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How many will you get right? Come on Mate. Give it a guess if you don't know.

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1. Dr. Victor Chang was responsible for developing Australia's National
    Heart Transplant Programme. Under the new programme, he
    performed the first transplant at St. Vincent.
    When did Dr. Chang perform the transplant?
    a. 18 July 1979
    b. 24 February 1984
    c. 12 October 1990

2. Sadly, Dr. Chang was murdered on the streets of Sydney.
    He was only 51. What year did this happen?
    a. 4 July 1991
    b. 15 August 1994
    c. 23 September 1998

3. Dr. Fred Hollows became world famous for his work in restoring
    eyesight for countless thousands of poor people around the world.
    Where was he born?
    a. Bourke, Australia
    b. Swindon, England
    c. Dunedin, New Zealand
    d. Blanchardstown, Ireland

4. Unhappy with what he considered blatant government disinterest in
    eye care for Aboriginals, Fred Hollows refused to accept the Order
    of Australia in 1985. When did he actually become an Australian
    a. 1956
    b. 1967
    c. 1978
    d. 1989

5. Alfred Traeger’s invention transformed communications in isolated
    areas of the world. He designed and built the first ever pedal
    transmitter-receiver at a then cost of 33 pounds. What year was this?
    a. 1904
    b. 1929
    c. 1948
    d. 1957

6. School of the Air and the Royal Flying Doctor service owe a lot to
    Traeger's pedal powered radio transmitter/receiver.
    True or False ... it used a typewriter to send Morse Code?
    a. True
    b. False

7. Which two of Walter Hume's inventions were inspired by seeing how
    honey was extracted from honeycombs by spinning them?
    a. painting new rabbit proof fences
    b. clothes-line that turned
    c. lawn mowers
    d. concrete water pipes

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