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Birthdays are so special in each and every one’s life! Many of us await for our birthday all year to add a few more memories and make it stand so special in our lifetime. It would be even more special day or best day of our year if any of our favourite celebrities birthdays fall on the same month, date, and day. Hope I am right!

Do you know any of the Australian celebrities born in the month of January, which is your birth month as well!? If no, then continue reading our post, which is filled with a list of Famous Australian Celebrities with their birthdays mentioned in. You may find your favourite personality among the below mentioned notable Australian actors, politicians, athletes, musicians, actresses, footballers, and even the Noble prize winners whose birthdays fall in the month of January.    

To have a depth information about that particular sport or award or a little about the famous personality, all you need to click on the hyperlink we have added to some particular key words. So, have a look and enjoy knowing about your favourites. All our efforts are solely to help you guys get to know these Australian famous personalities. Check whether you are lucky enough to match your birthdays with the birthdays of any of these people to have a greatest birthday of all.

Famous Australians Born in Jnuary



A little Information about them

Michael Witt



Australian footballer (NRL, Rugby Union, Super League), male centrefold Cleo magazine Nov 2006, featured in the 2009 Gods of Football calendar for the McGrath Foundation charity fund raiser, and appeared in the 2006 calendar League of Their Own to raise money for the Koori Kids foundation

Nicolle Dickson



Australian actress (Home and Away, Australian Celebrity Survivor 2006), Logie Award 1989

Judy Stone



Australian pop singer (Tears from Now, Born a Woman, Mare Mare Mare, Hasta Manana, Silver Wings and Golden Rings), regular TV appearances on Brian Henderson’s Bandstand, the Bee Gees sung backup on her 1963 single It Takes a Lot (to Make Me Cry)

Brode Dalle, Bree Joanna Robinson



Australian singer, songwriter, guitarist, lead singer of punk rock bands The Distillers and Spinnerette

Peter Duncan



Australian politician, South Australia (1984-96), served in both state and national parliament and as a minister in both, member Australian Labor Party

Caroline Mary James



Australian television and radio journalist (Australian Story, Four Corners, Search for Meaning), first female reporter for This Day Tonight, Logie Award 1973, Order of Australia (OA) 1988, Australian Living Treasure 1997, Ambassador for Reconciliation in 1998

Shirley Strachan Graeme Strachan



Australian rock singer (Every Little Bit Hurts, Tracks of My Tears, Nothing But the Best), lead singer of Australian rock group Skyhooks, nicknamed “Shirley” by his surfer friends for his long, very curly Shirley Temple style hair, hosted children’s TV series Shirl’s Neighbourhood, died while piloting a helicopter

Lawrence Wackett



Australian aircraft pioneer and engineer, regarded as “father of the Australian aircraft industry“, known for his mechanical inventions he modified plane armament to help save lives during WWI, designed the first flying boat wholly designed and constructed in Australia (1925), Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Force Cross

Chris Cheney



Australian rock musician, record producer, studio owner, lead vocalist of the band The Living End (All Torn Down, Second Solution, Pictures in the Mirror), APRA Award for 2009 Song of the Year White Noise

Ed Casey



Australian politician, leader of Australian Labor Party in Queensland (1978-82), member for Mackay (1969-95)

Charles ‘Bud’    Tingwell



Australian film, TV and radio actor, appearing in over 100 films (Smithy, Desert Rats, King of the Coral Sea, Miss Marple series, Homicide, Breaker Morant, Puberty Blues, The Castle, The Dish, Changi), Member Order of Australia 1999, Logie Hall of Fame 1994

Mel Gibson, Mel Colm-cille Gerard    Gibson



Irish-American-Australian actor (Mad Max, Gallipoli, Tim, Year of Living Dangerously, Braveheart, Pocahontas, Mrs Soffel, Tequila Sunrise, Lethal Weapon, Bird on a Wire, Air America, Hamlet, Forever Young,  Maverick, Ransom, Conspiracy Theory, The Bounty, Payback,  The Patriot, What Women Want, We Were Soldiers, Signs, Edge of Darkness), 1995 Oscar (Braveheart- best Picture, Best Director), AFI Award (Australian Film Institute) for Best Actor (Tim in 1979, Gallipoli in 1981)

