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A Variety of Languages – Australian Facts And Figures

Australia’s various well-known and lesser known languages, with facts and figures about how many people speak each language, to how many Australian words come from a particular language.

Although we are a multi-cultural country, English is the national and official language of Australia. At least 17% of people living in Australia come from a non-English speaking culture and speak a non-English language at home. Over 200 different languages are spoken in Australia including 45 indigenous languages.

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 Languages1996*    Languages  1996*
 Italian367,300    Tagalog (Filipino)67,300   
 Greek259,000    Croatian66,700   
 Cantonese190,100    Polish61,000   
 Arabic/Lebanese162,000    Maltese44,700   
 Vietnamese134,000    Indigenous languages & Creoles44,200   
 German96,700    Turkish42,200   
 Mandarin87,300    Netherlandic (Dutch/Flemish)40,200   
 Spanish86,900    All other656,900   
 Macedonian68,100    Total2,474,600   

* Excluding kids under 5 years

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Updated August 2011. You may notice that we show information from a variety of dates. We are unable to find the same type of information for more recent dates than what we show here. Note: This information is for entertainment purposes. We assume no liability resulting from any errors or omissions. Translation . . . we’ve done our best to bring you accurate information. For official facts and figures, please visit any of the many Australian government websites available such as the  Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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