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Problems Faced By Australia – Editor’s Blog
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Australia is facing many problems due to the expansion of its population. Here are some of them: increased urban sprawl and congestion, environmental degradation, threats to Australia’s unique biodiversity, pressures on water supplies and growing demands for energy.

Dear Reader . . .

March 2011  It is painful to watch yet another country being hit by disaster. As Australians, we know all to well how disasters like Japan, New Zealand and Australia have experienced this year can overwhelm a country.

On social networks like Facebook, too many people are posting that these are the biblical signs of the end days. I believe this is wrong.

These disasters have brought nations together, even if it’s just for a brief time. They are examples of the best in us. Strangers coming to your rescue, risking their lives to save yours.

There was a time when nations hid information about their own disasters. They saw it as showing they were vulnerable. That’s changed for the better.

So I implore people to see these natural events not as the end, but instead as an opportunity to reach out and bring comfort to others in need. The message to spread is one of hope, not fear.

Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal 2013

The Commonwealth Bank has made a $100,000 donation to the Australian Red Cross Tasmanian Bush Fire Appeal 2013. They also have a special emergency assistance package for customers and businesses in the area. More information

The Tasmanian Bushfires 2013 Appeal is being run by the Australian Red Cross at the invitation of the Tasmanian government in order to provide assistance to those affected by the devastating bushfires.

Please note, as stated on their website, the “Australian Red Cross will not deduct any funds from public donations for appeal or administration costs”.
• Learn how you can help in Tasmania
• Assistance to other states affected by bushfires.

January 2011 Queensland Flood

Flood Help and Information is a list of resources we’ve put together that you might find useful if you’re trying to recover from the floods or want to help someone who is.

On a personal note, our town had minor flooding, but Max, along with several other drivers, got caught in the flash flood. He’s fine now, but we now have to replace our car.

Yes, it’s a minor problem compared to those that have lost their homes and even their lives. Our hearts go out to everyone who has gone (and are still going) though so much. The response of our emergency people was nothing short of heroic. And the total strangers who appeared out of nowhere to help is quite simply magnificent. Thank you all.

Good Wishes
We’ve received so many letters from readers like Lorraine P in the UK who wanted to “pass my very good wishes to the people of Queensland for their bravery at this terrible time with the flooding.” We feel the same way about our New Zealand neighbours and those suffering in Japan.

The good wishes being shared around the world is gratifying. It always helps to know someone cares.

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