Jan 312023

One of the most common questions we receive at Australia Post is 'How do I format and write out an Australian address?' To help you, we've created the Australia Address Format & Example.

It’s crucial to format the address properly when sending a letter to someone in Australia so that it reaches the appropriate destination. The following is the typical format for addressing a letter to Australia:

[Recipient Name]

[Street Address]

[Suburb/City] [State] [Postcode]


Here are few samples / examples of Australian addresses:

Ms. Sarah Johnson

Unit 6, 17 Adelaide Ave

Canberra ACT 2600


Here is another one:

Mr. David Smith

3/23 Melbourne St

Brisbane QLD 4000


Following are some guidelines for drafting an address to Australia:

  • On the first line, include the recipient’s name.
  • On the second line, type the street address.
  • On the third line, include the suburb/city, state, and postcode.
  • On the final line, type “Australia.”
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word in the recipient’s name, street address, suburb or city, and state when appropriate.
  • Use abbreviations for states. For example, “NSW” for New South Wales, “VIC” for Victoria, “QLD” for Queensland, “ACT” for Australian Capital Territory, “SA” for South Australia, “WA” for Western Australia, “TAS” for Tasmania, and “NT” for Northern Territory, are all acceptable abbreviations for the state and its capital city.
  • Make sure the postcode is written using the proper four-digit format.
  • Make sure the address is clearly written.

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