Blanche d’Alpuget



Australian biographer (Hawke The Prime Minister), novelist (Turtle Beach was made into a feature film in 1989), 2nd wife of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke

Henry Handel Richardson, Ethel Richardson



Australia author, novelist (The Coat, The Getting of Wisdom, Fortunes of Richard Mahony), her home Lake View House at Chiltern Victoria is owned by the National Trust and open to the public

William Deane



Australian judge and 22nd Governor-General of Australia (1996-2001), Deane was in the majority of the court  who recognised native title in the 1992 landmark Mabo case, Sydney Peace Prize 2001, knighted in 1982

William John Wills



English-Australian surveyor, explorer, worked as a digger in the gold fields, as a shepherd at the Ram Station, member of the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition which was the first expedition to cross Australia from south to north, Burke and Wills both died before completing the expedition

Athol Guy



Australian singer, member of Australian group The Seekers, Liberal member for Gisborne in Victorian Legislative Assembly (1971-79)

Harold Charles Gatty



Australian inventor, aviator, navigator, in 1931 as navigator with pilot Wiley Post set the record for aerial circumnavigation of the world flying 24,903 km (15,747 mi) in 8 days, 15 hours and 51 minutes, prepared navigation charts for Lindburgh’s 1930 record-setting cross-country flight, Gatty is credited with inventing an air sextant (artificial horizon), an aerochronometer, and Gatty drift sight (ground speed indicator), received the Distinguished Flying Cross from US President Hoover in 1932, offered US citizenship but turned it down

Murray Rose



Australian swimmer, actor (Ride the Wild Surf, Ice Station Zebra), sports commentator, Rose set records in the 400 metre, 800 metre and 1500 metre men’s freestyle swimming, Olympic medallist at 1956 Melbourne Summer Olympics (3 gold) and 1960 Rome Summer Olympics (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Hugh Mahon



Irish-Australian journalist and politician, attacked British policy towards Ireland at an open-air meeting in 1920 in Melbourne, this resulted in House of Representatives passing a resolution that Mahon had made “seditious and disloyal utterances at a public meeting” and expelled him from the Federal Parliament – in 1987 the Parliamentary Privileges Act was passed preventing the Parliament from ever expelling a member again 

David Fleay



Australian naturalist, pioneered the captive breeding of endangered species, first captive breeding of the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) (1943), as well as many others, 2 animals bear his name: Fleay’s Barred Frog (Mixophyes fleayi) and Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquala audax fleayii)

Ben Cropp



Australian documentary film-maker (150 wildlife documentaries), conservationist (former shark hunter)

Wilmot Hudson Fysh



Australian aviator, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his services to aerial warfare, arrived in Gallipoli 2 weeks after initial Anzacs arrived in 1915,  in Australia in 1919 driving a Model T Ford his party was the first to travel across the Gulf of Carpentaria with a car taking 51 days to go from Longreach to Katherine, on 16 November 1920 at the Brisbane’s Gresham Hotel Fysh with 4 others started Australian airline Qantas (Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services) with an initial capital of ŁA6,700 (Ł5,360 sterlings), Fysh was knighted in 1953

Steve Jacobs



Australian television presenter, actor (All Together Now, Just Kidding, In Melbourne Tonight, Today)

John Curtin



14th Prime Minister of Australia (1941-45) Australian Labor Party, US General Douglas MacArthur said of Curtin that “the preservation of Australia from invasion will be his immemorial monument”, 6 weeks before Darwin was bombed by Japan (1942) the Melbourne Herald published Curtin’s New Year’s message which changed Australia’s relationship with the UK and partnership with the USA in the war effort making for the first time Australia’s survival our number one priority

Rachel Friend



Australian actress (Neighbours, Frog Dreaming) journalist, (The Midday Show, Today Show, Sky News), Logie Award 1990

