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Australia has had Daylight Saving Time (DST) in various forms since the early 1900s. While the majority of Australians accept it, Daylight Savings has been rejected repeatedly by others.

Arguments for and against it often become heated as people are passionate on both sides. The jokes fly (curtains will fade, cows will give less milk) as each side berates the other for not understanding local conditions.

Western Australians voted in 2009 and for the fourth time rejected it. Looks like WA opinions have not changed.

Queensland has been considering splitting the state in half with one part participating in Daylight Saving and the other not. It will be interesting to see if anything happens with it.


ACT  Victoria  Tasmania  New South Wales  South Australia


Begins 2 am EST

Ends 2 am EST

Sunday 01 Oct 2017 01 April 2018
Sunday 07 Oct 2018 07 April 2019
Sunday 06 Oct 2019 06 April 2020

Begins = set your clocks forward 1 hour.     Ends = set your clocks back 1 hour.

Queensland  Northern Territory  Western Australia

Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia
do not participate in Daylight Saving.

Western Australia Daylight Saving Trial

A three-year trial of daylight saving began in Western Australia on Sunday December 3, 2006. This trial period gave WA residents time to see if they like Daylight Savings or not. A referendum was held in 2009 to decide whether it should become permanent. It was rejected by the majority of voters. Previously WA had 3 referendums ... 8 March 1975, 7 April 1984, 4 April 1992 ... and all 3 were defeated.

Synchronised Times

From 2008 the ACT, NSW, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania all started daylight savings on the first Sunday in October and ended on the first Sunday in April. This now results in an extra month of daylight saving for the ACT. More importantly it introduces a common start and finish dates in these states.

Daylight Saving or Daylight Savings?

The correct spelling in Australia is without the 's'. However, Daylight Saving, Daylight Savings and even Daylight-Saving all mean the same thing. Some people have written to chastise us that we have let an Americanism into our website. Read our answer in our Blog about using Daylight Savings ... and the complaints.

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