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G’day mates! Have you ever noticed how many surprises the Australia continent holds? Of how many beautiful cities Aussie offers, with their beauty and quality of lifestyle and their rich ancient history, of how many fabulous beaches to relax in, landscape near which to have a family barbecue, mountains, and hills from which to admire the delightful views.  

If you are looking for the correct place to go and live and start a new life, stop looking. The right country to move to is Australia. Perhaps many had already guessed it, and in recent years, in fact, many people around the globe have chosen Australia as the new HOME.

Australia is, in fact, increasingly the country of new opportunities. If Europe is now in a stagnant economic crisis if the United States is giving way more and more if the modern free-range economies do not offer all the comforts one dreams of, many dreams of that country far away, but which promises to make life very well.

Why Australia?

Australia is a country for all seasons. With over 7.5 million square meters, Australia is so large that it is almost an entire continent, and as such, it will offer you an infinite series of landscapes and cultures.

A journey through these lands will make you experience the disorientation of moving from the sea depths of Queensland to the tropical sunsets of the Australian outback, from the bright green of the rainforest to the modern and airy metropolises such as Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth.

Get ready to lose every point of reference and let your gaze focus on the wonders of this magnificent country, then choosing the ones that most resonate with your spirit.

That it is adventure or relaxation, traditional or modern lifestyle, wildlife or the metropolis, the Coral Reef or the desert that calls you does not make any difference: the important thing is to respond.

Be sure to do it the best, by visiting our free guide to find out everything you need to know if you want to study, work or live in the land of kangaroos with our experiences and knowledge that you want to expand to visit Australia.

Finding a destination at another side of the world could be complicated, but fear not! We are here on purpose: find out which information and knowledge that you are seeking!

So, why wait? Let’s begin a journey to live an incredible life that will give you unforgettable memories and will remain etched forever.

Who We Are And What We Do?

The name AllDownUnder (name) comes from the Australian slang word  Down Under and represents the following: “Ask us for anything you want, and it will be given to you.” Just because, we are passionate about Australia.

The name was chosen to express the ability of our site’s content to provide you with personalized and exceptional knowledge about the culture, interesting facts, ground braking statistics and ready to use business templates of Australia.

Exploring and staying connected with AllDownUnder has always meant relying on people with as much passion as experience, always ready and available to introduce you to our beloved and magnificent Australia.

As a whole has almost no more secrets for us while continuing to surprise us year after year with always many new features and hidden corners yet to be discovered and new ways to do it.

AllDownUnder has been present here since  XXXX (year); with offering a wide range of Travel, Cultural Facts, Festivals And Events, Legal Australian Laws, Business Details, Aussie Food, News, Local Jargons (Slang), Special Days, Lifestyle, and all about the awareness related to the kangaroo country Australia.

Our Australian knowledge and exact and authentic sections appear here with the highest international standards; Our goal is to provide you guidance about living or travelling in Australia. This can be particularly useful when you are abroad and a stranger to the vast continent.

We try to offer the best help at the screen of your laptop or smartphone, high-quality any excellent support if needed related to Australia. It means learning to explore in a country even by staying in the homes of local inhabitants.

And secure and safe links of the different categories that you are seeking to know during your trip/vacation.

Our Assistance And Support

●     Australian Templates

Make a good impression from your first contact with our free and customizable and ready to print templates for Australian small businesses, organizations, and people in general. Choose one of the many formats to create and print your personalized business templates for free.

●     Australian Law / Legal

We offer Australian Laws, Legal advice, and government information here, along with Acts, legal forms, formats, and all kinds of critical statutory favours those you are seeking.

●     Australia Statistics :

You may find the necessary reports, statistics, analytics to evaluate the knowledge and trends related to Australia and its people, and do not worry as it’s free. There are many for which we think may be useful to bring them together on one page. 

So here is a list that we will keep updated on the best data, which can help you to find useful information.

●     Australian News: 

You will find and receive all kinds of updates on your personal interests, or news of your choice connected to Australia at one page, without having to search for them.

Our Core Offering

★    Learn Australian Slang To Speak Like A Native Speaker

As in all languages, slang may not be an easy aspect of learning, but it is certainly a lot of fun to learn! In our site between “Maccas,” “Fair dinkum,” and “strange” words like “Drongo” and “Bonza,” you will be full of Australian slang or jargon so you can speak Australian like a real native Aussie!

★    Ancient Songs of Australia

The music of Australia has a long story of music gatherings. Original Australian music is a part of the unique culture of hundreds of year history, which originated the iconic didgeridoo.

During its early western antiquity, Australia was a group of British communities, and Australian folk music and Bush ballads, like Waltzing Matilda, were heavily inspired by the Anglo-Celtic traditions. At the same time, traditional forms were obtained from those of Europe.

Contemporary Australian music extends across a broad spectrum with new trends, mainly Australian rock and Australian country music genres. Flavours have diversified with support globally.

We are offering all-time favourite and great Australian historical and classic songs and music collections to taste on one page. We hope you will definitely love them during your leisure.

●     Important Australian Days

Australia has its own culture, which all concludes kinds of events, sporting, gastronomic, cultural, and other on every year on each important day as Australia loves to celebrate all festivals and special days and dedicated as National or State Holidays.

Such as,

  • 1st January – New Year’s Day;
  • 26th January – Australia Day;
  • 10th February – Royal Hobart Regatta;
  • 2nd March – Labour Day;
  • 6th January – Epiphany Christian Day; and Etc.

You will find all the essential days, which are core to Australia.

★    Do you know who the most popular Australian celebrities are?

As per the in-depth research and a survey of 5,000 Australians to find out their favourite celebrities and famous people based on various criteria such as awareness, charm, confidence, power, and influence.

Although Aussies have a smaller population and are far from the old continent and the US, this young country has managed to produce globally recognized talents in all fields. Admittedly, many Australian actors such as Paul Hogan, Russel Crowe or Nicole Kidman are regularly playing in Hollywood super productions

We find singers, actors, sportsmen, politicians, models, for example, Hugh Jackman (actor), Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe), Rolf Harris (Australian artist ), and many more.

Here is an entire list of The Aussies’ famous people and personalities.


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