Paul Hester



Australian musician, drummer for the bands Split Enz, Crowded House, and Largest Living Things, TV personality (Hessie’s Shed), played “Paul the Cook” on the Aussie kids TV show The Wiggles

Adriana Xenides



Australian TV personality, listed in Guinness Book of Records as the longest running game show host in Australia (18 years on Wheel of Fortune), she also appeared on Beauty and the Beast and Celebrity Big Brother Australia 2002, Vanna White holds game show host record in US with over 25 years

Brian Harradine



Australian politician, expelled from the ALP (Australian Labor Party) he later became a Senator for Tasmania as an independent, Harradine is the longest-serving independent federal politician in Australian history (1975-2005)

Morris Gleitzman



British-Australian children’s author of over 30 books (Two Weeks with the Queen, Misery Guts, Puppy Fat, Toad Rage, Boy Overboard, Blabber Mouth, Belly Flop)

Robert Drewe



Australian author (Savage Crows, Our Sunshine, Grace, The Shark Net), Our Sunshine was made into the retitled film Ned Kelly starring Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom and Naomi Watts

Burnum Burnum, Harry Penrith



Australian Aboriginal activist, actor (Dark Age, Ground Zero, Marsupials The Howling III), as a University of Tasmania student in the 60s he led a successful movement to reclaim remains of Truganini (last full blood Palawa she died in 1876) from the Tasmanian Museum for later cremation, he was strongly committed to the welfare of Aboriginal Australians, Jannali Reserve renamed Burnum Burnum Reserve in his honour (2005)

Albert Jacka



Australian soldier (1914-1920), first Australian World War I Imperial Victoria Cross recipient (highest decoration for gallantry “in the face of the enemy”), the VC was presented to him by King George V at Windsor Castle, received for his actions during the Gallipoli Campaign, Jacka’s Victoria Cross is displayed at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, mayor of St. Kilda (1929-1931), suburb of Jacka in Canberra is named in his honour

Holly Brisley



Australian actress (Home and Away, Garage Days, The Crop, Scooby-Doo, Mermaids), TV personality (Agro’s Cartoon Connection, Big Brother The Insider, The Wright Stuff), 3rd place finish on Dancing with the Stars (2005)

Betty Churcher Elizabeth Ann Cameron



Australian artist and educator, director of the National Gallery of Australia (1990-97), art critic for The Australian newspaper, Dean of School of Art and Design RMIT University (1982-90), hosted several TV programs on art, author (Art of War), Betty’s son Peter Churcher was Australia’s official war artist in the War on Terrorism in 2002

Nora Heysen



Australian artist, first woman to win the prestigious Archibald Prize (1938) with her portrait of Madame Elink Schuuman (wife of Consul-General for the Netherlands), first Australian woman appointed as an official war artist completing over 170 works of art depicting women working during the war, some of the places her artwork can be seen is at the National Gallery of Australia, Australian War Memorial, National Library of Australia

Daryl Braithwaite



Australian singer, lead vocalist of Sherbet (Can You Feel It Baby), solo artist (You’re My World, Old Sid, The Horses)

Charles Yelverton O’Connor



Irish-Australian engineer, responsible for construction of Fremantle Harbour and the Goldfields Pipeline carrying water 530 km (330 miles) from Perth to Kalgoorlie, the constant unfounded accusations by the press and public so depressed O’Connor that he took his own life, CY O’Connor College of TAFE in WA was named in his honour

Rod Taylor, Rodney Sturt Taylor



Australian actor (Time Machine, The Birds, Long John Silver, Top Gun, World Without End, Giant, Raintree County, Do Not Disturb, A Gathering of Eagles, Glass Bottom Boat, Hotel), the voice of Pongo in One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Lewis Fiander



Australian actor (Dr Phibes Rises Again, Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Not Now Comrade, Pride and Prejudice)

Annie Jones, Annika Jancso



Australian actress (Neighbours, Jackaroo, Snowy, Underbelly Files ), Logie Awards (1991, 1989)

