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Australian Flood Help – Handy Australian Links

This handy list of links to help you during the flood crisis will become valuable as it is updated and maintained.

Tony Weber, hydrological consultant, estimated that in just 72 hours the skies above southeast Queensland poured over 6 billion tonnes of water on the earth below. It may be hard for the average person to really comprehend how much water that is. Just ask someone who experienced it first hand and you’ll hear the shocking stories of the raw power of nature.

The sheer size of the flood and the destruction it wrought is matched by the truly inspiring way our neighbours have become our heroes. To all the volunteers, emergency workers, and organizations, we thank you. Your actions symbolize the true Aussie spirit of mateship.

Financial Help and Info

  1. Financial Ombudsman Service
    Flood and bushfire hotline for dispute resolution over a financial product or service
  2. Insurance Council
    (pdf) Flood Insurance Info
  3. Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
     … Flood crisis financial info
     … Consumer guide for flood insurance
  4. Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST)
    Early superannuation release info
  5. Business Enterprise Centres
    Help for small businesses
  6. Disaster recovery toolkit for businesses
    (pdf) from CPA Australia
  7. Australian Bankers Assoc (ABA)
    Bank support for those affected by floods

From the ABA website …
“Assistance provided to people will vary according to individual circumstances but could include:

  • deferring home loan repayments for up to three months;
  • restructuring business loans without incurring fees; 
  • giving credit card holders an emergency credit limit increase;
  • refinancing personal loans at a discounted fixed rate;
  • waiving interest rate penalties if term deposits are drawn early; and
  • deferring monthly repayments on equipment finance facilities for three months.”

School Information

  1. School Supplies for QLD Flooded Families
  2. Private Schools Guide
    school recovery info

Help for Animals

  1. Equestrian Queensland
    Lost horse registry, disaster assistance for horse owners
  2. Australian Veterinary Association (AVA)
    Flood Info for veterinarians
  3. RSPCA Queensland
  4. Animal Welfare League of QLD
  5. Little Paws Kitten Rescue
  6. Pet Haven
  7. Best Friends Rescue
  8. Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue
  9. Golden Ark Rescue – Golden Retrievers
  10. Australian Working Dogs Rescue
  11. Animals Australia

Drying Documents & Photos

  1. NSW government records website
    Dealing with wet printed records
  2. QLD State Library
    (pdf) Salvaging water damaged collections
  3. National Archives of Australia
    FAQ on what to do with flooded material
  4. MaxRescue.com.au
    How to clean and put on DVD your flood soaked VHS, and other tapes.
  5. Library of Congress (USA)
    Emergency drying procedures for water damaged collections. Note: we include this non-Aussie website because it’s important to give you info from this expert source.

A woman trapped on the roof of her car awaits rescue during the Toowoomba, Queensland 2010 flash flood

Helpful Phone Numbers

132 500
1800 173 349
1800 337 444
1800 219 028
180 22 66
1300 728 228
1800 994 100
13 74 68
Disaster Recovery Hotline
Financial Ombudsman Hotline
Insurance Council of Australia
Volunteering Queensland
General enquiries & assist

Important Websites

  1. Australian Government Disaster Assist
  2. Queensland Government Flood website
  3. Weather Warnings
  4. Road Closures
  5. Queensland Police Service
  6. Dam Levels
  7. Bus and Train Service
  8. Donation Scams & Other Scams
    ACCC Scam Watch website

State Emergency Services

  1. South Australia State Emergency Service
  2. ACT State Emergency Service
  3. New South Wales State Emergency Service
  4. Northern Territory Emergency Service
  5. Queensland State Emergency Service
  6. Tasmania State Emergency Service
  7. Victoria State Emergency Service
  8. Western Australia – Fire and Emergency
    Services Authority of WA (FESA)

How to Volunteer & Donate

  1. Queensland Volunteers
    To volunteer in the area, visit Volunteering Queensland or call 1800 994 100.
  2. The Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal
    Initiated Premier Anna Bligh, a minimum $1 per donation is requested, with donations greater than $2 tax deductible. Donate online or by calling 1800 219 028 or visit the QLD Flood Appeal
  3. In-person donations
    Donations can be made in-person at the following institutions:
       Coles Supermarkets
       St. George Bank
       Commonwealth Bank
       Bank West
       Bank of South Australia
       NAB – National Australia Bank
       Australian Central Credit Union
       Savings & Loans Credit Union
  4. Salvation Army Australian Disaster Relief fund.
  5. St Vincent de Paul needs help.
  6. Red Cross needs volunteers.
  7. Donate Blood

Other Information

  1. Flood info for electrical contractors
  2. Emergency Management Australia
  3. Red Cross
    (pdf) Guide on clearing up after the flood
  4. Bupa – Queensland Floods Info
    health related info from MBF, HBA
  5. Bureau of Meteorology
    … Current Australian rainfall and river conditions
    … Australian flood history from Clermont QLD in 1916 and other Australian floods
  6. Early Warning Network (EWN)

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