Apr 272020

The Beautiful Land of Australia

The Beautiful Land is an Australian traditional song, encompasses a style of folk music and poetry that depicts the culture, heritage, and the life in Australian bush. The song makes use of typical Australian slang…Continue Reading

Apr 252020


Vegemite!! Well, you all might keep hearing about this popular savory bread and one of the richest sources of vitamin B. but you never also might never tried of knowing about vegemite in depth!! So…Continue Reading

Apr 212020

I’ve Been Everywhere

I’ve Been Everywhere, such a rocking Australian ballad, heard when I was five years old but still I feel the energy and popularity of the song. Hope you are also having the same excitement to…Continue Reading

Apr 212020

Symbols of Australia

What is so special and unique about Australia? What are the symbols and icons that represent and reflect Australia’s unique cultural life and history? If you are someone looking for a topic that encompasses Australia’s…Continue Reading

Apr 202020

Ye Wearie Wayfarer

‘Ye Wearie Wayfarer’ was written by Adam Lindsay Gordan (19 October 1833 – 24 June 1870) who is an Australian jockey, police officer, poet, and politician. The poem below by Adam Lindsay Gordan is the…Continue Reading

Apr 132020

The Wild Boy

The Wild Colonial Boy, a traditional Irish-Australian folk song that has a lot of different versions, solely about the Irish rebel, Jack Donahue. I heard this song from my grandfather’s mouth while I was a…Continue Reading

Apr 102020

Rainfall and Temperature

Temperature changes in Australia are a highly contentious issue, governed mostly by the hotness, size of the country, and by sinking air of the subtropical high pressure belt. Australia is a huge country ranking at…Continue Reading

Apr 072020

Nine Miles From Gundagai

Folk music and folk songs take special pride, representing each and every countries culture, tradition, and heritage. The traditional music is well-known for its story telling regardless of musicality and instrumentation. Australian folk music and…Continue Reading

Apr 072020

Six White Boomers

Have a look at the song, most popular in many ways like song lyrics, tune, meaning, etc.!! Also in no way the song gained negative talk even from critics because it was written by Aussie…Continue Reading