Joh Bejlke-Petersen Johannes Bjelke-Petersen



Australian politician, longest-serving Premier of Queensland (1968-87), one of the best known and most controversial political figures in Australia, his abolishing state inheritance taxes led to retired people moving to Queensland which caused other states to eventually abolishing it too, in the High Court case Koowarta v Bjelke-Petersen (1976-88) the courts found his policy discriminated against Aboriginal people when he blocked a proposed sale of pastoral property to them

Roy Cazaly



Australian rules footballer, famous for his high marks and ruck work which caused fans to yell “Up there Cazaly”, phrase was used as a battle cry by Australian forces during WWII

Paul Maurice Kelly



Australian singer, songwriter, musician, bands (Dots, Coloured Girls, Messengers, Stormwater Boys), 2001 AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award, APRA Awards (1991, ’99, ’02), Kelly’s biography is How to Make Gravy, ARIA Hall of Fame 1997, and  8 ARIA Awards (1988, ’96, ’97, ’98, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006)

Frank Costigan Francis Xavier Costigan



Australian barrister, most famous for chairing the Costigan Royal Commission investigating union criminality allegations of tax evasion and organized crime, was brother Peter Costigan (former Lord Mayor of Melbourne)

George Foster Pearce



Australian politician, Western Australian Senator (1901-1938), at the time of his death was last surviving member of the Senate of the first Australian Parliament, Minister of Defence (1908-21, 1932-34), RAAF Base Pearce is named after him

J.F. Archibald, Jules Francois, Archibald, John Feltham Archibald



Australian journalist and publisher, was co-owner and editor of The Bulletin, founder of Australia’s most prestigious art award the Archibald Prize, at his death he bequest funds for Archibald Fountain in Sydney’s Hyde Park and funds for Archibald Prize

Paul Chubb, Paul Dunford



Australian actor (Rafferty’s Rules, Dirty Deeds, Hoodwink, Bodyline, Brass Monkeys, Water Rats, The Farm, Bullseye)

Mary Helen MacKillop, St Mary of the Cross      MacKillop



Australian nun and teacher, she co-founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart whose emphasis is on education for the rural poor. The church officially recognized miracles attributed to her intercession, thus resulting her canonisation at the Vatican on 17 Oct 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI. She is currently the only Australian recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint.

Greg Inglis



Australian rugby league footballer (Melbourne Storm, South Sydney Rabbitohs), 2008 Indigenous Team of the Century, Wally Lewis Medalist, Golden Boot Award, Clive Churchill Medalist

Miriam Beatrice Hyde



Australian composer (Valley of Rocks, Kelso Overture), concert pianist, poet (Bliss of Solitude) wrote almost 500 poems, author (Complete Accord)her 90th birthday was celebrated with concerts and broadcasts Australia wide

Charles Halliley Kellaway



Australian medical researcher, advocate, regimental medical officer in Flanders 1917, awarded a Military Cross for fortitude under fire, formed a Royal Commission into Bundaberg Tragedy (12 children died following diphtheria immunisation) vindicating the programme, most notable for his experiments and programs in Australian snake venoms.

Lorraine Daphne Bayly



Australian actress (The Sullivans), presenter in children’s TV show Play School (1966-1978), Member of the Order of Australia 2001, Logie 1978

Clem Jones



Australian politician, longest serving Lord Mayor of Brisbane (1961-1975), Australian Labor Party, in 1960s led council to connect sewers to most of the city getting rid of outhouses and septic tanks, 1968 converted tramway routes to diesel bus, won bid for 1982 Commonwealth Games, after leaving office in 1975 appointed Chairman of Darwin Reconstruction Commission for the rebuilding of Darwin after its near destruction by Cyclone Tracy, in his will he left A$5 million to fund a campaign for the legalisation of euthanasia, other money for stem cell research and to prevent or cure macular degeneration

Brian Castro



Australian author (Birds of Passage, Double-Wolf, Street to Street, After China, Bath Fugues)

Greg Page, Gregory John Page



Australian musician and actor, best known as the original lead vocalist and founding member of the children’s band The Wiggles (yellow shirt Wiggles who did magic tricks), as a teenager sang with the Australian band The Cockroaches, studied Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University which inspired him to jointly create The Wiggles, owned 4th largest collection of Elvis memorabile in the world which Greg donated (est. value $1.5 million) to a new Elvis museum in Parks, NSW in 2008.

