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Charity trust or just simply a Charity is a non-profit organisation whose objectives and motto’s are only just for social well-being and philanthropy such as education, women empowerment, child abuse, religious, and any other such activities that serve on public interest. Well, How Australians work on such charity aid programs both nationally and internationally!? Today, we are going to discuss about another interesting and most useful information on ‘Australian Aid & Charity’. Let us begin!

A charity works with a lot many people, we know that ‘together we can do more rather than being working alone’. Charity Organization gives you that opportunity of working with others to bring the change and hope that eventually builds one’s self respect and self confidence among the needy persons. ‘Wyatt Benevolent Institution’ is one such charity organization in Australia established in 1886. The Wyatt charity trust is actually originated from the assets of the estate owner, Late Dr. William Wyatt (1804-1886) and now is the leading South Australian Philanthropic Foundation. This is the oldest philanthropic foundation still in operation with a great and inspiring vision, i.e. reducing financial issues and disadvantages, live with dignity and hope, and providing quality of life to the South Australians.

About William Wyatt

Dr William Wyatt was born in Plymouth, England in 1804 and after few years in February 1837, migrated to Holdfast Bay, South Australia along with his wife Mrs Julia Wyatt. Dr William Wyatt held a significant number of government official positions including protector of Aborigines, South Australia’s First Inspector of Public Schools, State Coroner, etc. He first set up his home in Grenfell Street, and later moved to Kurralta, Burnside. His one and only son had passed away in 1872 at the age of 34 years. His wealth and assets were derived from the land purchased in the city and elsewhere in March 1837. Wyatt held a unique position in philanthropic sector for his exclusive focus and motto of supporting needy people. The four majority areas among his focus areas are employment, financial well-being, education, and housing.

In addition, Wyatt Charitable Trust was assisted by Australian Center for Social Innovation in 2018. With the support from the Australian Center for Social Innovation, Wyatt embarked on a Concept of Change to observe whether there is really any change happening to needy people.

Here are few Australian Charities that focus mainly on providing quality life to needy people..

Australian Government AusAID

AusAID is the short form for ‘The Australian Agency for International Development’, which is the Australian government agency within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that manages foreign Australia’s overseas aid program. The aid program focus on advancing Australia’s National interest by helping developing in terms of reducing poverty, achieving sustainable development, promoting prosperity, enhancing stability, etc.

Australian Council for International Development

The abbreviated form for Australian Council for International Development is ‘ACFID’. It is an independent Australian non-government organization (NGO) manages the field of international aid and development. Previously it was known as ACFOA, Australian Council for Overseas Aid. The main objective of this non-for-profit NGO organization is to see a world free of poverty and inequality. Hopefully, we would expect the same in near future!!

Philanthropy Wiki

An online encyclopedia and archive of knowledge on philanthropy in Australia. Philanthropy means doing something good publicly which eventually improves other people’s life. In simple words, it is defined as the love for human kind. A person who works on philanthropy is called Philanthropist.


AID/WATCH is another non-profit independent NGO organisation, manages and campaigns on Australia’s Overseas aid and trade policies and policies. This organization targets of systems that cause poverty and inequality and start over some campaigns often to eradicate those systems from the world. In addition, they seriously monitor the aid and trade activities of the government and how they are related to the international financial institutions, multilateral institutions, corporations, etc. and publicly respond to work on their objective.

CARE Australia

CARE Australia is an Australian, non-for-profit, international humanitarian aid organisation or aid agency that addresses and fights for the cause of global poverty, shows a special focus on girls and women in developing countries. It is the largest non religious and non political aid agency in Australia led by Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. CARE Australia joined CARE International in 1987.

Plan Big

It’s a group of people with skills, tools, and know how to turn things into reality forms a community.

Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero is a fund raising platform which takes your fund raising campaigns to the next level and gets an opportunity to support your favorite charity or any social cause. The dedicated service team including Web Developers, Designers, UX Experts work with you to reach and grow your funds and donations.

AustCare – Australians Caring for Refugees 

The main objective of AustCare – Australians Caring for Refugees is to address the problems of refugees overseas, people affected by landmines, and displaced people to rebuild their lives and enjoy normal and regular life like other common people. They deliver the help through developing programs in collaboration with local agencies and other communities.

Australian Doctors International (ADI)

Founded in 2000. ADI mainly addresses the development of rural and remote areas and the improves the health of people living in rural and remote areas of PNG (Papua New Guinea). ADI deploys volunteer doctors to serve the purpose to PNG.

Australian National Committee on Refugee Women, ANCORW

ANCORW is a research group works for refugee women and their families in order to bring a change in refugee system and assist them to rebuild their normal lives back.

Australian Cranio Maxillo Facial Foundation (ACMFF)

ACMFF is established in 1984, raises funds to support Australian Cranio Facial services and assist patients by providing maximum patient care and offers training programs to clinicians both in Australia and Overseas.

Australian Reproductive Health Alliance

The Australian Reproductive Health Alliance works for the well-being of women and the development of reproductive health.

National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA)

National Council of Churches in Australia, represents a number of different Christian churches works for bringing those christian churches and communities together and works in partnership with other ecumenical councils around Australia.

