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If you are here means you have got a few minutes of free time!! So why not try our interesting activity, ’Australian Food Quiz’!? It is fun and more interesting. Not only fun, you will also get to know about Australian traditional and modern authentic recipes. Have you ever wondered what Australians eat and munch on!? Australian cuisine is something involves a blend of culinary adaptations and contributions from various places and cultures all over the globe, including Asians, indigenous Australians, Pacific Islanders, and Europeans. Australian food in 21st century reflects the power of globalization and becoming influential with its organic, biodynamic and fast foods.

Being a nation with a long history of meshing cultures from different people, there is no surprise that there would be some mixing of food cultures as well. The thing is to grab a Australian friend if you are an Australian, and ask him/her to help or guide you through their traditional, rich, and wonderful food items. In addition to food, Australia takes special pride in producing locally made beer, wine, and soft drinks.

Well, we have enough introduction to Australian cuisine which is important to know about before you take the quiz on Australian food.

Q.1 What are Rice Bubbles?

A) A breakfast cereal

B) A dessert

C) A type of food for parrots

D) A type food for fish

Answer: A breakfast cereal

Q.2 What meat is the most popular in Aussie diets?

A) Beef

B) Chicken

C) Lamb

D) Pork

Answer: Chicken

Q.3 What is a Pie Floater?

A) Bickie crumbs floating in your coffee

B) A meat pie floating in green pea soup

C) A scoop of ice cream floating in a drink

D) A Present left on your car by an animal

Answer: A meat pie floating in green pea soup

Q.4 What are Anzac biscuits?

A) Butter milk cookies

B) A soft and leavened quick bread

C) A sweet traditional biscuit made of rolled oats, butter, golden syrup, and coconut (optional)

D) A standard cookie

Answer: A sweet traditional biscuit made of rolled oats, butter, golden syrup, and coconut (optional)

Q.5 A Protein: Battered, crumbed or grilled usually eaten with a starchy accompaniment!?

A) Fish

B) Pork

C) Red Meat

D) Crab

Answer: Fish

Q.6 A meat gravy or pastry always served with tomato sauce. What is it?

A) A Hamburger

B) A Chico Roll

C) A Meat Pie

D) Chips

Answer: A Meat Pie

Q.7 Mince patty, bread roll, sauce, onions, tomato, lettuce, beetroot. Very famous dish of Australia, especially loved by kids. What is it?

A) Pizza

B) Crispy Chicken

C) Fish and Chips

D) Hamburger

Answer: Hamburger

Q.8 Sliced potato fingers, deep fried. Universal accompaniment to all take-away food. What is it?

A) Chips

B) Sausage roll

C) Veg fritters

D) Chico Roll

Answer: Chips

Q.9 Cylindrical pastry tube, filled with vegetables, mainly cabbage, deep fried. What is it?

A) Chico Roll

B) Burger

C) French Fries

D) Pastries

Answer: Chico Roll

Q.10 What do you call the Aussie favourite sponge cake cubes dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut?

A) Sausages

B) Steaks

C) Croc Chocs

D) Lamingtons

Answer: Lamingtons

Q.11 Aussies love cooking snags on their Barbie. What is a snag?

A) Koala Cubes

B) Sausages

C) Delights

D) Croc Chocs

Answer: Sausages

Q.12 Can you name the chocolate bar that has air bubbles in it?

A) Aero

B) Cadbury snack

C) Twisties

D) Zero

Answer: Aero

Q.13 Do you know the name of Australian drink that’s made with chocolate powder that turns milk into chocolate malt and also sprinkled on ice creams?

A) Milo

B) Trilo

C) Filo

D) Kilo

Answer: Milo

Q.14 What is the name of the cracker snack found in Australia?

A) Crackies

B) Shapes

C) Shackles

D) Crackles

Answer: Shapes

Q.15 If you were offered a yabby should you eat it?

A) No, it is a type of fat

B) Yes, it is Chicken baked in campfire coals

C) Yes, it is a fresh water Cray Fish

D) Yes, it is a delicious pumpkin soup

Answer: Yes, it is a fresh water Cray Fish

Q.16 In Australia, bread plus butter plus sprinkles equals what?

A) Cherry Bread

B) Tasty Toasties

C) Sugar Coast

D) Fairy Bread

Answer: Fairy Bread

Q.17 What is Vegemite?

