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Australian Food and Recipes

Australia has a rich heritage of food and cooking. This post is full of recipes inspired by the diverse cultures of its people.

From a traditional Damper recipe, Meat Pie recipe, and ANZAC Biscuit recipe to the delightfully sweet Pavlova and Lamington recipes, we have a variety of favourite Australian recipes to tempt you.

Australians enjoy cooking and eating a variety of food made for the relaxed Aussie lifestyle. You’ll find people throwing a couple of snags on the barbie all year round.

While some foods may sound familiar to Americans, they’re often served quite differently.

You’ll find a lot of us ordering our hamburgers with a fried egg and bacon along with the standard beetroot (beets). The buns are generally buttered before tomato sauce (ketchup) is added. Yes, we love beetroot on our sandwiches.

Pumpkin isn’t for carving Jack-O-Lanterns as is done in the USA for Halloween. It’s a regularly eaten vegetable here, baked and served with a main dish or mashed and mixed with potatoes.

Another Aussie favourite is a meat pie or a sausage roll with tomato sauce on top. It’s eaten like a sandwich, not with a fork and knife.

Many traditional Australian recipes originated in Great Britain and were adapted over the years to fit the Aussie way of life.

Bush tucker, on the other hand, are local recipes created using Aussie bush foods.

We hope you enjoy our recipes.

In reply to our overseas readers
If you have champagne taste, you’ll find fine dining in Australia at same high quality as in other countries. If you’re a backpacker, there are a lot of great take-away shops serving things like fish & chips to help stretch your budget. And yes, Australia has modern banks and  ATMs. Aussies are happy to help you spend your money while you’re here.

Favourite Australian Recipes

Want to make Damper or know what’s in an Aussie Meat Pie? Try our Australian recipes. We also give the American equivalent for some ingredients so you can make it overseas too.

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Over 45 food equivalents to make recipes from another country such as copha, scones, griller, rock melon, bickies, Rice Bubbles, Balmain Bugs, and more.


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Australian Food Favourites


Aussie icon food. 90% of Aussies have a jar in the pantry. Includes history & song.

Aeroplane Jelly

Aussie favourite made special by the much loved and endearing jingle. Includes history and lyrics.

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