Bille Brown, William Gerard Brown



Australian playwright and actor (film – The Dish, The Beach, Oscar and Lucinda, At World’s End, Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Trader), (TV – Indiana Jones Chronicles, All Saints, Big Sky, Medivac, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Wild Boys, Heartbeat, Blackjack, The Kennedys), long time friend Geoffrey Rush delivered the eulogy at a public memorial service held after a private funeral

May Gibbs, Cecilia May Gibbs



British-Australian children’s author, illustrator, and cartoonist, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie published in 1918, bequeathed the copyright from the designs of her bush characters and stories to Northcott Disability Services (formerly The NSW Society for Crippled Children) and Spastic Centre of NSW, balance of her estate left to the UN International Children’s Emergency Fund.

Rick Kelly



Australian race car driver, winner in Australian Drivers Championship 2001, Bathurst 1000 in 2003 and 2004, V8Supercar Championship Series 2006

Norman James Kaye



Australian actor (Turtle Beach, Oscar and Lucinda, Moulin Rouge, Lonely Hearts), 1983 AFI Award

Leigh Whannell



Australian screenwriter (Saw, Dead Silence, Death Sentence, Insidious), producer, actor (Neighbours, Matrix Reloaded, Blue Heelers, Saw, Insidious)

Ita Clare Buttrose



Australian journalist and businesswoman, at only 23 women’s editor of the Telegraph, founding editor of Australian magazine Cleo in 1972 featuring Jack Thompson as the first male nude centrefold, editor of Australian Women’s Weekly (1975-8), left both Packers’ publications for rival Rupert Murdoch’s offer of Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph (1981-4), author (Guide to Australian Etiquette, Motherguilt, What is Love, How Much is Enough, A Passionate Life, Early Edition: My First Forty Years), Australian of the Year 2013

Elizabeth “Liz” Ellis



Australian netball player, Commonwealth Games – silver medal 2006, gold medals 1998, 2002, Netball World Championships – silver 2003, gold in 1995, 1999, 2007

Susan Mary Kiefel



Australian lawyer and judge, 2007 became Justice of the High Court of Australia, in 1987 was first female Queens Counsel in Queensland

Dale Begg Smith



Australian freestyle skier, Winter Olympics – gold 2006, silver 2010, youngest to win Olympic Gold in men’s freestyle mogul skiing, FIS World Ski Championships – gold & silver 2007, bronze 2005

Damien Leo Leith



Irish-Australian singer-songwriter (Night of My Life, Where We Land), Australian Idol winner 2006, ARIA Award 2007, original composition Come to Me went Gold (35,000 copies sold) within 72 hours of its release and Platinum (70,000 copies shipped) in its first week, first Australian Idol winner to have 2 consecutive #1 albums.

Michael Tunn



Australian radio announcer (Triple J, Three D Radio) television presenter (ABC’s The Afternoon Show)

Paul Keating



24th Prime Minister of Australia (1991-96) Australian Labor Party member, in his youth he managed the rock band The Ramrods, introduced national superannuation scheme, delivered in 1992 what is considered among the greatest speeches in Australian political history – the Redfern Speech on Aboriginal reconciliation, moved to introduce mandatory detention for asylum seekers

Johnny O’Keefe, JOK, John Michael O’Keefe



Australian singer (Wild One, Move Baby Move, It’s Too Late), host & resident band (ABC’s live Six O’Clock Rock), 1988 posthumously inducted into ARIA Hall of Fame, in his memory a 5 metre tall monument The Wild One dedicated at Twin Towns Services Club, Coolangatta/Tweed Heads in 2004

Rex Ingamells



Australian poet (Camels, Days of Delight, Macquarie Harbour) and teacher, founder of the Jindyworobak movement which was a nationalistic Australian literary movement whose aim was to promote Indigenous Australian ideas and customs. The name comes from a Woiwurrung word meaning “to join” or “to annex”.

