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Celebrities or Famous personalities or Pillars of Society, whatever the names we refer to depending on their respective fields they belong to, it is so common for the common people to admire those favourite super star. I am also included in that common people list!  LOL… But seriously why are we get so much fascinated and follow these famous people!? Why we have an intense fascination with famous personalities, which draws us to learn about their personal lives, birthdays, look at their pictures, and most importantly we show much interest to gossip about their activities!?

Actually celebrities or famous people are the widely-known persons who are being in the state of enjoying enduring fame. In simple words, a famous person is a person who gets a lot of public attention and media attention because of his actions and opinions, which strongly influence the course of events. So, the fame and fortune of a particular famous personality draws the common public to have an intense fascination on them. Coming to Birthdays, people love to share their birthdays or birth months with thousands of different celebrities such as famous authors, famous scientists, famous athletes, and many more professions.

Do you want to know the famous Australian celebrities whose birthdays that fall in December!? Or Do you share a birthday with some of the brightest minds in the Australia in December month? Why not give it a turn to know who it is famous Australian December Birthday!? To help you, I have compiled a super list of famous Australian December Birthdays, in which you may find some prominent Australian politicians, actors, athletes, musicians, and even a golden guitar winner, who have birthdays in December.

Famous Personality Born in December



A Little Information about the celebrity

Muriel Agnes Heagney



Australian trade unionist, wrote Equal Pay for the Sexes (1948), devoted her adult life to equal pay for women, died week after Arbitration Commission granted women an adult minimum wage, sadly Muriel died in poverty

Dal Stivens



Australian author (Jimmy Brockett, The Bushranger, Ironbark Bill, Courtship of Uncle Henry, A Horse of Air)Miles Franklin Award 1970

Vernon Wells



Australian actor (Mad Max 2 Road Warrior, Weird Science, Fortress, Last Man Standing, Shrimp on the Barbie, Commando, Innerspace)

Craig Reucassel



Australian comedian, member of The Chaser (Triple J Bloody Sunday, Chaser’s War on Everything), TV host (Australian Balls of Steel)

Martin O’Meara



Irish-Australian soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross (highest most prestigious award for gallantry in face of the enemy) for his heroic actions in WWI August 1916 in France, his Victoria Cross is displayed proudly at the Army Museum of WA in Fremantle

Elyne Mitchell



Australian author (Silver Brumby series, Light Horse to Damascus, Kingfisher Feathers, Speak to the Earth), movie Silver Brumby (1993) based on her book starred Russell Crowe, on display at National Museum of Australia (Canberra) is the 1939 Corona typewriter she used to write 9 of her books

Glenda Adams



Australian author (Games of the Strong, Dancing on Coral, Longleg, Tempest of Clemenza, Monkey Trap)1987 Miles Franklin Award, cousin of Australian Prime Minister John Howard

Alex Dimitriades



Greek-Australian actor (Heartbreak Kid, Underbelly, Head On, Ghost Ship, Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo, Wog Boy 2 King of Mykonos)

Patrick Michael Rafter



Australian tennis player, International Tennis Hall of Fame (2006), career prize money over $11 million, first Aussie since John Newcombe to reach #1 world ranking, Australian of the Year (2002)

Anne Sargeant



Australian netballer, Australian national team (1978-88)Netball World Championships silver medal (1987) gold medals (1983, 1979), one of first inductees into Australian Netball Hall of Fame (2008)

Robert James Brown



Australian doctor and politician, member Australian Greens Party, Senator for Tasmania, revealed he was homosexual to highlight discrimination (1976)

Robert Greig



Australian-American actor (Animal Crackers, Horse Feathers, Picture of Dorian Gray, Cockeyed Cavaliers), appearing in over 100 films (1930-1949) often cast as the dutiful butler

Frank Debenham



Australian geographer and geologist, on Terra Nova Expedition (1910-13) explored and mapped the western mountains of Victoria Land in Antarctica, prolific author (Kalahari Sand, Study of African Swamp, The World Is Round), Victoria Medal (1948)

Frederic Alan Schepisi



Australian film director and screenwriter (Last Orders, Roxanne, Six Degrees of Separation, Russia House, Iceman), AFI Award for Best Direction (1976, 1989)

Ugly Dave Gray, Graham David Taylor



Australian TV personality, comedian (Young Doctors, Blankety Blanks, Celebrity Tattle Tales, All At Sea)

Jessica Origliasso



Australian singer, formed The Veronicas with twin sister Lisa (Hook Me Up), ARIA Award 2006, MTV Australia Award (2006, 2008), with her sister joined Steve Irwin Wildlife Warriors Worldwide charity

Isabel Clifton Cookson



Australian botanist specialising in palaeobotany and palynology researched Australia’s fossil plant life, plant genus Cooksonia (extinct group of primitive land plants) named in her honour by WH Lang (1937)

Sophie Heathcote



Australian actress (Country Practice, Reckless Kelly, Water Rats, Bordertown), AFI Award 2000

Lisa Origliasso



Australian singer, formed The Veronicas with twin sister Jessica (Hook Me Up), ARIA Award 2006,  MTV Australia Award (2006, 2008), with her sister joined Steve Irwin Wildlife Warriors Worldwide charity

