Mar 242020

Australian Food Quiz

If you are here means you have got a few minutes of free time!! So why not try our interesting activity, ’Australian Food Quiz’!? It is fun and more interesting. Not only fun, you will…Continue Reading

Mar 242020

The Loaded Dog

Today I am going to tell you some summaries and analysis of a humorous short story written by a most iconic Australian writer. We will also explore the characters, techniques and themes that writer used…Continue Reading

Mar 232020

Famous Australian celebrities

Celebrities or Famous personalities or Pillars of Society, whatever the names we refer to depending on their respective fields they belong to, it is so common for the common people to admire those favourite super…Continue Reading

Mar 192020

Damper Recipe

Today, I am going to activate your taste buds by stimulating your taste with another traditional Australian recipe, Damper!! Listening to the recipe name, I guess all the folks out there are watering mouth! Damper,…Continue Reading

Mar 192020

Australian Slang Dictionary – Extras

When you leave for your Australian adventure, keep in mind one thing: the official language of Australia is English. However, there is the fashionable English, the one spoken by the Australian locals. You will immediately…Continue Reading

Mar 172020

The Magic Pudding

Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum And His Friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff ‘The magic Pudding’, seriously a classic and magical story piece of 1918 Australian Literature. This Australian Children’s story was written and…Continue Reading

Mar 162020

ARIA Award Winners By Category

ARIA Awards, an annual flagship event on the Australian Music Calendar-celebrates every year to recognize the innovation, achievements, and excellence in Australian Music. These annual series of awards nights are commonly and informally known as…Continue Reading

Mar 132020

Crikey! Steve Irwin is an Aussie Icon

Crickey! Today we are going to discuss about the Australia’s Legend who needs no introduction. He is none other than our ‘Steve Irwin’. Steve Irwin is a man who engendered universal affection with the audiences…Continue Reading

Mar 092020

Australia Day – Public Holiday

The official name for the much popular Australia’s National Day is Australia Day which is celebrated annually on January 26 since 1994. The day is now celebrated with a set of mixed feelings because the…Continue Reading