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A vast country of 7.6 million km, but with only 23 million inhabitants, Australia is a country where the automobile is essential to cover immense distances. The fleet reflects the geography of the country!

We have compiled a list of ten Australian expressions that everyone should master if you are a truckie or going to drive your car to reach your office or road trips in outbacks or elsewhere far away in Australia as Aussies are Revheads (car fans).

Mates, we are happy to help you and share our knowledge for seeing the world from the typically Aussie relaxed perspective Let’s Roll Mates!

True Blue Aussie Automotive Slangs

  • Fezza:                         Ferrari;
  • Roller or Rolls:          Rolls-Royce;
  • Duke:                          Ducati;
  • Bimmer:                     BMW car;
  • Landy:                        LandCruiser;
  • Vee dub:                     Volkswagen;
  • Porker:                       Porsche;
  • Henry:                        Ford car;
  • Lambo:                       Lamborghini;
  • Disco:                         Land Rover Discovery;
  • Ag bike:                      A farm bike;
  • Backseat driver:        Passenger who directs the driver what to do;
  • Anchors:                    Brakes;
  • Bent 8:                         V8;
  • Boot:                          Trunk of a car;
  • Blower:                       A Supercharger or turbocharger;
  • Bonnet:                      The hood of a car;
  • Ambo:                        An Ambulance;
  • Rice burner:              Japanese car;
  • Booze bus:               A random breath test unit;
  • Carby:                        Carburettor;
  • Booze bus:                A random breath test unit;
  • Blown:                        A Turbo or supercharged engine;
  • Juice:                          Fuel;
  • Loud pedal:               Accelerator;
  • Cossie:                       Cosworth powered car;
  • Hood:                         The Roof;
  • Rubber:                      Tyres;
  • Spanner Monkey:      Mechanic;
  • Servo:                         Service station;
  • Tiller:                          Steering wheel;
  • Slammed:                  Lowered suspension;
  • Stack:                         Car crash;
  • Love tap:                    Small crash;
  • Revhead:                    Motoring fan;
  • Weapon:                     Fast car or bike;
  • Ton:                            100 miles per hour;
  • Ski lid:                        Helmet;
  • Rego:                          Vehicle registration;
  • Clocked:                     Caught by speed camera or police;

Some Examples Of The Truckie Revheads Jargon

●     Trucker’s tan

Meaning: Where the arm is hanging out, a vehicle window gets more tanned than the others.

“Mate, check out that guy’s truckie tan!!”

●     Truck-Load:

Meaning: A lot

“Mate, What a truck-load of beer! Do you own a party?”

  • Dipstick

Meaning: Not what you think

“Check the oil dipstick for clean oil and no burned odor.”

You may learn more about Aussie slang by watching these interesting Youtube videos…     

➔  How to Speak AUSSIE!

➔  50+ Australian Slang Words You Need To Learn

You can find more on Youtube to improve your Aussie slangs Mates!

Top-7 Greatest Selling Cars In Australia

Australia is an exotic country on many levels. By its truly unique fauna in the world, but also by its very particular automotive landscape. If you are looking for the best pick-up car for you, then here are the best 10 selling cars in Australia;

  1. Toyota Hilux

A great classic and the allegory of the Australian dream. This pick-up is the best and runs without difficulty on the outback routes.

  • Ford Ranger

The robustness of this all-terrain pick-up conforms to the most unstable grounds.

  • Mitsubishi Triton

Nothing to add. One of the best pick-ups choice.

  • Mazda 3

The first city-car to integrate the top best-seller ranks of the year.

  • Toyota Corolla

This hybrid version car is lightly taller sedan than the Mazda.

  • Mazda CX-5

A simplified upgraded new version.

  • Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 is one of the great picks.

Down Under Trucks Transport In Australia

Australia is a vast country where the transportation of goods is mostly based on a truck across the country. I have to acknowledge that these trucks here really look like monsters, the day with their buffalo and the night with Christmas lights with their tens and tens of lights.

If I tell you about that, it is because here the trucks are optimized to transport the trailers they most not just a single chassis to lift the trailer. It saves the weight of the chassis to carry more.

There are three types of “Single” trucks with a trailer that has a total load of 42.5 tonnes. Then there are the “B-Doubles” with a small trailer and a large trailer, which has a full loading capacity of 68 tonnes. These two types of truck are also called “long vehicles.”

