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Do you know? Straya’s (Australia’s) reputation as a vibrant and individualistic country is confirmed by Aussie fashion and clothing style- a vivid and colorful blend of exuberant styles with its classic essence. Let’s start by discussing the Australian cultures’  clothing aesthetic.

Beyond the apparent conditions due to the climate and environment, casual clothing is widespread in Australia. In some places, however, a jacket and tie are mandatory for men, especially in the evening. Furthermore, keep in mind that air conditioning is widespread on the premises. For those who choose a tour, hence we recommend practical, comfy, and sporty clothing. That would be Good onya. Don’t be surprised if you find people in Bathers (Swimsuits)?  

Australia Clothing Slangs

Australian fashion is strongly influenced by the country’s lifestyle and culture.

We see a distinctive taste for costumes comfortable to wear, the choice given to bright colors, and a sometimes eccentric style not always in line with abroad references in terms of style.

Before we go deep, have a gander at these Ozzie clothing-slangs or fashion-slangs those you won’t hear anywhere except this Kangaroo-land.

  • Clobber:                      Clothes;
  • Jumper:                       Sweater;
  • Thongs:                       Flip flops;
  • Cozzie:                        Swimming costume;
  • Daks:                           Trousers;
  • Shirt:                            Cotton collared and button up worn mostly in business
  • Grundies:                    Underwear;
  • Jocks:                          Male pants;
  • Cossie:                        Bathers or Swimming costume;
  • Strides:                        Trousers;
  • Polo neck:                   Turtle-neck;
  • Sunnies:                      Sunglasses;
  • Togs:                           Bathers or swimming costume;
  • Brolly:                         Umbrella;
  • Trackies:                     Track suit;
  • G-string:                      Thong underwear;
  • Singlet:                        Camisole or vest;
  • Skivvy:                        Turtle neck thin cotton long sleeve top
  • Vest:                            Waistcoat;
  • Pants:                          Trousers;
  • Poo tickets:                 Toilet paper;
  • Tats:                            Tattoo;
  • Cunny funt:                 A funny person;
  • Wife beater:                 A blue singlet,
  • Matilda:                       Sleeping bag;
  • Pyjamas:                     Pajamas or pj’s;
  • Fanny:                         Female’s private part;
  • Sand shoes:                Sneakers;
  • Nuddy:                         Naked;
  • Hair Pins;                    Bobby pins;
  • Sluggos:                      Male swimwear/shaped like brand Speedo;
  • Akubra:                        Popular Australian-made hat;
  • Spunky:                       Looking great;
  • Mufty:                          Casual: non-uniform dress;
  • Balaclava:                   Tight woolen knitted covering cap for the entire head and neck with gaps left for the mouth and eyes;
  • Blunnies:                     A boot made by Blundstone Footwear;
  • Jocks:                          Men’s briefs;
  • Moccies:                      Moccasin, style footwear;
  • Uggies:                       A type of boot/slipper hybrid made of sheepskin.

Learn these clothing slangs, and they are essential to converse like local Oz buddies.

Now you are ready for total immersion in southern lands! Take a brekkie and go for a barbie or get a cuppa at Macca’s mates!?

Australian Fashion, Unique And Colorful

Far separated from clichés and classicism in manner, Aussie has proved itself for numerous decades with its bright and light style. Therefore, mates we see that there are a lot of colorful clothes to wear as well as flash and eccentric colors, which does not always resemble another style, they are unique.

The Australians exhibit without withholding their taste for peculiarity: the trends are a mixture of ages or eras, from the ’50s, ’60s, or Gothic, as well as hair colored with green, blue, pink, etc.

Do you know my mates? The “surfer” fashion is also a trend that we often find, with beach-like clothes, cozy to wear and relaxed. You are hence dealing in Aussie taste with especially original looks!

It is not surprising in the evening to see many Sheila (women) parade in evening dresses and pumps! The evenings are synonymous with spending good times, cocktails, or nightclubs.

