Apr 202020

Ye Wearie Wayfarer

‘Ye Wearie Wayfarer’ was written by Adam Lindsay Gordan (19 October 1833 – 24 June 1870) who is an Australian jockey, police officer, poet, and politician. The poem below by Adam Lindsay Gordan is the…Continue Reading

Apr 012020

The Drover’s Wife

One fine day, I came across to witness the great portrait of Henry Lawson at the New South Wales Gallery. The portrait held a description box, in which there is a brief mention of the…Continue Reading

Mar 242020

The Loaded Dog

Today I am going to tell you some summaries and analysis of a humorous short story written by a most iconic Australian writer. We will also explore the characters, techniques and themes that writer used…Continue Reading

Mar 172020

The Magic Pudding

Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum And His Friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff ‘The magic Pudding’, seriously a classic and magical story piece of 1918 Australian Literature. This Australian Children’s story was written and…Continue Reading

Feb 242020

Remembrance Poems

Do you ever heard of Remembrance Day in Australia!? Remembrance Day is celebrated to invoke patriotism in the country and it is celebrated in many countries including Australia, Canada, Bermuda, Belize, India, UK, New Zealand,…Continue Reading

Feb 232020

Waltzing Matilda

“Waltzing Matilda”, an Australian unofficial national anthem that graced the world with its Aussie charm. This song is Australia’s most popular bush ballad (a style of folk music and poetry that depicts the life, scenery,…Continue Reading