Edmund Barton



1st Prime Minister of Australia (1901-03) Australian Protectionist Party, resigned as Prime Minister to become a judge of Australia’s High Court

Rove McManus



Australian stand-up comedian, television host (Rove LA, Rove, RMIT’s Loft Live, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?), radio host (Triple J), cameo voice of a crab in 2003 animated film Finding Nemo, won 16  Logie awards 2009, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02

Clive Churchill



Australian rugby league footballer, won five premierships with Sydney Rabbitohs player (1950, 51, 52, 54, 55) and three as coach, most capped Australian Kangaroos player, one of Australia’s most successful coaches, Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame 2002, Clive Churchill Medal named in his honour

John Batman



Australian grazier, businessman and explorer, the foundling settlement of Melbourne, involved in slaughter of a Tasmanian Aborigine family group, first 19th century white to acknowledge that Aborigines owned land, only native-born Australian to have founded a state capital city (Melbourne)

Abi Tucker, Abigail Anne Tucker



Australian singer (Dreamworld, One December Moon), actress (Heartbreak High, Secret Life of Us, McLeod’s Daughters, Wog Boy)

Damian Walshe-Howling



Australian actor (Underbelly, Blue Heelers, Wilfred, Neighbours, Secret Life of Us, Marshall Law, Stingers, All Saints, Terra Nova, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms), in film (Ned Kelly, Macbeth, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand), AFI Award 2008

Michael Hutchence Michael Kelland John     Hutchence



Australian musician (Max Q, INXS) and actor (Dogs in Space, Frankenstein Unbound, Limp), founding member and lead singer of rock band INXS (1977-1997), ARIA Awards 2001, 1994, 92, 89, 87

Norman Gilroy



Australian clergyman, at age 19 served in the Gallipoli campaign WWI in 1915 as junior wireless officer on board the Hessen (Bulla), first Australian-born Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church (1946-1971), first Roman Catholic Cardinal to receive a knighthood since the Protestant Reformation (1969)  Australian of the Year 1970

Harry George Hawker



Australian aviation pioneer, one month after getting his pilot license at age 23 he won the Michelin Trophy for flight endurance with a flight lasting 8 hours 23 minutes, set a 1914 altitude record of 12,900 feet, chief test pilot for Sopwith, co-founded Hawker Aircraft, he died when his plane crashed while practicing for the Aerial Derby, Australian postage stamp issued in his honour in 1978

Rebekah Elmaloglou



Australian actress (Mad Max III, Mack the Knife, Limbo, Princess Kate, The Sum of Us, Neighbours, Home and Away), cousin of Judi Dench

Fred Willims, Frederick Ronald Williams



Australian painter and printmaker, one of Australia’s most important artists and major landscape painter, more than 70 solo exhibitions in Australian galleries, 1977 solo exhibition at Museum of Modern Art in New York, his 1965 painting Upwey Landscape sold at a 2006 Christies auction in Australia for $1,987,700, in 2007 another auction house broke their sales record with his 1965 Landscape with Water Ponds selling for $1,860,000

Jenny Kee, Jennifer Margaret Kee



Australian fashion designer, her boutique Flamingo Park (closed 1995) sold her pure Aussie wool knitted jumpers, Lady Di owned one of her knitted koala jumpers, Jenny and her daughter are survivors of the Granville rail disaster 18 January 1977

Kay Cottee, Kay McLaren



Australian sailor, at age 34 was the first woman to sail alone non-stop around the world in her 11metre (37 foot) yacht Blackmores First Lady, took 189 days in 1988 and set 7 world records, first solo trip round Cape Horn by an Australian woman, fastest trip around the world by a woman, also helped raise over one million dollars for Life Education Centres, her yacht Blackmores First Lady was placed on permanent display at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Australian of the Year 1988