A) A vegetable recipe of peas, carrots and corn

B) A child that watches TV too much

C) A tiny insect like a tick that lives on kangaroos

D) A food spread made of yeast and vegetable extract

Answer: A food spread made of yeast and vegetable extract

Q.18 This is how you get Cheeto fingers in Australia. What are these snacks called?

A) Cheezels

B) Feelos

C) Pretzies

D) Cheetos

Answer: Cheetos

Q.19 What would you find inside a lamington?

A) Custard

B) Caramel

C) Coconut

D) Jam

Answer: Jam

Q.20 What colour would you associate with a Monte Carlo?

A) Pink

B) Red

C) Green

D) Brown

Answer: Pink

Q.21 If you wanted an ice cream, where would you go?

A) Michel’s

B) Wendy’s

C) Brumby’s

D) Gloria Jeans

Answer: Wendy’s

Q.22 Where did Australia rank in the OECD list of top meat-eating countries?

A) Fourth

B) Third

C) Second

D) First

Answer: First

Q.23 What is the most popular fast food restaurant in Australia?


B) Hungry Jacks

C) McDonald’s

D) Red Rooster

Answer: McDonald’s

Q.24 How many visits do Aussies make to Fast Food Restaurants every week?

A) Nearly 40 million

B) Nearly 20 million

C) Nearly 60 million

D) Nearly 70 million

Answer: Nearly 70 million

Q.25 What is Australia’s ranking worldwide for coffee consumption?

A) 42nd

B) 2nd

C) 12th

D) 8th

Answer: 42nd

Q.26 In their first year how many yowies were sold?

A) 35 million

B) 10 million

C) 31 million

D) 44 million

Answer: 31 million

Q.27 How many packets of Tim Tams are consumed each year?

A) 70 million

B) 50 million

C) 75 million

D) 45 million

Answer: 45 million

Q.28 Which of the following was not the flavour of the Twisties in Australia?

A) Cheese burger

B) Hot dog

C) Ham burger

D) Double Cheese

Answer: Double Cheese

Q.29 It is a most familiar spreadable edible. What is it?

A) Vegemite

B) Pretzels

C) Finger Lime

D) Sausage Sanger

Answer: Vegemite

Q.30 It is of military origin. What is it?

A) Pavlova

B) Sea Parsley

C) Emu

D) Anzac biscuit

Answer: Anzac biscuit

Q.31 Which of the following has never been a flavour of Tim Tam?

A) Chewy Caramel

B) Strawberry

C) Pine Apple

D) Butterscotch

Answer: Strawberry

Q.32 What is the main ingredient in the filling of a Chiko Roll?

A) Egg

B) Chicken

C) Cabbage

D) Beef

Answer: Cabbage

Q.33 Which is not an ingredient in a standard ANZAC biscuit recipe?

A) Golden Syrup

B) Egg

C) Butter

D) Coconut

Answer: Egg

Q.34 You can find the dipped cones at the movie theatres in Australia. What are they?

A) Flockers

B) Chunkies

C) Chockers

D) Choc Tops

Answer: Choc Tops

Q.35 Can you name this carbonated lemon drink found in Australia?

A) Lemonies

B) Solo

C) Mikos

D) Daikos

Answer: Solo

Q.36 Long before Europeans arrived in this country, indigenous Australians lived off the land, collecting foods wherever they roved. What is this food commonly referred to today?

A) Bush Tucker

B) Bush Supper

C) Bush Upper

D) Bush Mucker

Answer: Bush Tucker

Q.37 Vegemite is an Australian food that, when first tasted by visitors from overseas, tends to evoke which reaction from them?

A) Coma

B) Hallucination

C) Addiction

D) Repulsion

Answer: Repulsion

Q.38 Victoria Bitter is one of Australia’s highest selling beers. In which Australian capital city was it first produced?

A) Brisbane

B) Melbourne

C) Sydney

D) Perth

Answer: Melbourne

Q.39 Can you select, from the following choices, an absolutely scrumptious dessert we all smack our chops over in Australia?

A) Macaroon Meaties

B) Pavlova

C) Wattle Wafer

D) Possum Tail Delight

Answer: Pavlova

Q.40 This meat is high in protein, low in fat, and said to be ideal for its anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties. From which iconic Australian mammal is it harvested?

A) Kangaroo

B) Crocodile

C) Kookaburra

D) Emu

Answer: Kangaroo

Q.41 Times were tough in Australia after World War I and during the depression years. Many men took to the roads finding work wherever they could, sleeping and eating out in the open. What was the name of the container in which they boiled their bush tea?

