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Brownlow Medal – Australian Sports

The Brownlow Medal is a prestigious award given to the Australian Football League player who receives the most votes in the league.

The Chas Brownlow Trophy is better known as the Brownlow Medal or simply as the Brownlow. This award is given to a player judged to be the “fairest and best” in the Australian Football League (AFL) during the regular season.

This prestigious award is considered to be the highest honour an individual player may receive in the AFL. The Brownlow winner is determined by votes cast after each game by the officiating umpires.

Brownlow Award Ceremony

Over the years, the awards ceremony has become an elaborate affair featuring footballers and their partners wearing the most fashionable attire. The event receives full television coverage and the next day finds pundits commenting on the best and worst dressed lady.

Brownlow Medal

The Medal was created and named in honour of the Charles Brownlow (1861-1924), who was a Geelong footballer and club secretary.

Brownlow Voting System Changes

1978 – present
6 votes per game = 3 votes, 2 votes, 1 vote

1976 – 1977
12 votes per game = 3 votes, 2 votes, 1 vote from 2 field umpires

1931 – 1976
6 votes per game = 3 votes, 2 votes, 1 vote

1924 – 1930
1 vote per game

Length of Home and Away Seasons

22 games … 1994 – present

20 games … 1993

22 games … 1970 – 1992

20 games … 1968 – 1969

18 games … 1950 – 1967

19 games … 1946 – 1949

18 games … 1924 – 1941

Article uses some material from Wikipedia Brownlow Medal

2016 to 1971    1970 to 1924

1970Peter BedfordSouth Melbourne25
1969Kevin MurrayFitzroy19
1968Bob SkiltonSouth Melbourne24
1967Ross SmithSt Kilda24
1966Ian StewartSt Kilda21
1965Ian Stewart
Noel Teasdale
St Kilda
North Melbourne
1964Gordon CollisCarlton27
1963Bob SkiltonSouth Melbourne20
1962Alistair LordGeelong28
1961John JamesCarlton21
1960John SchultzFootscray20
1959Verdun Howell
Bob Skilton
St Kilda
South Melbourne
1958Neil RobertsSt Kilda20
1957Brian GleesonSt Kilda24
1956Peter BoxFootscray22
1955Fred GoldsmithSouth Melbourne21
1954Roy WrightRichmond29
1953Bill HutchisonEssendon26
1952Bill Hutchison
Roy Wright
1951Bernie SmithGeelong23
1950Alan RuthvenFitzroy21
1949Col Austen
Ron Clegg
South Melbourne
1948Bill MorrisRichmond24
1947Bert DeaconCarlton20
1946Don CordnerMelbourne20
1945WWII, no medal awarded as a mark of respect
1944WWII, no medal awarded
1943WWII, no medal awarded
1942WWII, no medal awarded
1941Norman WareFootscray23
1940Des Fothergill
Herbie Matthews
South Melbourne
1939Marcus WhelanCollingwood23
1938Dick ReynoldsEssendon18
1937Dick ReynoldsEssendon27
1936Denis RyanFitzroy26
1935Haydn Bunton SrFitzroy24
1934Dick ReynoldsEssendon19
1933Wilfred SmallhornFitzroy18
1932Haydn Bunton SrFitzroy23
1931Haydn Bunton SrFitzroy26
1930Harry Collier
Allan Hopkins
Stan Judkins
1929Albert CollierCollingwood6
1928Ivor Warne-SmithMelbourne8
1927Syd CoventryCollingwood7
1926Ivor Warne-SmithMelbourne9
1925Colin WatsonSt Kilda9
1924Edward GreevesGeelong7

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