Natalie Ward



Australian softball player, Olympics bronze medals (1996, 2000, 2008), Olympic silver medal (2004)

Marie Bjelke Petersen



Australian novelist (Before an Eastern Court, Muffled Drums), Captive Singer was made into a film, her novels were translated into 6 languages including Arabic, King’s Jubilee Medal for literature (1935), nephew was Joh Bjelke-Petersen (QLD Premier)

Robin Hugh Gibb



Australian musician, member of the Bee Gees formed with his brothers, Songwriters Hall of Fame (1994), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1997), Robin is Maurice Gibb’s older twin by 35 minutes, 

Maurice Ernest Gibb



Australian musician, member of the Bee Gees formed with his brothers, Songwriters Hall of Fame (1994), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1997), avid paintball enthusiast with his team the Royal Rat Rangers, first wife was pop star Lulu (1969-73)

Jennifer Hawkins



Australian model, TV presenter, Miss Universe 2004, her “wardrobe malfunction” at the Westfield Miranda mall fashion show received world news exposure

Frank Gambale



Australian jazz guitarist, member of jazz fusion band Vital Information since 1988 (Easier Done Than Said)

Fenton Keogh



Australian celebrity chef, signature dish Aussie Pav with Boozy Summer Fruits cooked on a BBQ

Karre Anne Webb



Australian golfer, Australia’s most successful female professional golfer, 38 wins on the LPGA Tour, first LPGA player to win $1 million in a single season, World Golf Hall of Fame, torch runner 2000 Olympics Sydney

Ray Martin



Australian television journalist (60 Minutes, Midday with Ray Martin, A Current Affair, Four Corners), Gold Logie 1987, 1993-96, 2010

John Bertrand



Australian yachtsman, skipper of Australia II winning America’s Cup (1983) breaking 132 American winning streak, chairman of Sport Australia Hall of Fame (2011) America’s Cup Hall of Fame (1993)

Robert Menzies



12th Prime Minister of Australia (1939-41 and 1949-66), Australian Liberal Party, in 1966 the Queen appointed him as Constable of Dover Castle

Roger Robert Woodward



Australian classical concert pianist, made almost 100 recordings for different labels (ABC Classics, Decca, EMI, BMG, RCA), held benefit concert at Sydney Opera House for Aussies made homeless by Cyclone Tracy in Darwin (1974), Australian National Living Treasure 1997

Ed Kuepper



German-Australian guitarist, singer, co-founded punk band The Saints, ARIA Award 1993, 1994

Ricky Thomas Ponting



Australian cricketer, captain Australian cricket team (2004-11), has more than 26,000 international runs (as of Nov. 2011), most successful captain of all time with 48 victories in 77 Tests (2004-10)

Kevan Gosper



Australian athlete, silver medal 1956 Olympics Melbourne for running 4×400 metre relay race, President of Australian Olympic Committee (1985-90)

Alyce Platt



Australian actress (Sons and Daughters, Elephant Princess, Neighbours, City Homicide), TV presenter (Sale of the Century, Cash Trivia Challenge)

Andrew S Thomas



Australian engineer, first Australian-born professional astronaut to enter space, flew first flight in space on NASA’s Endeavour (1996), served aboard Russian Space Station Mir for 130 days (1998), logged over 177 days in space over multiple missions

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer



Australian businessman, media tycoon, was richest and most influential man in Australia, Business Review Weekly magazine estimated his net worth at $6.5 billion, as a child Packer spent 9 months in an iron lung after being stricken with poliomyelitis

Georgie Parker



Australian actress (A Country Practice, Acropolis Now, All Saints, Play School, Society Murders, Glass House), Gold Logie 2001 & 2002, Silver Logie 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993

Miranda Otto



Australian actress (Emma’s War, Thin Red Line, What Lies Beneath, Lord of the Rings, In Her Skin, Through My Eyes: Lindy Chamberlain Story)

Sandra Colleen Waites, Sandra Colleen Waites



Australian actress ( Greek Tycoon, Rough Cut, For Your Eyes Only), married to Pierce Brosnan (Remington Steele, James Bond), she died of ovarian cancer after a 4 year battle against the illness

George Donikian



Australian TV news presenter (SBS World News, Ten Evening News), radio announcer (4AM, 2WL, 2WS)

Rebecca Gibney



Australian actress (Packed to the Rafters, Stingers, Halifax f.p., Zoo Family, Flying Doctors, Come in Spinner, All Together Now, Small Claims, Salem’s Lot), AFI Award 1990, Logie 1991, 2009, 2010

Nadine Garner



Australian actress (Henderson Kids, Blue Water High, Prisoner, City Homicide, Still Point, Bushfire Moon, Mull), AFI Award 1989, 1986 Logie

Kim Christian Beazley



Australian politician, Australian Ambassador to the United States (2010), Leader of Australian Labor Party (1996-2001 and 2005-6)