The last type of truck in Australia is the “Road train.” It is a truck with two large trailers that can go up to 4 large trailers. Dreams of seeing trucks of 8 or more trailers driving like crazy in Australia is just a myth.

To give you an idea, the weight of a road train with three trailers is 108.5 tonnes and for four trailers with 141.5 tonnes. I’m talking about load trailers and the tractor weight in the 141.5 tonnes. And I’m not talking about overload!

The road trains, the Australian road has an air of the movie Mad Max. The Australian Outback is crisscrossed by these majestic roaring trucks at the wheel of which “the Truckies” (drivers), constitute one of the symbolic faces of the Bush.

Their lonely and independent way of life, whose only backdrop is the Outback and its immense distances, the Truckies roll in the furnace of the day or the freshness of the starry night at the wheel of their train on wheels.

It is also understood that the consumption of oil or diesel in the world is more than crazy. I take the example of this kind of truck a road train of 2 trailers consumes 1000 liters of diesel in a day on the road, a large transport company in the north of the country has 1,000 road trains that represent the consumption of 1,000,000 liters of diesel per day.

Sounds crazy?

Import Your Vehicle Into Australia

Australia is a country with vast distances between its different cities. More than 8 hours of the country between Sidney and Melbourne are to be expected. It is sometimes essential to have your vehicle and when buying a car is impossible. Find out the conditions for importing your car to the land of Kangaroo.

➔  Three Essential Steps To Take To Import Your Car Into Australia

It is possible to introduce your vehicle on Australian soil if you want to.

  • Authorization to import the vehicle from the “Vehicle Safety” service and to pay customs duties.
  • When your vehicle arrives in Australia, your car will have to pass a check carried out by the health control services. If the health control service refuses the vehicle, it will be sent back to your home country.
  • Obtain authorization from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) upon arrival of your car on Australian soil.

➔  If Temporary Importation, Then No Customs Fees

If you import your vehicle for a period not exceeding 12 months, we are talking about a temporary import. As a result, the car is not subject to customs duties.

Driving Your Car In Aussie Land

Having a driver’s license and driving are two separate points in the minds of C’s. The driving license is called a “driving license” while the driving license “link.

★   Follow The Rules To Drive Safely In Australia

If you are driving in another country, perhaps tricky, don’t forget to bring your original international driving license. You will be demanded to drive your car, but also if you wish to rent one.

★   Car Rental: Possible Under Two Conditions

If you require to rent a car in Aussie, you must have one year license and be at least 21 years old. Don’t forget to drive on Australian roads is on the left.

★   Non-permanent Residents: International And National Permit Required

For non-permanent residents, you must have an international driving license in addition to your national consent.

Interesting “Cars, Trucks, ‘n More” facts

★   Australia, this great country of sport

Difficult to find a more sporty country! While football is not particularly popular in Australia, other games are. Motorsport too. In addition to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which has been held there since 1985, first in Adelaide and then in Melbourne, Australia is thrilled for the V8 Supercar! A trendy Tourism category in the country as well as in New Zealand. Historically, Holden and Ford compete for victories, but occasionally, Jaguar, Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW, Volvo or Mazda have won.

Mats! Automobile Australia reminds us of the immense road train crossing the country, an illustrious Defender covered with dust triumphing over the bush, but also the racing of solar cars from the time when this seemed like a solution for the future before being limited to races between great university minds. Here is a selection of blog articles that associate the automobile and Australia.

★   The Sydney International Auto Show

In Australia, the Sydney International Auto Show is a strictly national event, where local products are mainly presented. Thus, the Ford Australia and Holden (GM) divisions, which are the leading Australian manufacturers, take advantage of this show to present their main innovations, their concept vehicles and especially their new trucks, because their hostile lands have always been a field suitable for the use of this type of vehicle.

★   The new Australian Brigade Victoria car

The Victoria Police Brigade in Australia has just received a new device to help it keep the peace and uphold the law: a BMW M5 Competition.

Police in BMW M5!

The Victoria (Australia) highway brigade has acquired a new model of the patrol vehicle. The high-performance sedan has joined the 530 other vehicles that were added to the law enforcement fleet last year.

The car comes with its 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 of 625 horsepower, receives the bonus of a strobe of strobe lights at the front and rear.