A) Filly Can or Filly

B) Billy Can or Billy

C) Dilli Can or Dilly

D) Tilly Can or Tilly

Answer: Billy Can or Billy

Q.42 Hitting the Aussie market in 1964, this extremely popular biscuit created by the Arnott’s Biscuits Holdings has gradually spread out to an international market since that time. In 2008 they were introduced to the US market with the advertisement heading of “Australia’s favourite cookie”. What are they?

A) Tim Tams

B) Bim Bams

C) Mim Mams

D) Pim Pams

Answer: Tim Tams

Q.43 Where would a cup of tea brewed out in the bush be, without something to nibble on as well? Made from a bit of flour, water, powdered milk, and baking soda if available, and cooked in the coals of a campfire, what was the name given to this rough piece of culinary delight?

A) Ramper

B) Samper

C) Damper

D) Hamper

Answer: Damper

Q.44 Every meal could be finished off with a much loved treat which was named after a former governor of Queensland. What is it?

A) Billabong Delight

B) Chocolate Chip Cookie

C) Lamington

D) Peach Melba

Answer: Lamington

Q.45 This seafood meal, named after an area of Australia from which the product is found, is said to be delicious. What is its common name?

A) Moreton Bay Blowfly

B) Moreton Bay Bug

C) Moreton Bay Butterfly

D) Moreton Bay Housefly

Answer: Moreton Bay Bug

Q.46 What is the main ingredient of Vegemite?

A) Salt

B) Yeast

C) Malt

D) Folate

Answer: Yeast

Q.47 ANZAC biscuits were developed to commemorate the efforts of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during World War I. They are traditionally eaten on Anzac Day. What date is Anzac Day celebrated?

A) April 25th

B) March 25th

C) February 25th

D) May 25th

Answer: April 25th

Q.48 An Australian (and New Zealand) dessert is named after which famous Russian ballerina?

A) Anna Pavlova

B) Nina Ananiashvili

C) Galina Ulanova

D) Alicia Markova

Answer: Anna Pavlova

Q.49 What are chocolate-covered lamingtons rolled in to complete this delicious sponge cake?

A) Ground Almonds

B) Desiccated Coconut

C) Wholemeal Flour

D) Icing Sugar


Q.50 What is the name of the dessert named after Australian opera singer, Dame Nellie Melba?

A) Plum Melba

B) Apricot Melba

C) Nectarine Melba

D) Peach Melba

Answer: Peach Melba

Q.51 What should you do with a damper?

A) It’s a type of coat, so wear it

B) It’s a garden tool, so take it outside

C) It’s bread, so eat it

D) It’s a style of haircut, so comb it

Answer: It’s bread, so eat it

Q.52 Australians are the world’s biggest consumer of meat pies. How many do we eat every year?

A) Almost 45 million

B) Over 250 million

C) Almost 100 million

D) Over 375 million

Answer: Over 250 million

Q.53 What is the name of the unleavened bread traditionally cooked by Australian bush people?

A) Damper

B) Bagel

C) Baguette

D) Pide

Answer: Damper

Q.54 What Australian state does a “pie floater” originate from?

A) Tasmania

B) South Australia

C) New South Wales

D) Queensland

Answer: South Australia

Q.55 What is a tropical dessert made of meringue, whipped cream and topped with a selection of tropical fruits called? It’s named after a famous ballerina.

A) Pavlova

B) Nurmova

C) Zilatmova

D) Tropilova

Answer: Pavlova

Q.56 What were SAO biscuits allegedly named for?

A) South Australian Operations

B) Sugar and Oats

C) Salvation Army Officer

D) Special Australian Orders

Answer: Salvation Army Officer

Q.57 Which of these is not an original Australian beer?


B) Hahn

C) Heineken

D) Toohey’s

Answer: Heineken

Q.58 Which bakery of Australia currently got the award as the best lamington holder?

A) The Rolling Pin Bakery

B) Hungry Jacks

C) Kytons bakery in Adelaide

D) Dojo Bakery

Answer: Kytons bakery in Adelaide

Q.59 What is the national cake in Australia?

A) Double Chocolate Cake

B) Black Forest Cake

C) Cheese cake

D) Lamingtons

Answer: Lamingtons

Q.60 Which ingredient make lamingtons so tasty?

A) Dipped chocolate and desiccated coconut

B) Butter

C) Honey

D) Milk

Answer: Dipped chocolate and desiccated coconut

Q.61 According to MTV from where you can get the best burger in Australia?

