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Do you want to check on how well do you know or aware of Australian slang!? Well, we have compiled a list of questions with answers to check your Australian Slang knowledge. But, take our list as a challenge or quiz and answer each and every question before you see the answer. Take our quiz and check your knowledge of Australian slang. Let us begin.

Before we start with the question and answers, i would like to give you an important information about Australian New words and phrases that are been added. i.e.

An Australian standard guide to Australian Vernacular, The Australian National Dictionary, had been added 6,000 new words and phrases in 2016 and also it has got a credit of ‘this was the the first update since 1988 to the Australian National Dictionary’.

Now test your knowledge of Australian slang words and phrases with this quiz. It is a great opportunity to learn new Aussie slang words and phrases if you are not aware of earlier. Even for kids, it would be of a great help to learn new Australian Slang vocabulary. Kids enjoy taking up these kind of tasks instead of making sit and learn for long hours in the classroom. This adds fun at the same time gives some knowledge on Australian Slang words and phrases. Sounds Amazing right!? Common, let us begin our quiz.

Q.1: What is Amber Fluid?

a. Oil

b. Beer

c. Coke

d. Water

e. Alcohol

f. Urine

Answer: Beer

Q.2: What does ARVO mean?

a. It’s an animal

b. It’s a Place

c. A homeless person

d. Afternoon

Answer: Afternoon

Q.3: If I am giving the AUSSIE SALUTE, what am I doing…

a. Swatting away flies

b. Saluting my General

c. Saluting Parole Officer

d. Pulling a bear

Answer: Swatting away flies

Q.4: If I was wearing BATHERS, what would I be wearing?

a. Special Type of Shoes

b. A hat

c. Swimming Costume

d. A Watch

Answer: A Swimming Costume

Q.5: A BITZER means….

a. An animal

b. An Australian disco

c. A breed of dog

d. A type of beer

Answer: A breed of dog

Q.6: If someone offers you ‘a cuppa’, say yes and you’ll get …

a. An Australian cake

b. Punch in the nose

c. A big punch

d. A cup of tea

Answer: A Cup of Tea

Q.7: If someone calls you a ‘galah’, what are they saying about you?

a. You are gallant, a real gentleman

b. You are an idiot

c. You are a loud and rude person

d. You are a criminal, headed for the gallows

Answer: You are a loud and rude person

Q.8: If someone tells you to give them a ‘ fair suck of the sav ‘, 

a. To share the beer

b. To raise your voice

c. To help them pay for something

d. To shut up and listen

Answer: To shut up and listen

Q.9: If someone says let’s ‘crack a tinny’, what are they going to do …

a. Open a can of milk

b. Open a can of beer

c. Open sunroof on the car

d. Open the race

Answer: Open a can of beer

Q.10: If someone ask you where the dummy is, what are they looking for?

a. The Baby’s Pacifier

b. The Boss

c. The Student

d. The Son-in-law

Answer: The Baby’s Pacifier

Q.11: A “wombat crossing” is for

a. Pedestrians

b. Cattle

c. Ships

d. Marsupials

Answer: Pedestrians 

Q.12: Someone “who couldn’t run a chook raffle” lacks…

a. Enthusiasm

b. Organizational Skills

c. Hard Work

d. Talent

Answer: Organisational Skills

Q.13: What does “a bit dusty” means?

a. Hung Over

b. Sleep

c. Tired

d. Angry

Answer: Hung Over

Q.14: What does “Chockers” mean?

a. Full to the Brim

b. Cookies

c. Chocolate Bars

d. Necklaces

Answer: Full to the Brim

Q.15: What is a Banana Blender?

a. An Army Major

b. A Police Officer

c. A Thief

d. A Person from Queensland

Answer: A Person from Queensland

Q.16: Do you know what a “sheila” is?

a. Modern Woman

b. A Woman from a village

c. A Working Woman

d. A Woman you respect and Admire

Answer: A Woman you respect and Admire

Q.17: What is a “Crow Eater”?

a. A Person from South Australia

b. A Person from Britain

c. A Person from America

d. A Person from Canada

Answer: A Person from South Australia

Q.18: What is a “Damper”?

a. A Grinder

b. Bread made from flour and water

c. Diapers

d. Washing machine

Answer: Bread made from flour and water

Q.19: A BOGAN is…?

a. A person who takes little pride in his appearance, spends his days slacking and drinking beer!

b. A department store

c. Part of a river

d. An Australian Politician

Answer: A person who takes little pride in his appearance, spends his days slacking and drinking beer!

