Jan 242023
Real Estate and Financial Terms Under Letter ‘UVXYZ’ – Australian Real Estate

Under the letter UVXYZ, you will find a selection of Australian Real Estate and Financial Terms. We have compiled them into one post to help you understand

Buying, selling or renting property in Australia and having trouble understanding what they’re saying? To help you figure it out, we’ve created brief explanations of the words used. For more complete information, see your local real estate agent, financial advisor or solicitor.

A  B  C  DE  F  GH  IJK  L  MN  O  PQ  R  S  T  UVWXYZ

– U –
under licenceEarly possession of the property before settlement with the permission of the vendor. This usually involves the payment of rent.
unencumberedProperty free of liabilities, restrictions or encumbrances.
unsecured loanA loan that is not backed up by collateral.
utilitiesPrivate or public services such as gas, electricity, telephone, water, and sewer that are part of the development of the land.
— V —
valuationA written analysis required by the lender of the estimated value of a property prepared by a qualified valuer.
vendorThe seller.
vendor statementA statement by the seller to the buyer detailing the particulars of the property offered for sale.
villaA style of housing, often a single storey attached dwelling.
voidHaving no legal force or effect and is unenforceable.
— W — X — Y — Z —
water courseA natural stream of running water being fed by a natural source such as a stream or river.
xA notation made by a person who has not learned to write or is physically unable to write, to show intent to sign a document such as a deed or will.
yieldThe interest earned or return by an investment and is stated as a percentage of the amount invested.
zoningLocal authority guidelines for the permitted use of land.

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