Dave Wayne Nilsson



Australian baseball player, catcher for Milwaukee Brewers (USA 1992-99), in 1999 became only Aussie player to appear in an All-Star game, quit American baseball turning down big money to represent Australia in 2000 Olympics, 2004 Olympics (silver team medal), Sports Australia Hall of Fame 2008

Ken Kavanagh



Australian racer, first Aussie to win motorcycle Grand Prix race (350cc Ulster Grand Prix 1952)

Raigh Edith Roe



National President of Country Women’s Assoc. (CWA), President Associated Country Women of the World representing 9 million rural women in 74 countries, 1977 Australian of the Year

Ronald McKie



Australian novelist (Mango Tree, The Crushing, Bitter Bread, Echoes from Forgotten Wars, We Have No Dreaming), war correspondent for Australian and UK newspapers, Miles Franklin Award 1974

Robert J L Hawk



23rd Prime Minister of Australia (1983-91) Australian Labor Party and Labor Party’s longest-serving Prime Minister, after leaving office Hawke helped establish Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding at the University of SA, 3rd person ever awarded life membership in Australian Labor Party (2009)

John Russell Waters



English-Australian actor (Play School, Division 4, Breaker Morant, All Saints, Which Way Home, Fireflies, Offspring), 1975 Logie, AFI Award 1988

James Blundell



Australian country singer (Hand it Down, This Road, Earth & Sea, Ring Around the Moon), Golden Guitar Award 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994,

Mikey Robins, Mikel Mason Robins



Australian comedian (Good New Week), radio presenter (Triple J, Triple M, Vega 95.3)

Emily Jane Browning



Australian actress (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Uninvited, Sucker Punch, Blue Heelers, Something in the Air, Man Who Sued God, Ghost Ship, Ned Kelly), AFI Young Actor’s Award 2002, AFI International Award 2005, started acting at age 8 in Hallmark movie Echo of Thunder

Joseph Cook



6th Prime Minister of Australia (1913-14), founding member of Australian Labor Party, honoured with his portrait on a 1972 postage stamp

John Watkins



Australian politician, Deputy Premier of NSW (2005-2008), school teacher at St Joseph’s College, 2008 Chief Executive Officer Alzheimer’s Australia NSW

Ally Fowler, Alexandra Fowler



Australian actress (Sons and Daughters, All Saints, Neighbours, Big Sky), singer (Australian band Chantoozies)

Denise Drysdale



Australian actress (Last of the Knucklemen, Snap Shot), TV personality & comedian (Norman Gunston Show, Young Talent Time, Countdown, Bellbird, Beauty and the Beast, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Circle), nick-named Ding-Dong (Ernie Sigley Show), entertained troops in Vietnam (1967), Gold Logie 1975 and 1976

Katharine S. Prichard



Australian author (Pioneers, Black Opal, Working Bullocks, Coonardoo, Intimate Strangers, Goldfields Trilogy), co-founding member of the Communist Party of Australia (1921), movie Shine (1996) shows close correspondence between Prichard (played by Googie Withers) and Australian pianist David Helfgott

Yvonne Minton



Australian opera singer, appeared with most of major English orchestras and opera houses throughout Europe and USA

Bill Collins, William Roderick Collins



Australian film critic, TV presenter, school teacher, known for his passion for films since childhood, cameo roles in film and TV (Prisoner and Howling III), 2009 Logies Hall of Fame, 1987 Order of Australia

Glynis Nunn



Australian athlete, first Olympic champion in heptathlete, gold medal 1984 Olympics, Commonwealth Games gold (1982) and bronze medal (1986)

Lillian May Armfield



Australian policewoman, one of first female plain-clothes detective sergeants, Lillian was portrayed in 2011 TV series Underbelly: Razor by Lucy Wigmore, during her career was only NSW policewoman approved to carry a service revolver, no real recognition for her valour and dedication until after she retired when she received 1946 King’s Police and Fire Service Medal, 1949 Imperial Service Medal

Duncan Max Meldrum



Scottish-Australian painter, Archibald Prize (1939, 1940), much quoted statement about first woman  (Nora Heysen) winning Archibald following year, ‘If I were a woman, I would certainly prefer raising a healthy family to a career in art. Women are more closely attached to the physical things of life. They are not to blame. They cannot help it, and to expect them to do some things equally as well as men is sheer lunacy.’ .. ADU editor – I would say a few choice words here, but I leave it to your imagination.

Nancye Wynne Bolton



Australian tennis player, Australian Championships Singles Champion (1937, ’40, ’46-’48, ’51), Doubles Champion (1936-’40, ’47-’49, ’51, ’52), Mixed Doubles Champion (1940, ’46-’48), International Tennis Hall of Fame 2006, career high world rank of 4th

Keith Michell



Australian actor (Prince and the Pauper, Wuthering Heights, Man of La Mancha, Captain James Cook, Six Wives of Henry VIII, Dangerous Exile)

Cyril Richard



Australian actor (Peter Pan, Hans Brinker, Blackmail, Half a Sixpence), Tony Award (1959)

Wally “The King” Lewis



Australian rugby league footballer, coach, sports presenter, Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame 2002, named to Australia’s 100 Greatest Players (1908-2007), his son Lincoln Lewis won 2008 Logie for his part on Home and Away


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