Mar 062020

We all know that water is indispensable to life.  Australians are not an exception to it. But, today in this article I would like to share with you a few facts about what drinks Australians consume and how do we call them using our slang. Come let us explore all beverages including alcohol.

Australian Slang about Drinks & Beer

  1. Adam’s Ale – Let us begin with water, the most essential liquid for life. Our body is made up of 75% of water. So this Adam’s Ale is nothing but the water which is referred to in Australian slang.
  2. Amber Fluid  – The orangish liquid is popularly referred for beer. It is also called as frothy, liquid amber, liquid gold, or amber nectar. Very rarely pig’s ear is also used to mention beer.
  3. Alco  – A person who is an alcoholic
  4. Billy Tea – The tea that we prepare in a tin in the open fire is called billy tea
  5. Black and Tan – Stout and beer cocktail. Yes, a mixture of beer with stout prepared is called black and tan
  6. Black Velvet  – Similar to stout and beer cocktail, the combination of stout of champagne is called black velvet.
  7. Brownie – Don’t mistake it for a piece of chocolate cake as it is a bottle of beer
  8. Booze Bus – The van in which police travel with a breath testing equipment to check alcohol consumption
  9. Bottle Shop –  Not the shop where you can buy a bottle but you can purchase alcoholic beverages. Bottle-o is, even more, a short form referring to alcohol shop.
  10. Beer o’clock – Friday afternoon time for drinking beer
  11. Bundy – Referred to the Rum prepared in Bundaberg
  12. Bevvie – Beverages called in short form. It is also called by using the terms coldie, frostie, or a couple of cold ones.
  13. Butcher – Small glass with beer used by a butcher to drink between his work
  14. BYO – Get your drink while joining a party at home or in a bar. There are few places in Australia where you ‘Bring Your Own (BYO)’ drink and have fun with people.
  15. Booz-up – Drinking session at a get-together
  16. Cap – Coffee brewed from cappuccino
  17. Cuppa – Cup of tea or coffee
  18. Champers –    The sparkling wine champagne is called champers
  19. Chockers –      Fully drunk. Also called as a blotto
  20. Cleanskin – A wine bottle without any label
  21. Counter lunch – Lunch in a pub. It is also called as countery
  22. Drink Driving – driving after a heavy dose of alcohol
  23. Drink with the flies – Drink alone without any company. It can be at home or at the pub
  24. Esky  – A larger container to store drinks and carry for a picnic
  25. Flat White –   thick creamy milk coffee
  26. Fizzy drink – nonalcoholic carbonated drink
  27. Ginger Beer – fermented ginger drink with mild alcoholic effect
  28. Goom – Vagrants drink with methylated spirits
  29. Grog – alcohol
  30. Goog –  as full as. Gutful of piss
  31. Handle – Glass with beer and that has a handle to hold
  32. Hottie – the Water bottle with hot water in it
  33. Icy pole– Frozen water product including popsicle, ice cubes, paddle pop, etc are called an icy pole in Australian slang.
  34. Lolly Water – Simple soft drink with lemon, lemonade
  35. Liquid lunch – An afternoon meal which consists of drinks alone  
  36. Off his face – Drunk. It can also be mentioned as Full. Rotten  – this also means fully drunk
  37. Pisspot  – Regular drinker who has made it a habit to drink. Drunkard
  38. Plonk – Fully drunk a cheap wine
  39. Pub – Place to buy and drink alcoholic drinks. It is also called as a waterhole. Boozer is also a common slang used to refer to a pub. Rubbidy is another slang for pub
  40. Roadie – Beer that is bought and taken away. Beer bought on the roadside for a takeaway
  41. RBT – breath test taken randomly by the police on the roadside
  42. Schooner – beer in a large glass up to 15 oz in measures  
  43. Schooey – Beer schooner (person who drinks schooner of beer)
  44. Shandy  – Ladies drink beer mixed with lemonade
  45. Shout – One who sponsors for a drink at a pubon a particular day or event
  46. Skull – Drinking in one shot or one gulp
  47. Slab – Beer stubbies. Carton of beer 24 cans
  48. Stubby – a bottle of beer with a short neck and small in size
  49. Tallie – Beer bottle which can hold 24 oz of beer
  50. Tide’s gone out – Glass is empty waiting to be filled for another round
  51. Throw Down – Small beer bottle which can be consumed in one skull
  52. Tinny – Beercan
  53. Turps  – Strong alcoholic liquor
  54. Wobbly boot on – drunk

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