Ros Kelly, Roslyn Joan Raw Kelly



Australian politician, first Australian Federal MP to give birth while in office (1983), first female Labor minister from the House of Representatives

Russell Reading      Braddon



Australian author (Piddingtons, Year of the Angry Rabbit, When the Enemy Is Tired, Funnelweb, End of Hate, Hundred Days of Darien, All the Queen’s Men), in The Naked Island (published 1952 sold more than 1 million copies) he wrote about his four years as a Japanese prisoner of war (WWII) in Pudu and Changi prisons

Ethel Sybil Turner, Ethel Mary Burwell, Ethel Curlewis (married) pen name Dame Durden



Australian author (Seven Little Australians, Family at Misrule, Miss Bobbie, Little Larrikin, Three Little Maids, Little Mother Meg), started her writing career at 18, founded a journal for young people the Parthenon, wrote children’s columns (Illustrated Sydney News, Town and Country Journal), wrote more than 40 novels about children who were adventurous and independent

Rebecca Ritters



Australian actress (Neighbours, Pig’s Breakfast, Blue Heelers, Coronation Street, All Saints)

Nic Testoni, Nicolas John Testoni



Australian actor, 1996 Logie Award winning role of Travis Nash in Home and Away (1995-99), wrote film Mr Patterns

John Eccles



Australian neurophysiologist, 1963 Nobel Prize in Medicine co-recipient for his work on the synapse, co-author The Self and It’s Brain (1977), Australian of the Year 1963

Stephen Paul Hatton



Australian politician, first politician in the Northern Territory to have a university degree, played an important role in the failed referendum for statehood, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory (1986-1988), Member for Nightcliff (1983-2001), Country Liberal Party

Stephanie Gilmore



Australian professional surfer, ASP World Tour Champion (2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007)

Isabel Lucas



Australian actress (Home and Away, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Daybreakers, The Pacific, Immortals, Red Dawn)

Lynne McGranger 



Australian actress, best known for her role since 1992 as Irene Roberts in Home and Away

Molly Meldrum, Ian Alexander Meldrum



Australian music critic, journalist, producer (Russell Morris The Real Thing, Ronnie Burns Smiley, Colleen Hewett Day by Day, Supernaut I Like It Both Ways, Ferrets Don’t Fall in Love), TV show Countdown (1974-87) most successful and popular Australian music program, travelling widely overseas he became friends with many of the top pop and rock stars giving Countdown international exclusives, began his music career as a roadie for friend’s band The Groop, wrote for weekly pop music newspaper Go-Set (1966-74), widely recognized for his trademark Stetson hat (not an Akubra) worn since the 1980s, given nickname “Molly” by friend & Melbourne radio DJ Stan Rofe, ARIA Award 1993, APRA Award 1984, Logie Award 2012

Germaine Greer



Australian social activist, author (Female Eunich, The Whole Woman, Shakespeare’s Wife), selectively choosing her facts about issues attracts considerable controversy

Matthew Werkmeister



Australian actor, best known for his 6 years as Zeke Kinski in Neighbours

Shirley Hazzard



Australian author (Transit of Venus, Bay of Noon, Great Fire, Defeat of an Ideal, Countenance of Truth), Miles Franklin Award (2004), O. Henry Award (1977), National Book Award (2003)

Portia de Rossi



Australian-American actress (Sirens, Scream 2, Cursed, Too Something, Astoria, Alley McBeal, Arrested Development, Better Off Ted, Nip/Tuck), married TV host Ellen DeGeneres (16 Aug 2008)

Robert Grubb



Australian actor (My Brillian Career, Gallipoli, Phar Lap: Heart of a Nation, Robbery Under Arms, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, The Flying Doctors)

Eric Henry Stoneley Burhop



Australian physicist, established Australia’s first research programme into nuclear physics (1937), in 1944 went to USA to join Manhattan Project to develop atomic bomb, after WWII involved in large-scale international projects on atomic research, founder of British Society for Social Responsibility in Science (1969), Joliot-Curie Medal from World Peace Council (1966), Lenin Peace Prize (1972)

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