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Do you want to sell your car to buy a brand new car? Do you run a used car agency and looking for selling cars?

If you answer yes to either one of the above questions, then we will help you.

How we can help you? Do we find the prospective buyer to you? Do we negotiate the price? Do we provide any legal support?

We will first clarify the answer to the above questions. We neither do any of those activities nor charge you for anything. We provide a free car sale receipt template to sell cars in Australia.

Whether you own a car or own a used car company, you need to provide a sale receipt for every car sold. We shall explain to you about every tiny detail pertaining to car sales in the coming sections. We also provide you with a free sale receipt template for your perusal.

What is Car Sale Receipt Template?

The usual bill of purchase given by any seller to the buyer gets the name sales receipt. In this case, the car you sell to a buyer requires proof that you received money and transferred the ownership. This will safeguard both you and the buyer. Thus car sale receipt becomes a document here that will approve sales of a private car or used car.

How to use it

You will now start worrying about how to make one. How to make the right one with all terms? How to use that and confirm sales?

Answer to the above questions becomes as simple. Quickly download the templates and edit to fill details about you and your car. Get going, print, sign and obtain a signature from the buyer when you sell your car. Provide one copy to the buyer and file one copy with you.

This will help you with all the legal issues in the future. Likewise, this will help the buyer for a name transfer.

The Parties involved in the car selling

The main parties involved in the car selling process include,

  • The seller
  • Buyer
  • The car itself
  • Additionally, the car owner will come into the picture if the car gets sold through a dealer.

Laws that govern car sale receipt in Australia

Before we move into details, know about the legal things associated with car sales per Australian government. This becomes vital when you sell a car in Australia.

The following two primary laws that deal with car sales in Australia

  1. Contract to buy a motor vehicle

Vehicle sales contracts come under the Motor Vehicle Dealer Act for all those who sell vehicles as licensed dealers. The contract must contain all terms and signed by both parties. Also, both the buyer and seller should hold a copy of the contract.

The following terms in a contract make it a legal car sale receipt agreement

  • Formation – This section explains the purpose of sales and acceptance from both parties.
  • Finance – Here the mode of payment or in other words will the purchaser make down payment or approach lenders and terms related to that gets mentioned.
  • Price – Cost terms including, deposit, and other charges with tax
  • Vehicle Delivery – Delivery date and other terms related to vehicle condition at the time of delivery, etc
  • Buyer rights – Whether the buyer can stop the purchase? If yes, then will he pay any penalty? What rights does he have in buying the car and other details from the buyer perspective will get a mention in this section.
  • Dealer rights – What will happen if the dealer finds the buyer not genuine? Whether he can cancel the agreement? All authority with respect to the seller will get covered in this section.
  • Mode of communication and notice

In general, the Australian government has laid terms between sellers and consumers. Car or any motor vehicle sales also will fall under this law. This law mainly discusses the guarantees for the car and the acceptable quality. This law will lean towards the buyer and hence seller must give due importance to this to stay legally correct.

Know everything in detail about Australian legal terms before you sell your car.

Private car sale receipt template Australia

When you want to sell your car, then you need to carefully go through the following steps.

Scenario 1: Decide whether you want to sell your car directly finding a buyer by posting your car details on sites like https://www.carsales.com.au/sell-my-car. Here you can directly receive an inquiry from buyers and you can negotiate the price and get going.

Scenario 2: In case you don’t want to spend time finding prospective buyers, then you can reach out to dealers and sell your car. They will then find a buyer to sell with profit etc.

In both the scenarios you need to prepare a receipt for selling your car. The components of the receipt will remain the same with some minor modifications. In the former scenario, the details will include the seller and the buyer. The latter will additionally contain the dealer as well.

In the coming section, we shall explain with the detail steps involved in writing a receipt for a private car sale.

You find them as following templates

  • Used car sale receipt template Australia
  • Second-hand car sale receipt template Australia
  • Car sale basic receipt template Australia

Steps involved in writing a receipt when selling a car

Do not start thinking about How do I write a car sales receipt? Or How do I write a receipt for sale? Or What should I put on a receipt? We will provide you with detailed guidance to address all your concerns in writing the receipt.

Get a paper, pen, your car license, and vehicle registration document before you sit to make the car sale receipt. Make a note of all the steps and then open your PC to quickly complete a professional car sale receipt. Alternatively, open a word document and start typing all details one at a time as given below.

  1. Title – If you sell your car on your own, then skip this section. Else mention the title of your used car sales company /dealership name here.
  • Date  – Sales date
  • Sellers Details – Here you need to remember two things. If you directly sell, then all details about you will get a mention here. Then directly you can move to the buyer details section. In the event of selling the car through a dealer, then mention about the dealer who will become a seller here but without the driving license numbers. Create a new section called car owner details and mention all the details in that section.