The Most Influential Aussie Neighborhoods

It’s Fitzroy, Melbourne mates; you will see the real-fashion heaven: the retro boutiques, street art, you will not be disoriented! Local Ozzie (Australian) designers are mostly located on Gertrude Street.

A Huge favorite with students,  Newtown is also full of retro clothing stores! Very bobo-chic district, the vintage style of this area reproduces features of style ’50s and ’60s both for women and men!

Everything is allowed in Newtown! You can see glitter leggings just like Hello Kitty socks, and over there, we don’t look at you when you wear a mini-skirt, Sheila ?.

What Clothes And Shoes To Bring To Australia?

Mates, Straya (Australia)is a famous tourist destination. With its unique animal species, stunning beaches, and modern metropolitan cities, it attracts many adventurers. Close to the Asian continent, in the southern hemisphere, is surrounded by the Pacific oceans and Indian. 

To tour the south of the land of kangaroos, it would be more satisfying to go there in summer. Spring and autumn are generally welcome to go to the center or the north.

However, What Clothes To Bring To Australia?

In short, depending on the period and the places you plan to visit Australia, you will need to take appropriate clothing: here we help you pick what to put in your suitcase for the Aussi trip!

★    For Women

Outside of major cities, the Ozzie clothing style is rather casual. Shirts, T-shirts, Pants, evening dress, sweater, jacket, mini-shorts, and some costume ornaments will be excellent.

You also have to consider Sunnies (sunglasses), Cozzies (swimsuits), sarong, and Thongs (flip flops) to go to the beach. Take especially sandals for walks, Sand shoes, and a pair of comfortable heels to go out.

In any case, always keep your sunscreen on all the time, because the sun is dangerous there with 50 degrees?.

★    For Men

The Aussie is a relaxed kind. For summer fashion, you require light T-shirts, a few shirts, Strides (trousers), shorts, jeans, a hat as well as some fashion accomplices.

To protect yourself from the cold, bring a windbreaker Jumper and a scarf. A pair of Sand shoes, a flat shoe, and a pair of thongs will be adequate to move everywhere in Aussie except in private clubs.

To go to the seaside, think about bathers, cozzies, swim shorts, and sunnies. Once again, do not neglect your sunscreen at the risk of blushing under the power of the sun.

★    How to Dress When Going Out?

Mates, Aussie prefer to dress to go out at a restaurant, you can wear casual clothes such as Pants, and a pretty shirt is generally reasonable.

However, some casinos and clubs have a strict dress code. So, find out about the outfit you need. In bars, a T-shirt and jeans are fair. And cautions, thongs, and fangs are not allowed to go to such places.

★    What clothes to wear to tour Tasmania?

The outfits to wear to visit Tasmania depend on the climate. It is usually desirable to bring a windbreaker jacket, sunnies, jumpers, brolly (umbrella),  and a pair of sand or hiking shoes.

Plus, a weatherproof backpack would be fit for carrying your stuff: like phones, water bottles, cameras, chargers, etc.

★    Where to buy clothes?

IMates, there are clothing stores all over the Aussie country. For trendy clothes, visit “Westfield Shopping Center.” Local brands “Billabong” and Quicksilver also offer class clothing at reasonable prices.

Fixed budgets can head to the factory outlets that offer many stylish clothes at low prices. You can also visit some sites and apps to get second-hand items, including clothing.





The famous Aussie fashion shows

★    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney

While we no longer present the Fashion Weeks of Milan, Paris, Milan, New York, London, and another fashion capital has been scrolling for roughly fifteen years in the absolute ignorance of fashionistas in the northern hemisphere for cutting-edge and highly desirable collections.

It’s Sydney, the latest trendy spot where stylists, bloggers, buyers, fashion, and editors from all over the globe gather twice a year to find the brightest designers of tomorrow.

Like a breath of fresh air, Sydney Fashion Week is dusting the catwalks with its list of rising designers.

★    IMATS Sydney

This show draws together the most talented mates, such as makeup professionals, and allows them to present their most original creations. Visitors can attend all varieties of discussions and presentations and join in round tables, and indeed, makeup competitions!