Australian Volunteers International (AVI)

AVI  is an Australian non-for-profit organization works with skilled professionals from Australia to achieve social and economical development outcomes across Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Middle East. The Australian Government supports thousands of volunteers everyday to reach the goal.

Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture

Also known as ‘Foundation House’ provides its services to the people who have suffered from refugee back grounds and experienced torture from other traumatic events.

International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA)

IWDA is another Australian non-profit organization that works to support women rights in the Pacific and Asia. It is a secular agency founded in 1985 and located in Melbourne.

PALMS Australia-Volunteering for a Global Mission

PALMS Australia-Volunteering for a Global Mission, volunteers development programs overseas and provides long term funded international assignments to skilled Australian volunteers in order to achieve sustainable development.

Oxfam – Oxfam Australia Community Aid Abroad

All lives are equal and no single life should live in poverty’ is the main objective behind the establishment of Oxfam in Australia. It is established in Australia in 1962 and eventually the name was changed to ‘Community Aid Abroad’. Since they are empowering communities to tackle poverty while providing peace in the country.

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)

AFAO, an Australian non-profit organization is been established for the development of HIV Community well-being and quality life. It is a national federation agency that provides coordination, leadership, and complete support to the Australia’s advocacy and policy towards Australia’s community based HIV response.

Melbourne Overseas Mission Fund (MOM)

MOM is again another humanitarian organisation founded in 1968 by Cardinal James Knox. The organization acts like an emergency fund to support and provide enough care in terms of food and other daily need thingies in order to make sure the needy people are leading their normal and regular lives.

Christian Blind Mission International (Aus) (CBM)

CBM is an International Christian Development Organization that represents disabled persons well-being and development. The organization is devoted to transform their lives across the world around in 55-63 countries. Every day they nearly work for 60 countries on an average and are committed to their motto i.e. improving life of disabled persons.

UNICEF Australia 

UNICEF is committed to provide protection, help survival, and bring development in every poor child’s life. It is been active since early 1970’s and solely working on defending child rights and raise funds to support UNICEF’s work for needy children worldwide.

World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF) 

WWF-Australia is been a part of WWF-International network works for a global mission i.e. To stop degradation of our planet’s natural environment and build a safe environment for future generations where humans from current and next generation can live with peace and in harmony with nature. WWF-International network is the world’s leading conservation organization and works independently to conserve, preserve, and protect Australia’s nature including saving plants and animals, ending land clearance, protecting land, fresh water, and marine environments.

United Nations Assoc of Australia (UNAA)

United Nations Assoc of Australia is an official non-governmental, non-for-profit, membership based agency that represents United Nations core body in order to promote its objectives and aims and at the same time builds support for UN’s activities, agencies, and programs. UN has over 100 associations around the globe that are committed to bring and raise awareness regarding UN aims and goals including engaging local communities to work for important UN issues such as gender equality, peace and security, human rights, and climate change. UNAA-Victoria is established by United Nations Assoc of Australia in Victoria.

TEAR Australia

TEAR Australia is a Christian charity devoted to see the better world. It is a registered christian charity that supports a christian response to justice for aboriginals and also TEAR fights for injustice, inequality, and poverty. In addition, this non-denominational christian agency is committed to help communities that challenge injustice, fight poverty, and build a sustainable future. Their main objective is to see a compassionate world where all the people are treated equal and experience fullness of life. TEAR is established in 1971 and created and released the first gift catalog in 1994.

Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)

Unlike the above Australian aid agencies, Rotary Australia World Community Service is a limited company committed to support and assist Australian Rotarian’s, Rotary districts as well as Rotary clubs through humanitarian aid projects. These aid projects are registered through Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (RAOAF), Rotary Australia Relief Fund (RARF), Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) incorporating Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG), Donations in Kind (DIK), and Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM). In simple words, RAWCS assists Rotary clubs development and manages world community service projects.

Caritas Australia

Caritas Internationalis is an international social service organization aims to eradicate poverty worldwide so that world need not to seek for any charity or aid programs. Worldwide, this organization operates in around 200 countries plus territories. Their missions work collectively and individually with the volunteers from all over the world in each country to assist poor and oppressed. Caritas Australia is always open to help those whose lives are devastated due to natural conflict or disaster through following the principles of community development projects. The head office of Caritas Australia is located in Alexandria, sydney, Australia. In regards to aid ratio, Caritas Australia is one of the best around the globe.

Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid for Life

The abbreviated form of Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid for Life is ‘OPAL’. OPAL is again a charity makes sure there is adequate and consistent supply of quality medicines or pharmaceuticals in different countries. The supply of medicines is a life saving aspect of a humanitarian assistance mission.

Like above governmental and non-governmental aid agencies, many other Australian organisations such as charities, dispora groups, professional organisations, local government groups, and volunteer groups are working hard to help communities fighting for the development of poor, devastated, and needy people. According to some studies, it is been stated that Australian aid programs have been reached out to around 120 countries and the neighboring countries like The Pacific and East Asia receives the maximum assistance. Australia also contributes to develop needy communities in the Middle East, West Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, and South Asia.

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