Contact Number


Driving License number

Car Registration Date


Chassis number

Engine number

Insurance details

Road tax details

  • Dealers Details – Optional based on how you prefer to sell the car.


Contact Number


Car Registration Date


Chassis number

Engine number

Insurance details

Road tax details

  • Buyers Details


Contact Number


Driving License number

  • Payment Details – Price of the car, tax details, due date for payment, mode of payment, and other timelines. Know the charges breakup
  • Goods and service tax
  • Registration transfer fees
  • Luxury car tax
  • TAC – transport accident commission
  • Vehicle condition – State if any about the vehicle which the buyer must know.
  • Signature – Signature of the buyer and the seller with name and date.

You can now save and print the receipt.

How do you protect yourself when selling a car privately?

You may get tensed when you sell your car privately. But, don’t, follow these simple tips and feel glad that you can sell your car without taking help from any third party dealers as you may always have to pay them some fees for their services.

  1. Create an ad in carsales.com.au and mention all details but protect them with a password.
  2. Fix a price to your car after duly doing market research based on the age of your car and working condition.
  3. You will start receiving inquiries that you can manage by having proper filters in your ad post.
  4. Once you finalize on the prospective buyer, arrange for a personal discussion. Get them to a commonplace and carry a copy of your car documents. Let them have a look at your car and the document. You can also take a look at them to understand whether they really have plans to purchase your car or not.
  5. Make negotiations on price and accept based on mutual profit.
  6. Receive advance payment and talk about the terms. Execute an agreement.
  7. Provide the name transfer paperwork and complete the same after you get paid fully.
  8. Issue a receipt for sales and get signed duly.
  9. Keep your car insurance provider informed of this sale.
  10. Finally, transfer the tollway pass for a smooth transition to the buyer.

Check this link to know about the vehicle registration process based on the state you reside in. 

Sale Finalization

A very important thing which every seller should know when selling their car. Yes, the finalization step plays a crucial step. Do the homework correctly and then you can stay assured that a smooth transition happens between you and the buyer in selling your car.

  • Remove all the personal things from your car
  • Keep the buyer informed about all details about your vehicle
  • Inform car insurance provider about the car sale and name transfer
  • Transfer E-tag in the buyer’s’ name
  • Remove all your toll accounts and initiate name transfer

Follow these links given to refer details to choose the state in Australia where you reside to complete the legal formalities. 

Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory



South Australia



Western Australia

Bill of Sales Vs Sales Receipt

So far we understood car sales steps, receipt writing guidelines, and laws related to car sales in Australia. Now, I understand your next concern, yes you want to know about the bill of sale in Australia. Also, you have a doubt regarding the sales receipt and bill of sale. Whether or not they both remain the same or different.

Bill of sale differs from sales receipt as in the former it contains only the name, address and price details but the latter will additionally contain the vehicle details too.

What should you include in a car bill of sale?

Collect all details of the buyer like their name, contact number, place of residence, etc. Then start making the bill of sale.

It will contain three sections namely the

  1. Seller Information – When you prepare this form either being a seller of your own car or as a dealer, then include all your personal details in this section. Mention your full address, name and contact details.
  • Buyer Information – Collect verified details of the buyer to mention their name, contact number, and address.
  • Price Details – Enter the details of the car. Include tax and other charges before you make the total.

Use the Bill of sale motor vehicle template NSW for all your car sales in New South Wales. This form contains all details as per the NSW state authority law.

NSW state allows a quick and easy method to sell cars privately. The chief steps followed include

  Find the buyer à Arrange for inspection at a commonplace à Ask for the deposit of 10% in advance on the value of the car à Provide a receipt à Initiate name transfer à Ask for full payment à Handover the car  

Selling a licensed vehicle

Every vehicle licensed needs a transfer license and when you decide to sell your vehicle you must notify the vehicle registration office within 7 days of selling your vehicle. Deviating from this law will lead to legal actions as per the Australian Motor vehicle act.

Follow the simple steps when you sell a licensed vehicle

  • Apply for a vehicle license transfer form and collect a copy
  • Fill the MR9 form to complete the notification of change of ownership
  • Handover the purchaser copy to the buyer  

Make use of this link to download necessary documents for processing your vehicle transfer license application.

Cooling off period

Every car sold by a licensed car trader will contain a cooling-off period of 3 business days. The buyer will get 3 working days to call off the purchase after signing the sale agreement. However, the buyer should intimate the seller in writing. The seller will retain 100$ or 1% on the purchase price depending on the greatest one.

