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Here is a collection of sample Essential Worker Letter Templates for all essential workers (for travel, for vaccine and for work).

Are you looking for essential worker letter templates? We’ve got you covered.

Finding the right template can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. But we’ve done all the work for you and compiled this list of essential worker letter templates to help get you started.

What is an Essential Worker Letter?

The essential worker letter is a document that your employer fills out for you if your job cannot be done from home. It confirms that you need to leave home to attend work and are not just going out for non-essential reasons.

These letters can also be used to confirm that you have been working during the COVID-19 pandemic when attending appointments, such as a medical appointments.

Essential workers may be asked to carry a letter or ID card with them to prove that they are essential workers. The letter should state that you need to work outside your home during the coronavirus pandemic, and why.

Who is an essential worker?

The Australian government has created a COVIDSafe plan that allows people to list the travel and work-related reasons that qualify them as essential workers.

The government has not defined who is considered an essential worker and many organisations have different methods for determining who is eligible for a letter of proof. However, those who can work from home will not be considered essential workers.

If you cannot work from home and your employer has told you that you need to come into the workplace, then it is likely that you are an essential worker. A letter may also be important if your employer’s contact tracing system has been compromised — this means that anyone who came into contact with or was exposed to coronavirus at your workplace will be contacted by phone or text message in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

Essential workers are those who perform jobs or duties that are critical to the community or essential business functions, as well as those who cannot do their jobs remotely. Essential workers include:

  • Essential workers include:
  • health care professionals
  • law enforcement officers
  • grocery store employees
  • restaurant staff working for delivery services
  • construction workers
  • garbage collectors
  • funeral home workers
  • those involved with national security, communications and financial institutions.

Essential Worker Letter Templates

This is a basic template for an essential worker letter that you can use in Australia.

  1. Section: Full Name:
  2. Section: Employee ID:
  3. Section: Position and Department:
  4. Section: Telephone number (work):
  5. Section: Email address (work):
  6. Section: Staff Address:
  7. Section: Why do you need to travel?

Sample letter template for the essential worker permit

Dear [NAME],

This is a letter to declare that [PERSON] is an essential worker as defined by the Victorian state government.

You will find further information on what constitutes an essential worker at the Victorian state government website.

The nature of this person’s work is such that it cannot be performed remotely and has to be done in person at their place of employment.

Since this person holds a critical role in the day-to-day functioning of the organisation they are employed with, they are required to travel to work on a regular basis.

It is therefore my belief that [PERSON] should be exempt from the stay-at-home rule, and allowed to bypass roadblocks and police checkpoints in order to report to work at their usual time during this lockdown period.

Download this letter template you can use when you need to be considered as an essential worker.

Request Format for Getting Essential Worker Letter

Here is a request letter format for getting your essential worker letter from your office/government.

Dear [name],
I am writing to request a letter from your office confirming that I am an essential worker and am therefore exempt from the national COVID-19 restrictions on movement.
Name: [Your full name]
Date of birth: [your date of birth]
Address: [Your address]
My work status is [your job title and employer] and I am required to work in order to fulfil my duties. If it is not possible for me to continue working, it will cause a risk of serious harm or injury to myself or others.
I will take all reasonable steps to comply with the following public health directives:

● I will isolate from other people in my home as much as possible;
● I will stay at least 1.5 metres away from other people;
● I will wash my hands regularly, cough and sneeze into my elbow, and use hand sanitiser; and
● I will not go outside for non-essential things (i.e. only exercise, shopping for essentials), including socialising with friends or family members who do not live in my home.
I have attached evidence that demonstrates that I am an essential worker, including my ID and proof of employment

Sample Essential Worker Letter From Employer

Dear [NAME],
I am writing this letter to certify that [EMPLOYEE NAME] is an essential worker for [COMPANY].
As such, they are permitted to travel to and from work. Attached is a copy of their employee ID.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at [PHONE NUMBER]. Thank you.
Sample Essential Worker Letter – 1
To Whomsoever It May Concern

This letter confirms that [Employee Name] is an essential worker and must leave their home to go to work. This letter is valid for the period [start date] to [end date]. 