Thanks to its security systems, xDrive technology and its truck torque (750 Nm), the new BMW M5 Competition of the Australian brigade fulfills its police functions perfectly, while preserving the safety of its occupants.

★   The Electric Cars Are Ruling On The Aussie Roads

In Australia, electric cars are already cheaper than petrol cars for fleet owners. The shift from fleets to electric vehicles can not only help reduce carbon emissions at the organizational level, but also fuel the growing interest in used electric vehicles in Australia.

Switching to electric cars can not only help achieve the objectives,  but they also constitute a clear demonstration of the advantages of vehicles for electric consumers.

★   Driving At Night Is Banned On Some Aussie Dangerous Roads

When it isn’t very easy to drive by day in a country that you do not know, so imagine at night. On some Australian roads, it is sometimes restricted to drive at night due to a lack of light as the roads are not lit.

★   Drink or drive, you must choose!

The legal blood alcohol concentration limit (BAC) for a driver is 0.05 in Australia. South Australian police operate mobile breath test units year-round. It is an offense to drive with a blood-alcohol level above 0.05.

The Most Legendary Aussie Outback Tracks

‘The Outback,’ a red earth catalyst of Aussies magic, a wide area still wild and uninhabited, crossing “tracks” mythical and lonely swimming in aboriginal heritage and rustic, a story of nature and colonization. Routes for the adventurous tourist, from beginners to masters.

●     Great Central Road and Gunbarrel Highway

This track, which begins north of Kalgoorlie, passes through the Great Victoria Desert and the Gibson Desert to end at the feet of the inescapable Uluru, the jewel of the red center, star of the Australian outback.

●     Tanami Road

The “Tanami Track” runs on nearly 1000 km across the Tanami Desert, from Alice Springs to Halls Creek.

●     Gibb River Road

This is where the Gibb River Road passes, which connects the tropical Western Australia Wyndham to Derby on approximately 660 km of track.

●     Birdsville Track

Although Birdsville, the arrival city this track, is located in Queensland, Birdsville Track is held in turn mainly on the other side of the border, in South Australia.

●     Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route crosses the desert center of the country. 1800 km of nothing. No city, but three desserts; the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert, and the Little Sandy Desert.

Adventures Road Trips To Get Lost In The Aussie Bush

What we favored in Aussie is to leave the modern cities and go far away, far beyond for unforgettable adventures; because it is in the bush and the outback that you can best feel the soul of this land.

Here are five road trip ideas that ensure dust, solitude, wide-open spaces, and always an incredible feeling of life and freedom!

1.    Western Australia From Perth To Darwin

The West Coast is by far the wildest and deserted country, but it takes time to appreciate it and not be afraid of being alone for many kilometers.

2.    Flinders Ranges

In South Australia, the Flinders Ranges are the most extensive mountain range in the region. Don’t miss it, mates!

3.    Cape York

There are no more than 18,000 inhabitants on the Cape York peninsula! It is a wild country with eroded lands and subjected to significant climatic variations. However, please don’t go there without being informed and knowledgeable about the country and its extreme conditions.

4.    Savannah Way

The Savannah Way is a “classic” and mythical route in Australia, which takes you from East to West from Cairns to Broome roughly 3700 kilometers by the crossing of 15 spectacular national parks.

5.    New South Wales Outback

There are very remote lands in New South Wales, From Broken Hill, a mining town more than 1,000 kilometers west of Sydney, a road trip in the region is needed to discover incredible sites that we had never heard of.

Note: Service stations: note that they are missing in certain regions

Check your fill before going on adventure trips. It would be a shame to find yourself alone in the middle of the desert with the next gas station 80 km away. This advice is more than valid in Australia, due to the length of their roads, sometimes lost in the middle of nothing.

A Sad News: “the end of an era.” for Australian car brand ‘Holden’

After almost 100 years of automobile construction, Holden, the Australian division of General Motors, has stopped its last production line in the Elisabeth factory, in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

This decision followed several economically tricky years for the company. Holden will now import all the models from other countries to sell to Australians. It produced about 780 vehicles per day and employed 50,000 people at more than 120 suppliers in Australia.

It is a red Commodore V8 sedan, the 7,687,675 total car manufactured by Holden in Australia; it will be kept as a museum piece, probably at the headquarters of the Holden company in Melbourne.

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