Nov 302022
More Things About Money- Australian Slang

The Australian dollar is the official currency and is abbreviated as AUD. The value of the Australian dollar is stable compared with many other currencies, so it attracts investors from all over the world

Decimal currency (dollars and cents) was introduced in Australia on 14 February 1966. The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, ACT is responsible for the design and minting of Australia’s circulating coins. Australia’s currency notes are printed in Melbourne, Victoria by Note Printing Australia Limited, a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

No matter where the money is made, we never seem to have very much of it. Now if we could just win the lottery!


Big Bickiesa lot of money, very expensive
Hole in the WallATM, automatic teller machine
EFTPOSmoney withdrawn directly from your account. Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale. Direct debit in USA.
Docketreceipt for a purchase
Mate’s Rateslowest discount for a “friend”
Hire Purchasesomething you can buy and pay off in instalments, but you receive the item when it’s purchased. Time payments in the USA.
Lay Bypurchase something on instalments (lay away – USA), but you only get the item when it’s fully paid for.
Bulk Billdoctors bill paid directly by Medicare or other heath insurer.
Term DepositCD (Certificate of Deposit – USA)
Compocompensation payment for a work-related injury
Industrial Actionaction taken by employees as a protest, often a strike
Retrenchreducing the total number of employees by laying off
Rortscam, cheating the system. Often describing politicians.
Stamp Dutygovernment fee charged on certain kinds of legal documents such as in buying a house
Tax File NumberSocial Security Number (USA)
Old Money Terms 
Treythree pence
Deener, Deenahschilling
Two Bobtwo shilling or a florin
Quidpound (£)
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