[Employee Name] is employed by [Organisation Name].
[Employee Name] works at [address of work location].
This letter has been issued in accordance with the Australian Government Department of Health’s directions.
Sample Essential Worker Letter – 2
To Whomsoever It May Concern

I would like to certify that [insert full name of employee] is an essential worker and must travel for work-related purposes. This letter serves as a request for my employee to be considered an exempt worker under the current COVID-19 restrictions in the state of [insert name of state].

[Insert full name of employee] will be travelling from [insert origin address] to [insert destination address] on [insert date of departure]. [Insert full name of employee]’s return date is pending due to the unpredictable nature of her job.
As a person who provides essential services, she will be working at the following company during her travel:
[insert company name here]
[insert company address here]
[insert company phone number here] (Optional)
Sample – 3
To Whom It May Concern
[Name] is an [essential service provider/key worker] at [company name]. This role is essential to the continued operation of [business type], which provides [description of essential goods/services].
[Name] is also a resident of [town/city] and needs to travel between home and work on a daily basis.
To ensure that [name] can continue to provide for their family and the community, I request that they be granted an exemption from current travel restrictions.
Thank you for your consideration.
Sample Essential Worker Letter – 4

Sample Essential Worker Letter for Covid Vaccine

This is a sample letter to take to your GP or vaccination clinic.

It is important that you leave this template with the GP or clinic so they have your information to pass on to Health Authorities.

Essential Worker Letter Template – Sample 1

I am writing to inform you of my eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine in light of my eligibility as an essential worker.

My position/occupation is: [insert name of occupation]

I work at [insert name of workplace/location] which provides/provides support for [insert service provided by employer]

I work in a role that [insert details of role]. I have evidence of my employment at this time and have enclosed it with this letter.

Sample 2

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to let you know that {Name} is an essential worker who needs to get access to the COVID-19 vaccine. As a health care provider or frontline worker, they are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 and should be prioritized for the vaccine.

{Name} works as a {essential job position} at {location}. Their work is essential because {they provide vital services/they are a frontline worker/etc}. They are at high risk of exposure to COVID-19 due to their work duties. They also have {underlying conditions/live with someone who has underlying conditions/etc}, making them more vulnerable to the virus.

I urge you to please make sure that {name} is able to get an appointment for the vaccine as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sample 3


I’m writing to request an appointment for the vaccine as an essential worker.

I work at [WORKPLACE] and am employed as a [POSITION]. I have been working at this location since [DATE].

I am responsible for [DESCRIPTION OF ESSENTIAL WORK]. My primary responsibilities include:


My job requires me to be physically present onsite and expose myself to the risk of COVID-19 on a daily basis. I cannot perform my job from home. This is why I am requesting an appointment for the vaccine as soon as possible. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can provide for you in order to schedule an appointment.

Essential Worker Template NSW Australia

The below Essential Worker letter is a sample guide only. You must have your letter signed by your employer and include their company details.

If you are an essential worker, please follow the instructions on this page: https://www.covid19.nsw.gov.au/how-to-help/essential-workers

You can also download the Service NSW app to show your Essential Worker status on your mobile phone or device.

All employers who have provided letters to their employees have been encouraged to include a QR code as part of the letter, which links to an NSW Government website. The website will provide information on the criteria for essential work and travel, and explain why the person needs access to public transport or other public places during the current restrictions.

The letter should also explain that it can only be used in NSW and cannot be used interstate or overseas.

Essential services are being asked to provide a letter outlining their reasons for travel, with NSW police saying letters will be “assessed on a case-by-case basis” to determine whether it is essential.

“You should carry this letter with you,” the police website said.

Here is a sample letter:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to request permission to leave my home during the COVID-19 pandemic, as I am an essential worker.

I work at (company name) as (your job title). I live at (your address). My employee ID number is (if applicable) or attached is a copy of my employment contract (if you have one) or a payslip or other proof of employment.

I need to leave my home because I am an essential service worker, and I need to get to work at (work address). The nature of my work means that I cannot do it remotely from home.

My workplace has agreed that I can travel to and from work safely during the declared state of emergency, in line with recommended social distancing measures. For example, I can walk or ride a bike to work where possible or drive if required. At work, I will be observing social distancing measures.

I will not be travelling into or through a declared hotspot while I am away from my principal place of residence.

Yours sincerely,

Essential Worker Template for Travel

Here is a template to use when you need to travel for essential purposes.

