Mar 062020

Australia is known for its fauna and has more than 90% of amphibians and insects as well as 80% of reptiles and mammals. Due to the climatic condition in Australia, we Aussies have unique animals and thus we also call them in a unique way. Our mozzie is nothing but mosquitoes. Cockie is nothing but our notorious kitchen troubling insect cockroach. Come let’s explore more slangs about our animals.  

Australian Slang for Animals

Bities – insects that bite

Yabby – crayfish which lives in freshwaters and very small

Bitzer – mixed breed dog in general called as a mongrel dog

Woofer – barking dog which is a popular domestic pet animal in Australia

Dingo – howling sound-making dogs which are not domestic and they do not bark

White Ants – these are harmful and called as termites which eat wood and destruct the house eventually

Bilby – nocturnal creature looking like rabbits with long ears

Underground Mutton – cute little carrot eating rabbits

Roo, Mob – national animal kangaroo

Boomer – male kangaroos which do not have a pouch and neither produces milk

Joey – kangaroo which is small and cannot live independently hence still moves around with its mother staying in its pouch. A baby kangaroo

Field Berets, Meadow Cakes – cow dung patties used a fertilizer, Dried cow dungs made a patty

Kelpie – a breed of Aussie sheep, cattle, and dog 

Jumbuck – the fur yielding sheep

Galah – cockatoo without much bright reputation

Bluey – a blue cattle dog that works excellently and the most favourite for Australians

Feral – any wild animal that is bad, rude and ruthless  

Fruit Salad – a breed which looks like a combination of cat and dog

Flutterby – a colourful and beautiful butterfly

Dingo tawny – native Aussie dog

Cleanskin – a cattle that have not been castrated or branded

Flake – flesh of a shark sold in shops

Croc – the reptile that can live both in water and land, the crocodile. Also, a freshwater croc is called Freshie. Due to know? Saltie is a saltwater croc

Chook – little ones of the hen, the chicken

Bunyip – inhabitants of billabongs and waterholes

Brumby – Aussie horse that is wild and found in forests

Blue Heeler – Aussie cattle dog

Muddy – crab that lives near mud. A mud crab

Dunny budgie, Blowies – the blowflies are called as blowies

Muster – sheep or cattle that rounds up

Sook – soft and tame animal  

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