A) Ribs and Burgers

B) Burger Me Fresh in Coolangatta

C) MOS Burgers

D) The Burger Bar

Answer: Burger Me Fresh in Coolangatta

Q.62 Vegemite on toast is a great alternative for vegetarians is it true?

A) Yes

B) Partially yes

C) No

D) Partially No

Answer: Yes

Q.63 Barramundi is a popular dish in Australia. What does it mean?

A) Eastern Freshwater Cod

B) Flathead Galaxias

C) Large-scaled river fish

D) Eel-tailed Cat Fish

Answer: Large-scaled river fish

Q.64 Vegemite on toast can be used as what?

A) Breakfast, lunch or anytime snake

B) Only Breakfast

C) Only Lunch

D) Only Snack and Breakfast

Answer: Breakfast, lunch or anytime snake

Q.65 Which bakery was the winner of 2016 “The Great Aussie Pie Competition?”

A) Sharp’s Bakery

B) Black Star Pastry

C) Lune Croissanterie

D) The Oven Crisp Bakery in Riverton, WA

Answer: The Oven Crisp Bakery in Riverton, WA

Q.66 What do you do with Vegemite?

A) Eat it

B) Get a prescription to clear it up

C) Add it to coffee or tea

D) Use it to oil door hinges, squeaky wheels, etc.

Answer: Eat it

Q.67 Where is Vegemite manufactured?

A) Melbourne

B) Sydney

C) Adelaide

D) Brisbane

Answer: Melbourne

Q.68 What is the first ingredient listed on the label of Vegemite?

A) Salt

B) Vegetable Extract

C) Yeast Extract

D) Soy Sauce

Answer: Yeast Extract

Q.69 In what year did Vegemite become available?

A) 1953

B) 1903

C) 1923

D) 1943

Answer: 1923

Q.70 Who manufactures Vegemite?

A) Johnson and Johnson

B) Campbell’s

C) Bega Cheese

D) Valvoline

Answer: Bega Cheese

Q.71 What colour is the Vegemite label?

A) Black and Yellow

B) Yellow and Red

C) Orange and Red

D) Orange and Black

Answer: Yellow and Red

Q.72 Name the two inventors of Vegemite.

A) Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell

B) James Kraft and Ray Kroc

C) Fred Walker and Dr Cyril P Callister

D) Dick Smith and Richard Branson

Answer: Fred Walker and Dr Cyril P Callister

Q.73 What does Vegemite claim to do?

A) Help you lose weight

B) Make you work, rest and play

C) Put a rose in every cheek

D) Cure baldness

Answer: Put a rose in every cheek

Q.74 What vitamin is Vegemite apparently high in (according to the advertisements)?

A) E

B) B

C) C

D) A

Answer: B

You all might have got bored in choosing right option out of four choices. It is not that difficult though, still I would like to change the questioning format such that the quiz seems a bit interesting and rebuilds your enthusiasm in your way of acing the test. Let us take and continue the quiz format in TRUE OR FALSE format.

Q.75 True or False? The Iconic Pavlova was named for a Russian Dancer.

Answer: True

Q.76 Ture or False? The Violet Crumble is Australia’s oldest Chocolate Bar?

Answer: True

Q.77 True or False? Maltesers were originally marketed to young women as diet food?

Answer: True

Q.78 True or False? The Caramello Koala’s real name is Henry.

Answer: False

Q.79 True or False? Melba Toast and Peach Melba are named after Helen Porter Mitchell.

Answer: True

Q.80 True or False? The average consumption of Meat Pies in Australia is 12 Pies per person per year.

Answer: True

Q.81 True or False? Food Standards Australia regulations state Meat Pies must contain beef.

Answer: False

Q.82 True or False? In the 1920s Vegemite was called Parwill.

Answer: True

Q.83 True or False? Tim Tams were named after a Horse.

Answer: True

Q.84 True or False? The Flat White was invented in Sydney.

Answer: True

Let us see some facts about Australian food and cuisine

Do you think Australia is a lucky country when it comes to its cuisine!? Well, If you ask me, I would say, Absolutely True. I will also include some facts about Australian food and cuisine that justifies my answer. Here we go!

