Dec 232022
Cars – Hany Australian Links

The Cars – Hany Australian Links page is a collection of links to various websites that gather all the items you might want including new and used cars, parts and accessories, financing, repairs and servicing.

Sir Edward Wheewall Holden (1885 – 1947) is considered the father of the Australian car industry. Sir Edward’s company Holden was founded in 1856 as a saddlery business, but later moved into the automotive field.

Holden became a subsidiary of the US-based General Motors in 1931. Based in Port Melbourne, Victoria, GM Holden Ltd has offered over the years, a broad range of locally produced vehicles, supplemented by imported GM models.

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Other Resources

  1. How Safe Is Your Car
  2. Motorsport Safety & Rescue
  3. Australian Automobile Assoc (AAA)
  4. CalTex
  5. Fuel Watch
    WA Dept of Consumer Protection.
  6. NEC Australian Rally Championship
  7. CAMS – Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
    Governing body of Australian Motor Sport
  8. Historic Rally Association
  9. West Australian Racing Museum
  10. Rally Sport Magazine

Car Companies

  1. BMW Group Australia
  2. Holden Australia
  3. Ford Australia
  4. Nissan Australia
  5. Mitsubishi Motors Australia


  1. Holden 4WD Club of SA
  2. Peugeot Car Club of WA
  3. Chevrolet Car Club of VIC
  4. Citroen Car Club of NSW
  5. Nepean Valley Car Club
  6. Honda Car Owners’ Association of QLD
  7. FE-FC Holden Car Clubs of Australia
  8. Lions Pride Holden Car Club
  9. Nissan Car Club Australia
  10. Wolseley Car Club
  11. Peugeot Car Clubs in Australia
  12. Saab Car Club of Australia
  13. Isuzu Car Club of Australia
  14. Mini Car Club of NSW
  15. Bolwell Car Club of Australia
  16. Buick Car Club of Australia
  17. Lancia Australia
  18. Maserati Club of Australia, Inc.
  19. MG Car Club of SA
  20. Sporting Car Club SA
  21. Monaro Car Club Of SA
  22. MAZDA MX-5 Club Of WA

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