Moreover, you can also find fashion fairs in other cities:

  • Fashion Exposed in Melbourne;
  • TFC International – specializing in leather stuff in particular);
  • Australian Shoe Fair;
  • Sidney Bridal Expo – specializing in wedding dresses and shoes.   

Top Aussie Fashion Designers To Know

★    Alex Perry

Aussie’s Sydney based the most glamorous designer Alex Perry has created gorgeous dresses ready for the red carpet. This designer, named First Australian Couturier, graduated from the prestigious East Studio Fashion Design Studio in 1984.

Perry not only creates costumes for world-famous female figures but since the first series of Australian Fashion Week in 1995, his shows have been acknowledged and known by the fashion world as “the most dazzling show of the week.”

★    Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton (Sass and Bide)

Created in 1 by Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton, two Australians of origin, their brand “Sass & Bide,” has become symbolic, obscure, and beautiful clothes.In their exclusive gallery, we may find ready-to-wear to leather and denim pieces.

Such creators are inspired by a vast archive that has attracted recognition from the world of the realm due to the accent on photographic prints and innovative styles.

★    Nicky & Simone Zimmermann

The Sydney-born siblings Nicky and Simone originated their brand, Zimmerman, in 1991, followed by the opening of their first store in Sydney in 1992. They are prized for their high fashion swimwear to modern and cultured attire.

They gained their appearance at Australian Fashion Week 1996, where they advanced to create a fashion-empire with their touchy prints and quality clothes.

These sisters have received various honors, including the swimsuit of the year at Australian Fashion Week and for the best brand of swimwear of the Marie Claire Prize (2005). Plus, manage so multiple stores across Australia and globally. “New design and technical limits.”

★    Rachel Gilbert

Ex designer for the label of Nicky Hilton, Rachel Gilbert knew how to impose her name in Australian fashion with her glamorous dresses embroidered with sequins.

★    Camilla

One of the essential shows of Australian Fashion Week. Camilla Franks is the beloved designer of Hollywood stars.

Contemporary Best-loved Aussie Brands That Make You Want

Mates, in recent Sydney Fashion Week, has grown as a veritable breeding ground for young fine and gifted fashion designers. Some of the world’s acknowledged brands to follow, straight from the land of kangaroos.

★    Ellery – the game of structure

Founded in Perth (Australia) in 2007, therefore, Kym Ellery thrills fashion editors around the world with her authoritative and structured silhouettes. The brand now has 255,000 followers on IG (Instagram), and its creations are sold on luxury fashion sites around the globe.

★    Lucy Folk – the pretty gray grays

Praised by Solange Knowles or Elle Fanning, Lucy Folk offers delicate jewelry and accessories that she approaches as timeless to collect.

★    Matin Studio: the whole design

Mates, Matin Studio, shows the contrast of his clothes created within midnight and dawn. A delicate taste to consume without restriction.

★    Louise Misha – the Bondi Beach spirit

Aurélie, a modern European Sheila expatriated to Sydney for many years, first launched her line for children before starting to decline her collections for gals. In a very bohemian chic spirit, this stylist also signed a collaboration with Monoprix last March.

Interesting Fashion And Outfits Guide – Youtube Videos

Mates, check some of  these cool Youtube stuff concerning Aussi Fashion, style, trends, and outfits guide;

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Come and discover “Straya”

Mates, listed in the table of the most tourist destinations in the world, and we are sure, Aussie is the perfect place for a hike, a backpack hanging on you, or for a road trip from the city to the city. Australia is known for its countless landscapes of breathtaking beauty, including tropical jungles and passing through the Blue Mountains. And do not forget to take a tour in the most influential districts in terms of fashion!


I met an Aussie guy in a boutique shop last weekend. i needed a favor for buying a jumper (jacket);

So, I asked them, “Have you come to buy clothes?”

The men replied (with a gentle smile), “I am not here to f**k Spiders, lol.”

And it was an unexpected reaction I have ever heard. After a while, I got that it is an Aussie local slang meaning, “I am already doing that.”

Mates, Aussie People like fun in everyday life, and we can notice it in their slang words too, that’s pretty cool, isn’t it??

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