipoli, Duet for Four, Phar Lap, Year of Living Dangerously), Australian Film Institute (AFI) Award 1977, 1981, 1987, 2009, Sydney Theatre Company box office revenue from his plays has grown to well over a million dollars each year (1998-2005), he is one of Australia’s best-known playwrights
24 Feb 1942 Colin BondAustralian race car driver, 1st place Australian Rally Championship 1971, 1972, and 1974, V8 Supercar Hall of Fame 2002
24 Feb 1964 Russell IngallAustralian race car driver, British Formula Ford Champion 1993, won 1995 and 1997 Bathurst 1000, won V8 Supercar Championship Series 2005
24 Feb 1967 Brian Schmidt
Brian Paul Schmidt
American-Australian astrophysicist, Nobel Prize in Physics 2011, donated $100,000 of Nobel Prize money to PrimaryConnections program which assists primary school teachers, Vice-Chancellor of Australian National University (ANU), astrophysicist at Mount Stromlo Obervatory, Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2006, Harvard University Bok Prize 2000, Gruber Cosmology Prize 2007, with his wife operate Maipenrai Vineyard and Winery since 2000 in Sutton near Canberra, at Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Stockholm, presented King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden with a bottle of wine from his winery, appointed government’s Australian Wine Research Institute
24 Feb 1976 Bradley McGeeAustralian racing cyclist, Olympics (gold and silver 2004bronze 20002 bronze 1996), Commonwealth Games (2 gold 19942 gold 1998gold 2002)
24 Feb 1977 Jason AkermanisAustralian rules footballer, All-Australian team 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, Brownlow Medal 2001, to communicate with his wife Megan’s hearing-impaired parents he learned Auslan (sign language of the Australian deaf community)
24 Feb 1981 Lleyton Glynn HewittAustralian tennis player, won 2000 US Open men’s doubles, 2001 US Open and 2002 Wimbledon men’s singles, Tennis Masters Cup 2001, 2002, member of Australian Davis Cup team that won the Davis Cup in 1999 and 2003, Young Australian of the Year 2003
25 Feb 1845-1918George Houstoun Reid4th Prime Minister of Australia (1904-05), Australian Free Trade Party, born in Scotland and migrated to Australia when he was 7, appointed in 1910 as Australia’s first High Commissioner in London
25 Feb 1938 Herb Elliott  
Herbert James Elliott
Australian athlete, environmentalist, humanitarian, gold medal 1960 Olympics2 gold medals 1958 Commonwealth Games, one of the bearers of the Olympic Torch at Opening Ceremony 2000 Olympics, he is one of Australia’s National Living Treasures
25 Feb 1963 Doris YounaneAustralian actress (McLeod’s Daughters, Heartbreak High, Mortgage, Death in Brunswick, Heartbreak Kid)
25 Feb 1969 Kerry DieneltAustralian softball catcher, bronze medal 1996 and 2000 Olympics, member Australian national team, member NCAA championship squad 1988-1990
25 Feb 1970 Libby TannerAustralian actress (Pacific Drive, All Saints, fireflies, HeadLand, Scorched, Rescue Special Ops)
25 Feb 1979 David HoflinSwedish-Australian actor (Ocean Girl, Neighbours, Head Start, Alcatraz)
26 Feb 1945-2006Peter Geoffrey BrockAustralian motor racing driver, automotive designer and manufacturing consultant, motorsports champion, V8 Supercar Hall of Fame 2001, won 1972 Bathurst 500Bathurst 1000 – 1975, 1978, 1979, 19801982, 1983, 1984, 1987
26 Feb 1986 Teresa PalmerAustralian actress (December Boys, Bedtime Stories, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Take Me Home Tonight)
27 Feb 1929-2008Jack GibsonAustralian rugby league footballer and coach, best remembered for his introduction into the sport new coaching innovations and training methods, reporters liked him for his notable quotes such as “The day that God invented Rugby League he didn’t do anything else but sit around and feel good”, so well respected that when he died a minute’s silence was held for him at all rugby league matches that weekend
27 Feb 1936 Ronald Dale BarassiAustralian Rules footballer and coach, one of the most important figures in the history of Australian football, coached 515 games and 4 premierships, All Australian 1956, 1958, 1961, first player inaugurated into Australian Football Hall of Fame as a Legend (2006)
27 Feb 1940-2011Bill Hunter 
William John Hunter
Australian actor (Ned Kelly, Gallipoli, Muriel’s Wedding, On the Beach, Kangaroo Jack, Australia, Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Strictly Ballroom), AFI Award 1978, Bill’s portrait by artist Jason Benjamin won the Packing Room Prize at the Archibald 2005
27 Feb 1973 Peter AndreBritish-Australian musician (Mysterious Girl, Flava, Behind Closed Doors, Defender, Perfect Night), author (My World in Pictures and Words), released  woman’s fragrance (Unconditional, Mysterious Girl)
27 Feb 1977 James WanMalaysian-Australian producer, screenwriter, film director (Saw, Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious)
28 Feb 1961 Mark William LathamAustralian politician and author (Latham Diaries, Loner An Inside Labor Tragedy, A Conga Line of Suckholes), Member for Werriwa NSW (ALP) 1994-2005, Leader of the Australian Labor Party 2003-5
29 Feb 1852-1936Frank Gavan DuffyIrish-Australian judge, fourth Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia (1913-1935), founded Australian Law Times, appointed a Queen’s Council (1900), his son Charles Leonard Gavan Duffy became a Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Frank’s half-brother George Gavan Duffy (1882-1951) was a Judge of the High Court in Ireland
29 Feb 1956 Jono Coleman 
Jonathan Harry Coleman
British-Australian comedian, TV and radio personality (Simon Townsend’s Wonder World, Off the Record, Jono & Dano Show, Sunrise, Mornings with Kerri-Anne) voice-overs and narrations for ads (Tooheys, Fosters, Qantas, Air New Zealand, BBC TV), voice of popular Aussie 70s & 80s music radio program My Generation
29 Feb 1964 Guy LeechAustralian Ironman surf lifesaving champion, won seven Uncle Toby’s Super Series races and twice won The Coolangatta Gold, World Ironman Championships in Vancouver Canada 1986, won Australia’s Celebrity Survivor Vanuatu 2006
29 Feb 1968 Frank Woodley  
Frank Wood
Australian comedian (Lano and Woodley), regular guest appearances on a variety of Australian shows (Spicks and Specs, Thank God You’re Here, Good News Week), co-host Aussie Gold on the Comedy Channel

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