Mar 292020

Religions in Australia

Australia is the largest country in Oceania and it holds sixth position in the world  as per the area is concerned  with a rich and diversified control on Religion  .In Australia there is no specific…Continue Reading

Mar 282020

Best Australian Slangs For Home

Mates, there is no place like home; and no place cozier than a good, safe, secure home. The great Aussie dream that owning a house with a backyard on a plot of half a hectare.…Continue Reading

Mar 282020

Bush Tucker – Australian Slang

“Australia is discovering the culinary culture of hunter-gatherers who arrived 60,000 years ago, with key health benefits.” Mates, historically, the Aborigines were hunters and gatherers of the outback, and a small portion remained with this…Continue Reading

Mar 272020

Mount Panorama Bathurst 1000 Race Winners

Bathurst 1000, commonly observed as the pinnacle of Australian motorsport or crown jewel of Australian motorsport. This is one of the thrilling and exciting race from Australia. I hope you all are equally excited to…Continue Reading

Mar 252020

Australian Slang about Cars and Trucks

A vast country of 7.6 million km, but with only 23 million inhabitants, Australia is a country where the automobile is essential to cover immense distances. The fleet reflects the geography of the country! We…Continue Reading

Mar 252020

Australian Slang with Phrases

Mates, it doesn’t matter how excellent your English terms are or how British your pronunciation is because if your dream is to fly to Australia, you may have difficulty understanding the Aussies (as the Australians…Continue Reading

Mar 242020

Cuts of Australian Beef, Lamb & Pork

Beef, Lamb, and Pork!! We have been enjoying many different flavors of the yummy Australian dishes made out of lamb, pork, and beef. But do us ever thought of the interesting cuts!? Mostly, No. Actually…Continue Reading

Mar 242020

Australian Food Quiz

If you are here means you have got a few minutes of free time!! So why not try our interesting activity, ’Australian Food Quiz’!? It is fun and more interesting. Not only fun, you will…Continue Reading