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“Australia is the fourth country in the world with the best quality of life according to a report produced by the UN.”

Australia is a young country (whose median age is around 38 years old), multicultural, people with an open mind. And its unmatched natural beauty makes it the ideal destination for those who wish to put all the odds on their side for their future, sounds interesting?

Furthermore, Australia is a country that will be able to meet all the living criteria you want. In this country, the quality of life is remarkable as well as education. In terms of health, sports activities, politics, and the environment, the systems are stable.

Plus, it is a clean territory, where you will feel safe and where there is real freedom of cultural and religious expression.

In terms of landscape, Australia is bordered by 37,000 kilometers of coastline. Enough to see many wild, extraordinary surf beaches and coral reefs. More than half of Australians live near the coasts, about 1 hour drive maximum. Quick to take a trip to the beaches!

Aussies do not live in stress but are rather laid back. On top of that, they are very welcoming and tolerant.

In summary, Australia is the place where people from all over the world come to discover the extraordinary life offered by a modern country. Despite a strong history, Australia is looking to a bright future.

Not sure if you want to cross the planet to discover the secrets of the world’s largest island? Here are some of the Australian specific events and essential cultural highlights to go should finish convincing you that Aussies are unique enough to make you feel amazed!

Events in Australia

Australians are well-known for weekend trekking to a busy sporting calendar, sporting and indoor-outdoor events activities are an integral part of the Australian lifestyle.

★    The Melbourne Cup: Let’s Go Horse Racing

Since the dawn of time, horse racing in the countries of Anglo-Saxon origin has represented a cultural pillar that accompanies various aspects of social and social life. The Melbourne Cup is conceivably Australia’s most famous equestrian event.

The first horse race in the Flemington racecourse dates back to 1861. Then, every year, on the first Tuesday of November, the whole nation watches with breathlessness the gallop race that takes place at the Flemington racecourse.

★    The Australian Tv Week Logie Awards

The Silver Logie for Most Prominent Factual or Documentary Program is an award offered every year at the Australian TV Week. Since 1959,  “The Logie Awards,” the equivalent of the American Emmy Awards, has been awarded in Australia. This probably explains why the pioneering work of John Logie Baird ended up being forgotten. Who is famous for inventing a television device.

★    Rolex Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race

One of the most challenging races in the world. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is a sailing race that begins in Sydney every December 26 and ends in Hobart. For a distance of roughly 630 miles or 1,167.39 kilometers. The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia organizes the race in collaboration with the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.

★    Country Music Awards of Australia

The Country Music Awards of Australia called “CMAA.” It is an annual awards celebration presented in January at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia, to admire the best country music recordings of the C’s (Australian) country music industry.

★    Mount Panorama Bathurst 1000

The Bathurst Race is a 1,000 km passenger car race held annually on the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, the second Sunday in October at New South Wales, Australia. It is currently arranged as a championship event for Supercars and widely regarded as the pinnacle of motorsport in Australia, Bathurst 1000.

★    ARIA Awards

The world-famous ARIA Music Awards (Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards) are a series of evenings rewarding the Australian music industry, established since 1987 by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

★    AFL Football Brownlow Medal

The most prestigious honor for individual players in the Australian Football League (AFL) named The Charles Brownlow Trophy, known as the Brownlow Medal (Charlie). It is awarded to the “best and fairest “ player in the AFL during the season after each match. A widely appreciated sports award in the Aussies football League.

★    The Australian Racing Hall of Fame

Australian Racing Hall of Fame is a tradition that gives one of the highest honors to the winners and legends who have achieved extraordinary things in The Australian Horse Racing arena. It was created in 2000 by the Australian Racing Museum, which was opened in 1981.

Foods in Australia

Although The continent is the result of a mixture of nationalities, cultures, and original expressions, particular characteristic Australian culinary food should appear on the menu of each visitor.

★    Delightful Australian Specialties To Taste

Aussies are just foodies. The sun-drenched beaches, laid back locals and culinary specialties as delicious as they are diverse.

Smooth, fast, and delicious recipes from Australia.

The most popular recipes from Australia. Such as the Australian Barbecue, The parmigiana Chicken, Damper, Meat Pie, Crab Sticks, Barramundi, Kangaroo Meat, Australian Toasts, and many mouth-watering Aussies foods are just enough to make you feel tempted.

★    Vegemite Tartines

There is no more Australian than Vegemite. If it looks a bit like Nutella, this brown food dough has no flavor. Composed of yeast extract, its taste is salty and slightly bitter.

★    Discover Also The Other Varieties Of Meats

Aussies allow you to explore many different types of meat: beef, lamb, pork, along with unique specialties such as wild boar, buffalo, or deer. Discover the range available and enjoy trying them all. 

★    The Aeroplane Jelly

Aeroplane Jelly is a historical Aussies jelly brand formed in 1927 by Bert Appleroth. The Jelly began a successful advertising campaign with a jingle that has become part of C’s culture now. The Jelly is one of the most favorite among kids as well as the adult. The jingle was recorded in 1937 with two voices of Joy King; he was just a five years old boy.

