Dec 232022
Overview Of Australian Slang for the Differnt Food Name
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Australian slang is full of wonderful expressions, but not all of them are suitable for the workplace. Here are some of the best and most popular food-related slang words and phrases to help you spice up your conversations.

As a bit of trivia, Pikelet is the stage name of singer/songwriter Melbourne native Evelyn Morris. Aussies know it better as a small pancake sold ready-made on grocery shelves. Americans would be shocked to see pancakes sold this way. Yes, you can also make it from a recipe at home.

While Americans love to pour syrup over their hot pancakes, we Aussies love our pikelets hot or cold, with butter and sugar, or vegemite on it or used in a variety of main dishes. Well, maybe the vegemite is a bit of a stretch, but we’ve been told that some people swear by the combination.

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Sanger, Sangasandwich
Sammie, Sammosandwich
Cut Lunchpacked sandwich lunch
Crumpetflat soft yeast cake eaten toasted and spread with butter; a bit like an English muffin but much lighter
Pikeletsimilar to a small pancake, sold ready-made in grocery stores or made at home
Rice BubblesRice Crispies (cereal)
Weetbixwholegrain breakfast biscuits
Mashmashed potatoes
Scallopsdeep fried battered potato cakes. Also sea scallops.
Wedgesspiced chips cut in large wedges
ChipsFrench fries
Crispspotato chips
Vegemitespread for toast or sandwiches, made from yeast extract. Found in almost every Aussie kitchen, but a seldom acquired taste for non-Australians.
Cocky’s Joygolden syrup. Swagmen used it to sweeten their billy tea, spread on damper and other uses.
Tomato Sauceketchup

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