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Free Apps for Your Phone

You can download to your smartphone or tablet free apps to Australian government resources.

Australian Police Child ID app helps people send info to police if there's a child abduction or disappearance. It might be the most important thing on your phone.

Other apps include Fires Near Me, National Public Toilet Map, ACCC Recalls, ACCC Shopper, Australia Post, Smartraveller, BlueBays (disability parking) and more.

Special Dates and Events

I'm always being asked about special events in Australia. So I thought I would share with you some sources to find what you need. I just love sharing information.

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Can't Find It ?

We received a surprising comment from someone filling out our online Visitor Survey. He complained that he couldn't find Advance Australia Fair on our website. We're not sure why he couldn't find it. The song is listed, appropriately enough, in our 100+ list of Australian songs on our website.

Shannon contacted us wondering where Banjo Paterson's The Man From Snowy River was on our site. It's in Voices from the Past along with 100+ Australian poems and stories.

We've listed the information here because we couldn't email these two people with the answers. They didn't give us their email addresses. So remember to add your email address for a reply to your question.

Lots of Questions

To Kasiyo, Maggie P and the others who wanted to know about going to school in Australia should read our page

To Lynne E, Therese M, and the others who wrote us about lost or missing friends and relatives should try the following pages for information and appropriate help.

Did you know
The longest coral reef in the world at over 2,012 kilometres is the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.
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