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We have a unique way to communicate English and that is where our slang comes into the picture. Yes, we just don’t use slangs but a rhyming slang for each word we use. If you want to come to our place, then you must know how to unlock our language. But, don’t worry as I am not threatening you and it is very easy if you can read this article till the end. I have listed all possible rhyming slangs and a small description of it.

Australian Rhyming Slang Words

After Darks – can you think of which rhyming word we refer by this slang? The shark is addressed in this way. Let us dig more deeply to know more rhyming slangs. We also have another rhyming slang for shark and you must know “Noah’s Ark”

Young and Old – cold

Zane Grey – pay

Adrian Quist – Oliver twist. Both are referring to pissed or drunk. This was named after the popular tennis player Adrian Mannarino.

Alger hiss – Leo Kiss, Swing, and Miss, Snake’s Hiss all second word sounds as “iss” reminding us about the urge to urinate. You got it right and it is piss

Al Capone – Your al Capone is ringing please attend to stop the ringing sound. You guessed it right it is a phone

Rory O’Moore – close the door

Sandshoe – Thank you

Asafa Powell – Sprint runner Jamaican is honored and it means the towel

Almond Rocks – Get you almond rocks and be ready for a jogging in the morning. Put your socks  

Angora Goat – When someone is suffering from throat infection we refer as they have an angora goat. The rhyming is throat

Apples and Pears – Climb the apple and pears to stay fit and avoid the elevator where ever possible. Stairs

Aristotle – In the party, all were happy to open the champagne Aristotle to get the flavor of the liquor. bottle

Babbling Brook – The marriage event had a great babbling brook which made us all feel glad to eat three-course meals. Cook

Bag of Fruit – We use this wordclothes suit as the rhyming word in our slang

Barry Crocker – apoor performance which is a shocker to all viewers

Billy hunt – a stupid person who is a cunt is referred in this slang

Barry Beath – Australian comedian Barry is honored and this word means teeth we all laugh showing our barry beath

Billy Lids or Tin lids – funny way to represent Kids

Blood Blister –           a girl sibling who is blood-related mostly we call them a sister

Boat race – don’t show your face

Bugs bunny – give me enough bugs bunny to buy a quality product. money

Bread and Jam          – tram

Butter corn  – porn

Coffee scroll – a woman who is immoral, promiscuous, moll

Captain CookJames cook honored in this rhyming slang and give a great look is always told us in an encoded manner as to have a great captain! Sounds interesting no? Indeed, it is

Cheese and Kisses  – wife is referred this way and the rhyming word for this is missus also it is told as hugs and kisses

Johnny Hopper – copper

Johnny Horner – the corner

Knees – please

China Plate mate

Country Cousin         – Buy one country cousin of banana for the meal. dozen

Curry and Rice         – What is the price of a product is asked using let me know the curry and rice of xxx product

Dapto dog – referring to a person from Mediterranean descent a wog

Dig in the grave, Dad ‘n Dave – shave

Davey Gower – Captain David Gower is honored in this slang. Have a shower

Darby and Joan – I am all alone. Pat Malone also refers to being alone

Dodge and Shirk – Do your work and allow me to do my dodge and shirk

Uncle Gus – bus

Dog and Bone            – Don’t get addicted to the dog and bone. Stay away from the phone

Dog’s Eyemeat pie is mentioned as the dog’s eye

Ducks and Geese       –  Beware as there is a lot of police vigilance in this area

Edgar Britt – famous Australian jockey is behind this word and the rhyming slang for which it is used is shit

Forgive and Forget – Why don’t you give up, I mean to forgive and forget. Yes, give up cigarette

Froth and Bubble – Don’t practice any illegal activities and get into a froth. trouble

Frog and Toad – This road is very long to reach the destination

Garry Ablett – Remember Garry Ablett is important when you suffer from any disease. Tablet. Referring to this 17-year-old girl died in the bed.

Lionel Rose    – nose

A loaf of bread – head

Gary Jack – famous rugby player Gary. Here it means back

Georgie Moore – Please open the door

Germaine Greer – Women activist and author, rhyming word for ear, we a

Good cheer – The very word reminds a party with liquor. Three cheers for a beer party

German Band – He always gives a German band. A great helping hand

Gin Sling – Let the bell ring and we can go out to play

Ginger Meggs or Ham and Eggs – legs

Gregory Peck – Reverence to the US actor Gregory Peck. His neck got injured

Grim and Gory  – story

Goanna – piano

Harold Holt  – Referring to Australian PM Harold Holt which means a bolt

Hey diddle diddle – Australian football rules. Middle.

Jack and Jill  – I did not get jack and jill for the items I purchased in Amazon. bill

Jack Jones – He is the best ortho surgeon. bones

Jam Tart – Almonds are good for heart health

Jack the dancer – cancer

Jimmy Britts – due to diarrhea the child shits (Britts is a popular US actor)

Jimmy Grant – immigrant

Joe Baxi – taxi

John Hop – be careful about John Hop in that area as they are very vigilant due to the high occurrence of violence. cop

Kitchen Sink  – drink

Kevin Sheedy – seedy which means unwell. A Melbourne football player Kevin

Merri Creek – thecreek in Melbourne. Greek

Monkey’s fist – pissed

Malvern Star – car

Mary Lee –  Aussies love to gulp Mary Lee on winter noon. tea

Molly the Monk – drunk

Mutt and Jeff deaf

Nelson Riddle – He has the bedwetting habit even at age 10. Piddle (Urinate)

Nail and Screws – news

Near and Far – bar

Ned Kelly – He has big Ned Kelly.To make fun of someone with a huge belly

Nellie Bligh – fly

Onkaparinga – a blanket manufacturer in South Australia. Finger  

Oxford Scholar – dollar

Pen and ink – stink

Plates of Meat – feet

Porkie Pie – lie. When you understand the story in-depth it is entirely a porkie lie

Pig’s ear – It was a great celebration with Pig’s ear last New Year eve. Beer

Potato Peeler – sheila

Persian Rugs – drugs

Polly Waffle – proprietary name of a chocolate bar,  “brothel”

Reg Grundys – undies. Reg is a popular TV producer in Australia

Royce Hart – Football player in Melbourne. Fart

Rock and Lurch – church

Ryan Mongan – “Tongan” a person who belongs to Tonga.

Saint Louis Blues – shoes

Sausage Roll  – as mentioned in team sports. goal

Sky Rocket    – hip pocket

Stuey Dew – famous footballer for Hawthorn and Adelaide spew

Stuey Diver – five-dollar note. Fiver

Steak and Kidney – Sydney

Tin tank – bank or Yank

Twist and twirl – This twist and twirl is a damsel. Girl

Wally Grout  – shout from well known Australian cricketer. It can also be called as stout, or snout

Warwick Farm – arm, Sydney racecourse

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  1. Here’s my submission 19th March 2020 for the Australian Rhyming Slang dictionary for :- COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ‘My Sharona’ (Corona) ‘Miley Cyrus’ (Virus)

    ‘I’ve been sent home for 14 days isolation with ‘My Sharona’- ‘Miley Cyrus’

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