However, this clause stands invalid for commercial vehicles. Also, check the number of days and penalties for different states in Australia. It may vary.

Mandatory documents required for selling the car

Preparing a receipt will become easy when you have all the documents in place. This will ensure a smooth sales process. Not just the car gets sold but attached documents handover becomes vital in the car selling process.

Document Checklist

  • Vehicle Identification Number – VIN. This number allows the buyer to check the vehicle history details. Alternatively, provide the history of your vehicle to the prospective buyer and allow them to verify.
  • Car service reports – Handover all service documents to the buyer which will give them an idea about the car condition.
  • Warranty documents – Transferable warranty can fetch a few more dollars while selling. Make sure you check this and do the needful to the buyer.
  • Sale bill – The bill which you obtained at the time of buying the car. This will give an idea to the buyer about the car value.
  • Vehicle registration copy – This document will provide all details about the vehicle like its registration number, chassis, and engine number, etc. The car make and model, color and manufacturing year etc.
  • Meter readings – Provide details about the car mileage. This will instill confidence in the usage of the vehicle. When you sell moderately used vehicle its market value will go high. People prefer vehicles in good condition. Thus provide this detail to stand a chance to sell your car for better pricing.

Tax receipt template for sale of car Australia

The sales receipt should include tax details and those details include GST and Luxury car tax.

  • GST – Goods and Services Tax – 10% on the car value as per Australian tax laws.
  • Luxury Car Tax – 33% on the GST. Check ATO for more details.

Top 9 Tips to sell your car 9x fast

Downloading receipt alone does not make a car sale complete and professional. You need to follow the tips given below to make a smooth transition. Yes, I have summarized all the details to make you understand the car sale process in a glimpse.

  1. Price fixing

Contact a car dealer and explain your car model and date of purchase. They will provide you with an estimate. Also, do some research online and get an idea about the upper limit to sell your car. You will know about the facilities you have in your car. So, based on that fix a price.

  • Get your car ready for sale

Look and feel of the car will get more purchasers and hence spend a few dollars to clean your car. Remove all personal belongings and prepare yourself mentally for selling your car.

  • Capture photographs

Take some pics of your car from different angles. These will help buyers to look at the car before they get a chance to see it in person.

  • Upload online

Create an ad online and provide all details about the car. Upload the photos allow purchasers to take a look. Mention the car color, year of purchase, working condition, mileage, tax details, make and model, service history in your ad to allow buyers to get an idea about your car. This will make them get convinced about the pricing. Provide your contact details to let buyers ask you doubts. I suggest you leave your email so that you can double confirm the seriousness of the buyers. Yes, people may feel lazy to ask doubts via email. They prefer to make a call quickly. Thus use this strategy to find whether or not the buyer has a real interest in purchasing.

  • Identify buyers

Filter the responses from buyers based on the location, payment mode, work background, etc. Ask them more details and don’t get cheated. Few scammers collect all your details and try to steal your car. Beware!

  • Inspect your car and negotiate the price

After a couple of discussions on phone get your car to a commonplace. Let the buyer drive your car. Ensure you don’t let them drive alone. Check their need for buying the car. Negotiate price depending on your need, payment mode, and your car condition. If you need money immediately, then you may relax on the charges. You can decide on this upon mutually discussing it with the buyer.

  • Prepare receipt

Follow the steps mentioned above and prepare the receipt. Provide all documents and their respective numbers in the receipt. This will help both the parties for a safe transaction. Collect some advance payment and then get the documents ready.

  • Initiate name transfer

Then inform the insurance office about car sales. Also, apply for name change in the registration office. In parallel, transfer the toll pay, e-tag.

  • Handover your car

Once you get the full payment then handover the car. Wait until all processes and payments get completed. Else you might land in trouble. Never handover the key till collect your money.

Additional warnings

When you meet buyers make sure you carefully talk to them. Prevent giving them with personal details. Do not engage in unnecessary talks and don’t share any documents online. Never let them come home. Don’t panic, but these steps will allow you to sell your car to the right buyer.

Final words

In short, whether you deal with car sales on a daily basis as your business, or sell your own car, it does not matter. The process of preparing a receipt remains the same. When you sell to a dealer you can feel less worried about authenticity checking etc. But, your car sale value will reduce as the dealer will make some money out of it.

On the other hand, if you deal with the car sale business, then you can collect all the documents mentioned in this article from the seller and make a professional business to satisfy the buyer.

Irrespective of the situation, we welcome your feedback about the receipt which will allow us to provide you with a better template. Download any number of templates any number of times and sell your car(s) and make money.

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