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Queen’s Birthday is an annual event that is celebrated in Australia as a public holiday. Most businesses and educational institutes remain closed on Queen’s Birthday. It is observed in June on the second Monday. However, it is not observed on the same day in Western Australia. Since Australia being a Commonwealth Nation celebrates the day; it is not surprising that the birthday is also celebrated in other Commonwealth nations across the world, but maybe not on the same day or month. 

Why Queen’s day is celebrated in Australia?

As told above, Australia celebrates the day as it is a Commonwealth nation and the official head of the state is always the reigning Monarch which is Queen Elizabeth II at present. The custom of celebrating the Queen’s Birthday started in Australia in 1788 when for the first time, the birthday of the then reigning monarch King George III was celebrated by declaring a holiday.

How Queensland moved the Queen’s Birthday?

In 2016, Queensland moved the Queen’s Birthday from the second Monday in June (as it is in other Australian states) to the first Monday in October. The move was to spread the public holidays in the state in a thorough manner. With this move, Labour Day got shifted to its rightful place i.e. the first Monday in May which was shifted to October from may in 2013 by the then Government. Here it is interesting to note the northern territory in Australia celebrates the Labour Day in May and Queensland was the place in Australia where the first labour protest was held. So, the demand for this shift was by the Queensland workers.

Queen’s Birthday in Australia VS. Victoria Day in Canada

Well, several things make the Queen’s Birthday in Australia distinct from Victoria Day in Canada. While the Queen’s Birthday is celebrated to mark the birthday of the reigning Monarch, Victoria Day in Canada is celebrated in honour of the reigning Monarch, as well as, in honour of Queen Victoria. However, not many people know the fact. 

You will be surprised to know that Canada is the only nation in the world that observes Victoria Day. Also, the Queen’s Birthday is observed in Australia in June, but Victoria Day is celebrated with fireworks, parades, picnics, competitions and more in May.  

So, not only there is a difference of month, but also the difference in reason for celebration and manner. Although Victoria Day was observed in Canada in the 19th century too, it was only after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 that the day becomes popular as the Victoria Day. You will be surprised to know that in Australia, the use of fireworks is banned for safety concerns during the entire Queen’s Birthday weekend. 

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