  1. Australia Produces fresh and diverse range of cooking styles adapted from all over the world. We are very fortunate to have Australian cuisine, which is been a fusion of varied food flavors, traditions, and cooking techniques offering foodies new and innovative, interesting, and vibrant dishes.
  2. Australia produces world’s highly regarded lamb and beef and also managing certified organic land to encourange the development and growth industrially. Today, there are around 126 million sheep and 30 million head of beef cattle in Australia.
  3. Being a continent, Australia has a significant influence of sea food in Australian cuisine. Over 600 varieties of fresh water and marine seafood species are used for trade in Australia for both local plus overseas consumption. Fish and chips is the favourite item.
  4. The chocolate bar, Cherrie Ripe was the Australia’s oldest chocolate bar first produced in 1924.
  5. Every year Australians eat 45 million packets of Tim Tams.
  6. According to Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand, Meat Pies can legally contain meat from “buffalo, camel, cattle, deer, goat, hare, pig, poultry, rabbit or sheep”.
  7. Golden Gaytimes are called Cookie Crumble in New Zealand. The tagline is still: “It’s hard to have a Cookie Crumble on your own”.
  8. For their first two years in production, Paddle Pops were only available in chocolate flavour.
  9. The guy who invented Paddle Pops was told by his uncle that the ice creams would be a “nine-day wonder”.
  10. Dim sims were invented in Australia in 1945.
  11. Chicos are named after the Spanish word for “children”.
  12. For a space of seven years in the 1920s, Vegemite was renamed “Parwill”, during an advertising campaign designed to outsell Marmite. Their slogan was “Ma might, but Parwill”. It didn’t work, and they went back to Vegemite in 1935.
  13. Violet Crumbles have that name because the inventor’s wife loved the flowers.
  14. In the first year that Yowies were on the market, a reported 31 million were sold, which averages to be 2.5 Yowies per Australian.
  15. There is an Australian law which prevents Anzac biscuits from being called cookies. Subway wanted to sell Anzacs at their Australian stores, but couldn’t, because of their insistence to call them cookies.
  16. Caramello Koala has a real name: George
  17. Goon sacks came about when winemaker Tom Angove was looking for an way to sell half-gallon flagons of wine. It is believed goon got its name as a shortened version of “flagon”.
  18. There is a biscuit in Australia that was originally created for World War I soldiers-Anzac Biscuits
  19. The most basic Australian food is a soda bread called damper.
  20. Breakfast biscuits have been popular in Australia since the 1930s.
  21. Ginger has been an essential part of Australian cuisine since the 1800s.
  22. Sausages are called snags in Australia.
  23. Dagwood dog is an Australian term for corn dog.
  24. The Australian version of the Italian dish parmigiana is usually paired with beer.
  25. Australia’s’ first take-away food was the meat pie.
  26. Fairy bread is not made by fairies, but from candies.
  27. Australians have their own version of the Chinese spring rolls.
  28. An Australian burger is not complete without a slice of beetroot.
  29. Australians don’t say “McDonald’s.” They call it “Macca’s.”
  30. Pumpkins were brought to Australia by the Europeans during its colonization period.
  31. Australians’ unconventional ice cream is enclosed in fruit flavoured ice.
  32. Milo, the chocolate and malt powdered drink, was invented by an Australian.
  33. “Golden Gaytime” is a legit food product.
  34. “Long black” and “flat white” are Australian coffee variations.
  35. According to a 1927 print ad, the correct pronunciation for Passiona is “Pash-Ona”.
  36. Bubble O’ Bill ice creams used to have slogans printed on the gumball nose, including “Go for your guns” and, “It’s a hoe-down”.
  37. The number of fish fingers sold in Australia each year would cover an area the size of Tasmania.
  38. When Australians “throw a barbie,” it means they’re having a barbecue party.
  39. The Australians have their own traditional method of preparing tea.
  40. Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine around the world.
  41. In Australia, Kangaroos can be eaten.
  42. A former Australian Prime Minister made an Iced VoVo reference in an election victory speech.
  43. The second largest living bird is endemic to Australia, and can be eaten.
  44. Wood-eating larvae are eaten by indigenous Australians.
  45. Aeroplane Jelly started with a tram driver making jelly crystals in his bathtub.
  46. In the early 1930s, when Smith’s Chips were first produced, they included a packet of salt, because machines to pre-salt chips had not yet been invented.
  47. In Australia, there is a lot of local food throughout every city and town. Bush tucker is the common Australian indigenous food. More examples of Australian native foods include muntries, finger lime, kangaroo, yabbies, eels, witchetty grubs, etc.

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