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Fishing is a past time that nearly everyone enjoys. It can relax you or frustrate you if the fish are not biting. It can also be a great time to bond. Enjoyed by fathers (and moms) and their children, mates out on a fishing trip, everyone feeling the excitement when a you get a fish strike and battling against a cunning fish.

Eating your catch or releasing the fish for another day, the pleasure you experience is the stuff of lasting memories. Wherever there is water, there is always someone with their line out, living in hope or simply enjoying the peaceful day.

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  1. NSW - Fisheries
  2. NT - Fisheries
  3. NT - Primary Industry and Fisheries
  4. QLD - Fishweb - Department of Primary Industry
  5. SA - Aquaculture and Fisheries
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  1. Government Weather Forecasts and Warnings
  2. Government Glossary of Fishing Terms & Acronyms
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