Dec 032022
School – Australian Slang

f you’ve raised children in Australia or lived here as a child, you’ve probably spent many hours watching Play School on Australian television. It first aired in 18 July 1966 making it the longest-running children’s show in Australia. It’s been estimated that 80% of pre-school children under six watching the programme at least once a week. It was even added to the Logie Hall of Fame in 2006. So what’s that got to do with school? If you’re a mum, you know how well they give your little ankle biter a love of learning long before they start school.

OPoverall position (grade point average GPA)
HSChigh school certificate (diploma)
Duxtop student in a class or school
State Schoolpublic school
Collegeprivate high school
Tuck Shopschool canteen or cafeteria or eatery
Chalkieschool teacher
Lollipop Lady (Man)woman (man) in charge of school crossings
Schoolieholidaying student after completing final year exams. Not to be confused with schooie which is a schooner of beer.
School Leaverchild permanently leaving school, often at the minimum specified age and without their HSC
Schoolies’ Weekend-of-the-year celebrating by school leavers
Break-up Daylast day of school
Waggin’ Schoolskipping school, truant
Jig, Wagskip school, truant
Mathsmathematics. Math (without the s) in the USA.
Noughtzero (the number 0)
Hash Sign#, pound sign (USA)
Biroball point pen
Glide Clippaper clip
Drawing Pinsthumb tacks
Elastic Bandrubber band
Rubbereraser. In the USA it’s slang for condom.
Blackboard Dusterblackboard eraser
Paper Knifeletter opener
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