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Flush Backwards?

Funny how we get certain questions over and over. To Leah and Jacob, no our toilets do NOT flush backwards. To Peter and Anthony, the water in our sinks and bathtubs empty in the SAME direction as everyone else.

There are a couple of reasons Australian toilets do not flush backwards. First, the Australian toilet flushes straight down. This question is generally asked by Americans. The toilet bowl in America holds a lot of water while the Aussie version hardly has any water in comparison. So when you flush an American toilet, what's there goes round and round before it disappears. An Aussie toilet simply flushes straight down.

We have an article on our website all about Aussie toilets, with a bit of humour thrown in.

Direction water travels

Second, it's a common mistake that the direction water travels when a toilet, sink or bathtub empties is different in the Northern hemisphere where the USA is from the Southern hemisphere where Australia is. This is often attributed to the Coriolis force and even some teachers incorrectly tell their students this.

The Coriolis force only acts on large bodies such as the earth. Things such as toilets, bathtubs, and sinks are too small to be affected. What causes the water to spin clockwise or anti-clockwise is simply how the container is made and how the water empties from it. More Information

Direction dogs circle

In case you were wondering about the direction Aussie dogs turn round and round before laying down, it's the same as in the rest of the world ...  whatever the dog wants to do. And yes, we have had this question too. We love your questions and doing the research is always interesting.

Australian Genealogy

Researching your family's genealogy can turn up some surprising things. Deb Jahn wrote to us about research she's doing on the Castilla family. She was pleased to read the story The Red Kangaroo by Ethel Castilla that we have in Voice of Australians. To help her we added a new page on Australian genealogy you might find interesting too.

More Jokes

We've added more jokes and updated a few others. From one of the Hmm pages ...

  A fine is a tax for doing something wrong.
  A tax is a fine for doing so well.

  If a man speaks in a forest, but no woman
  is there to hear him, is he still wrong?

My personal favourites are the political jokes Premier Wishes and Let Sleeping Politicians Lie.

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Lots more in our Jokes section

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Does It Snow in Australia?

Brenda J asked, "Does it ever snow in Australia. If so where and how much?"

It's January right now so it's pretty hot because it's summer here. If you want to know what it's like, I've put live weather information from all over Australia on our website. For example, here's the weather in Brisbane where I live.

The Australian Winter

In general the Australian ski season runs from June until October. If you like to ski, in NSW try the Snowy Mountains region and Kosciuszko National Park (Charlotte's Pass, Thredbo, Blue Cow and others).

Victoria also has extensive areas of where you'll find snow. Mt Bogong, Fall's Creek, Mt Hotham are just some of the places to visit for snow. Tasmania also sees good snowfalls during the winter. However, in the highest areas (1400m / 4500ft) snow can occasionally fall in summer.
Kangaroo in the Snow in the Blue Mountains

Cold air drifting north from Antarctica brings an occasional cold snap. Although rare, significant snowfall has occurred in Western Australia, South Australia, and Queensland, falling on average less than once every ten years. The most recent significant snowfall in Sydney NSW was in June/July 1836.

The heaviest snowfalls in Australia occur in the Australian Alps (mountains of Australia's southeast). The heaviest snowfall outside the alpine areas was 4 & 5 July 1900 when 50-100cm fell around Bathurst NSW.


Game Answer
A reader with the strange name of Goon (I don't make these up), sent me the solution to our online game Turn On The Lights. I tried it and it works. A huge thank you for that Goon. You're one smart person for coming up with it.

I am not going to post the answer because that would spoil the game. However, if you need to know, email me and I will share it with you.

Congratulations to Joe who wrote us that he beat our Dot Box Battle game. We've sent B-dog and Sharon T. the answer to  Turn on the Lights game. If you're stuck, contact us and we'll send it to you too.

Our personal favourite is the Flee RoundUp game. So easy, yet so very hard to master. Be careful, it's addictive!

I've added 3 new Word Searches games to the other 50+ already online. I also had fun putting together some more jokes and riddles. We can always use more smiles.

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