Mar 282020

Bush Tucker – Australian Slang

“Australia is discovering the culinary culture of hunter-gatherers who arrived 60,000 years ago, with key health benefits.” Mates, historically, the Aborigines were hunters and gatherers of the outback, and a small portion remained with this…Continue Reading

Mar 252020

Australian Slang about Cars and Trucks

A vast country of 7.6 million km, but with only 23 million inhabitants, Australia is a country where the automobile is essential to cover immense distances. The fleet reflects the geography of the country! We…Continue Reading

Mar 252020

Australian Slang with Phrases

Mates, it doesn’t matter how excellent your English terms are or how British your pronunciation is because if your dream is to fly to Australia, you may have difficulty understanding the Aussies (as the Australians…Continue Reading

Mar 192020

Australian Slang Dictionary – Extras

When you leave for your Australian adventure, keep in mind one thing: the official language of Australia is English. However, there is the fashionable English, the one spoken by the Australian locals. You will immediately…Continue Reading

Mar 092020

Australia Day – Public Holiday

The official name for the much popular Australia’s National Day is Australia Day which is celebrated annually on January 26 since 1994. The day is now celebrated with a set of mixed feelings because the…Continue Reading

Mar 092020

Tall Poppies of Australia

Land of the Aborigines for roughly 50,000 years, Australia is an island continent that fascinates and attracts the world. With 22 million inhabitants, these vast arid and desert lands bring together many natural riches: in…Continue Reading

Mar 092020

Why Australians Love Horse-Racing

Thoroughbred racing is the third most popular sport in the country. Horse racing is huge in Australia. Anybody who has spent any time here could tell you that. Australia has more racecourses than any other…Continue Reading