To whom it may concern,

I, (your full name), of (your address) in (your suburb), am employed as a (your occupation) at (your place of work’s name and address). I have a letter from my employer confirming that I am an essential worker. I need to travel interstate for work on the following dates:

(dates you will be travelling)

My employer has arranged accommodation for me during this time. My contact details are as follows:

(phone number)

(email address)

Sample 2

To whom it may concern:

I am an essential/critical worker as defined by the Australian Government, and I am required to travel interstate for work purposes.

I have attached a copy of my current employment photo ID badge or business card confirming my employment.

I am travelling to perform work as follows:

(insert name of State/Territory you are travelling to) on (insert date).

My contact details are: (insert name, phone number) and I can be contacted at all times.

I understand that I will be subject to the relevant laws and restrictions of the State or Territory that I am travelling to and that I must follow them.

I will self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival at my destination and follow any instructions given by local authorities in relation to self-isolation.

Covid-19 Essential Worker Authorisation Letter Australia

I, [Insert Name], am the [insert title or role] of [insert business name or organisation]. I request that the person named below be permitted to travel interstate to perform essential services for my organisation.

[Insert Name]: [insert name of employee]

Proof of identity: [insert what proof of identity the person is carrying, e.g. driver’s licence, passport]

Purpose: [insert purpose of travel and/or services being performed]

Date(s): [insert start and end dates of trip and/or work period]

Location(s): [insert destination state(s) or territory and/or location(s)]

Where is Essential Worker Letter Used (Covid-19)?

During the current pandemic, the Australian government has identified plenty of work sectors where employees are working for national importance. So, these employees are not able to work from home during the covid-19 pandemic like most of the other people do. However, they still implement their work duties by following the work guidelines released by the government. The employers of such sectors need to make sure that all the employees are adhering to the work restrictions.

Here is the list of work areas where employees’ worker letter is applicable for the employee leaving home for:

1) Emergency services in the health and medical department

2) Vehicle mending Services

3) Running the veterinary or pet clinics

4) Working to construction sites

5) Donating blood to a needy person or working at blood banks

6) People running child care centers and grocery shops that provide essential goods

7) Attending legal requirement suits such as police station, courts, etc.

8) Working at petrol stations, post offices, and pharmacies.

9) Performing diplomatic and consular services

10) To undergo the Covid-19 test and to support the immediate family member who is dealing with a critical health condition.

11) Providing emergency services during sudden artificial and natural disasters during a pandemic such as floods, calamities, etc.

Uses of Essential Employee Letter for employer and employees

Earlier to the covid-19 pandemic, the services of essential workers went unnoticed even though they are risking their lives for national importance. However, at present employers in the government and private sectors have noticed the essential workers and offered some work restrictions and guidelines. An essential employee letter will reveal all the covid-19 ‘stay-at-home’ work restrictions and guidelines. Let us see how it helps employers and employees during work. This letter:

1) Ensures that the essential workers are receiving more pay than regular pay

2) Will give access to get paid for all the sick leaves even in the private sector

3) Plays a critical role in providing a fair and healthy work environment and conditions.

4) Tells the eligibility of employees for health insurance provided by the employer.

5) Empowers the maintenance of health and safety practices at the workplace.

6) Offers the right to report unsafe practices and working conditions to the employer.

Things to Avoid / Tips for Best Essential Employee Letter

  • Create one essential letter for every essential employee and make sure it is dated and signed.
  • The document must contain the company name and logo on a special header at the top.
  • Mention the dates concerning the validity, expiry, and renewal based on the essential duties guidelines.
  • Follow up with the job description of the essential worker and how employers are meeting the quarantine act functions.
  • Include the personal data of the essential worker. Forex: driving license, birth dates, service insurance number, etc.
  • Mention the details of the officer who authorizes the essential worker letter to the employees and take the signature of the same person.
  • Also make sure the letter includes the authorized officer’s contact details, name, and job designation in the company information.
  • Create two copies of the essential letter: one copy is for the employer and the other for the essential employee.
  • Ask the essential employees to secure the letter throughout the work contract and carry it with them during a travelling to other workplaces.
  • Make sure the company’s legal policy department collects all the required information and secures the essential employee letter.

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