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Golf – Australian Sports: The history of golf in Australia is a long and glorious one. The game was first introduced in the early 19th century, and has enjoyed popularity ever since.

Golf has been played in Australia since the 1830s, but the first official game of golf was first played 1847 at the Flagstaff Hill Golf Club in Melbourne, Victoria. The club failed in 1851 because of the gold rush in Victoria.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is the oldest club in continuous use, founded on 22 May, 1891. The oldest golf course in Australia is located in Bothwell, Tasmania (established in 1839).

Various tournaments are played in Australia including the Australian Open (since 1904), the Australian PGA Championship (since 1905), and the Australian Masters (since 1979).

The first known Australian professional player was Richard Taylor in 1891. Some of the notable Australian players:

  • Peter Thomson
    World Golf Hall of Fame in 1988.
    Won Open Championship 5 times.
  • Greg Norman
    World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001.
    Ranked #1 in the world for 331 weeks.
  • Karrie Webb
    World Golf Hall of Fame in 2005.
    Only golfer to win 5 separate events recognised as majors by the LPGA.
  • Kel Nagle
    World Golf Hall of Fame in 2007.
    Won Open Championship in 1960.

Australia has one of the highest numbers of golf courses per capita in the world.

You may wonder why we haven’t included golf courses in our link list. There are simply too many of them to list here. AusGolf and other sites we have links to will help you find the information you want about the different golf courses around Australia.

Australian Golf Associations

Women’s Golf

  1. Women’s Golf Australia
  2. Women’s Golf Victoria
  3. Women’s Golf NSW
  4. Australian Ladies’ Pro Golf

Golf Foundations

  1. Jack Newton Junior Golf
  2. Greg Norman Junior Golf
  3. Graham Marsh Junior Golf


  1. Ausgolf
  2. NSW Institute of Sport
  3. PGA Tour of Australasia
  4. Home of Golf
  5. Australian Institute of Sport – Golf
  6. I Seek Golf
  7. Ozgolf Interactive
  8. – Greg Norman’s website
  9. Society of Australian Golf Course Architects
  10. Golf Society of Australia
    preserving Australian golf history

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