Dress To Impress: The Aussie Style

Aussies’ lifestyle and culture strongly influence Australian fashion. We note, for example, a particular taste for clothes with style and comfortable to wear, preference given to bright colors, and sometimes eccentric glimpse are unique and rare in terms of elegance. Let’s take a look!

★    Australian Driza-Bone Coats

If you are a fashion lover, then you are familiar with the name “Driza-Bone,” the word arising from the local slang slogan “dry as a bone,” is a speculation style for the brand that makes full-length waterproof riding coats and attire. The company was instituted in 1898.

At the moment, Aussies owned and made Australian fashion outfits. The trademark of a Driza-Bone was first registered in the year 1933.

★    Aussies UGG Boots

How to talk about the Aussies made shoe without mentioning the essential UGG Boots?  These upturned sheepskin boots, known worldwide brand and still very much in fashion style.

★    Australian Made Akubra Hats

Akubra is an Australian brand name that makes world-famous hats. These hats are part of traditional and magnificent Australian culture. Being used in common parlance, the name Akubra is generally a synonym of the Aussies hats themselves and not just the brand.

You will definitely feel wondrous by wearing such well-known classical Hats with a vintage history since 1874.

Australian Folk Songs

Australian folk songs and music is the traditional music of the great variety of immigrant cultures and that of the native Australian inhabitants.

From past to present, Australian music is qualified by globally renowned artists. To dive with delight in the rhythms of the island continent here is some glimpse of entertaining during your trip to Australia.

★    Australia In Songs

For much of its history, Aussies music referred to oral and folk traditional songs and was not published later in the press in volumes such as the very popular Banjo Paterson of songs Old Bush, in the 1890s. There are so many categories and genre includes;

  • Children’s Songs;
  • Humorous Songs;
  • Wartime Songs;
  • Horse Racing Songs;
  • Convicts, Bushrangers;
  • Immigration Songs & more;
  • Drovers, Shearers Songs.

★    Waltzing Matilda: Australian Patriotic Song

“And its ghost, you can hear if you go through that billabong.”

Waltzing Matilda (original title: Matilda’s Last Waltz) is one of the most popular Australian bush ballads. Banjo Paterson wrote it in 1895; He was an Australian nationalist poet. The song was purposed as a national anthem.

★    Australian songs to know

We must remember how the Aussie music, born in the pubs of small and large Australian centers in the ’80s, had a golden age that Australians still remember in the world well now.

We’d share with you a mini-playlist of Australian best songs that you absolutely must know that you are about to move in or pure music fans take a look below.

  • INXS – Original Sin;
  • True Blue – John Williamson
  • AC / DC – Long Way To The Top;
  • Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning;
  • Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over;
  • The Church – Under The Milky Way;
  • The Go-Betweens – Streets Of Your Town;
  • Men At Work – Down Under.

Local Jargons And Slang To Know In Australia 

If you have chosen this destination to improve your English, also remember to study local jargon. Of course, during the early days, you may be surprised at the Australian pronunciation and accent, but you will soon get used to the local slang words and phrases.

Discover our selection of some fantastic Australian slang expressions, to blend perfectly with the locals! Such as 

●     Arvo

This beautiful little word is a slang expression for “afternoon.”

●     Thongs

“thongs” in Australia refers to “flip flops.”

●     Barbie

No, they are not talking about the doll! If you are invited to a barbie, be sure to have an appetite, because you are being asked to go to a barbecue. This is how Aussies people love to shorten words (brekky = breakfast, sunnies = sunglasses, mozzie = mosquitoes, etc.).

●     Dunny

It is one of the most important words to know: it merely indicates the “bathroom.”

●     Root

In Australian English, “root” is a slang word that indicates “sexual intercourse,” so pay attention to how you use it ?

●     Chuck a sickie

It is the perfect day to go to the beach, but do you have to work? If your boss surprises you while you are lying on the beach, he will understand that you have decided to “chuck a sickie.”

●     She’ll be right

No, this expression does not mean that women are always right, but that in the end, everything will be fine.

●     A dog’s breakfast

Imagine a student’s typical apartment: papers everywhere, dirty dishes stacked in the sink, a pile of dirty clothes, a mysterious smell. This apartment is the realm of disorder, or it is “a dog’s (or mad woman’s) breakfast”!

★    Aussie Slang Words

★    Aussie Slang Phrases

★    Aussie Rhyming Jargons

★    SEARCH for a word

★    Find a specific slang word

★    Spelling Australian Style

The Brits, Yanks, and Aussies don’t agree on how some English words are spelled. Which version do you use to spell the words on our list?

★    1920s Dictionary

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If it can help, bring an Aussie English dictionary with you. Speaking fluently is undoubtedly preferable, but the glossary will always be useful.

There are many more…

You want to discover these Aussies slang phrases and more? Then you have the right time for an English course or a gap year in the land of kangaroos!

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