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1938 Commonwealth Games – Gold Medal Winners
Opening Ceremony … 5 Feb 1938Host City … Sydney, AustraliaClosing Ceremony … 12 Feb 1938
Participants … 466 athletes, 15 Commonwealth Nations
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24 Australian Gold Medal Winners

Athletics • Boxing • Cycling • Diving • Rowing • Swimming • Wrestling

This post is all about the gold medal winner of 1938 Commonwealth Games under the category Athletics, Boxing ,Cycling, Swimming. Wrestling and diving

 Men’s Triple JumpJack Metcalfe
 Women’s 100 YardsDecima Norman
 Women’s 220 YardsDecima Norman
 Women’s Long JumpDecima Norman
 Women’s 110 x 220 x 110 Yards RelayAustralia
 Women’s 220 x 110 x 220 x 110 Yards RelayAustralia
 Men’s WelterweightBill Smith
 Men’s Time TrialBob Porter
 Men’s SprintEdgar “Dunc” Gray
 Men’s 3 Metres Springboard DivingRon Masters
 Women’s 3 Metres Springboard DivingIrene Donnett
 Women’s 10 Metres Highboard (Platform) DivingLurline Hook
 Men’s Single ScullsHerb Turner
 Men’s Coxed FoursGordon Fretyh, Don Fraser, Stewart Elder, Jack Fisher, Harry Kerr
 Men’s 110 Yards BackstrokePercy Oliver
 Women’s 110 Yards FreestyleEvelyn de Lacy
 Women’s 440 Yards FreestyleDorothy Green
 Women’s 110 Yards BackstrokePat Norton
 Men’s BantamweightTed Purcell
 Men’s FeatherweightRoy Purchase
 Men’s LightweightDick Garrard
 Men’s WelterweightThomas Trevaskis
 Men’s Light HeavyweightEddie Scarf
 Men’s HeavyweightJack Knight

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