Q.20: A BLOKE means….?

a. A Child

b. A Rabbit

c. A Duck

d. A Man

Answer: A Man

Q.21: I enter a BOTTLE SHOP, What am i here to buy?

a. Alcohol

b. Perfume

c. Antique bottles

d. A Medicine

Answer: Alcohol

Q.22: What does “Brekkie” mean?

a. An Office

b. An Occupation

c. A National Holiday

d. The important meal of the day

Answer: The Important Meal of the Day

Q.23: What does it mean to be “Flat Out like Lizard Drinking”?

a. Blackout Drunk

b. A Busy Day

c. Exhausted

d. Busy

Answer: Busy

Q.24: What are “Budgie Smugglers”?

a. Acrobatic Tricks

b. Men’s Swim Trunks

c. A Hat

d. Shop Lifters

Answer: Men’s Swim Trunks

Q.25: If I said “Built like a Brick Shit house”, I mean…what?

a. Really smelly room

b. A Building made of bricks

c. A really big strong person

d. Poorly built

Answer: A really big strong person

Q.26: What does “hard yakka” refer to?

a. Hard Day

b. Hard Work

c. Hard Day

d. Hard Helmet

Answer: Hard Work

Q.27: What time of the day is it “sparrow’s fart”?

a. Very Early in the Morning

b. Very Late at Night

c. Mid Day

d. Afternoon

Answer: Very Early in the Morning

Q.28: What is a “Dunny”?

a. Dining room

b. Kitchen

c. A Bedroom

d. A Toilet

Answer: A Toilet

Q.29: Something “Schmick” mean?

a. Excellent

b. Drunk

c. Evil

d. Fast

Answer: Excellent

Q.30: A “goon bag” is typically filled with?

a. Wine

b. Candy

c. Money

d. Rabbits

Answer: Wine

Q.31: If someone says they are “Aggro”, what does that mean?

a. Musician

b. Painter

c. Upset

d. Gardener

Answer: Upset

Q.31: What does it mean “chuck a u-ey”?

a. Play Horseshoes

b. Make a U-turn

c. Vomit

d. Shouting at

Answer: Make a U-turn

Q.32: If someone says “I have the wog”, what are they talking about?

a. They have the frog

b. They have the stupid person with them

c. They have something to share

d. They are sick with a cold or flu

Answer: They are sick with a cold or flu

Q.33: If someone says they are “fair dinkum”, they mean…?

a. They are telling you the truth

b. They were born in Australia

c. They recently moved to another place

d. They know how to swim a little

Answer: They are telling you the truth

Q.34: What is a “bunny rug”?

a. A Baby’s Blanket

b. A Tiger’s Cave

c. A Rabbit’s House

d. A Cat’s Smile

Answer: A Baby’s Blanket

Q.35: An “Ocker” is an Australian slang for what?

a. A Naughty Child

b. A Dirty Woman

c. An Unsophisticated Person

d. An Ugly Person

Answer: An Unsophisticated Person

Q.36: What are “mate’s rates”?

a. How much money you often spend when with particular friends or family

b. A special discounted price for close friends or family

c. How much time you spend with friends or family

d. A rating scale of who you like most out of friends or family

Answer: A special discounted price for close friends or family

Q.37: What is a “bushman’s clock”?

a. Watching a wombat return to its burrow

b. A Kookaburra laughing

c. Sweating in your swag when sun rises

d. Making a mark on a gum tree at sunrise

Answer: A Kookaburra laughing

38: If you are going to bend an elbow, what are you doing?

a. Starting a game of backyard cricket

b. Drinking a beer

c. Starting a fight

d. Doing some yard work

Answer: Drinking a Beer

Q.39: “Footy” is slang for which sport, in most of Australia?

a. Australian Rules Football

b. American Football

c. England’s Football

d. Netherlands Football

Answer: Australian Rules Football

Q.40: What are “trackie daks”?

a. Cricket followers

b. Fans of an Australian TV show

c. Athletes

d. Sweat Pants

Answer: Sweat Pants

Q.41: What is a “Rurosexual”?

a. A person of questionable character

b. Someone who is attracted to farmers

c. A fashionable young man who lives in the countryside

d. An urban hipster who dresses like a farmer

Answer: A fashionable young man who lives in the countryside

Q.42: What is a “Pommy”?

a. Wax for Surfboard

b. An Englishman

c. A Britain

d. Horse ride

Answer: An English Man

Q.43: If something goes “straight to the pool room,” it is…!?

a. Valuable

b. Rubbish

c. Dank

d. Inflatable and Floats

Answer: Valuable

Q.44: What is a “tinny”?

a. A large tin used to boil water over a campfire

b. A can of Milk

c. A can of beer

d. A bottle of wine

Answer: A Can of Beer

Q.45: Someone who “carries on like a pork chop” is…!?

a. An insatiable eater

b. Behaving foolishly

c. Spending money freely

d. Stealing food

Answer: Behaving Foolishly

Q.46: If you haven’t seen a wombat since Archer won the Cup, how long has it been!?

a. A Year

b. Yesterday

c. Never

d. Along time

Answer: A long time

Q.47: What is the term given to a 4WD that has never been off-road, typically driven in an inner-city suburb?

a. Brisbane Bently

b. Carlton Cruiser

c. Toorak Tractor

d. Sydney Scrapheap

Answer: Toorak Tractor

Q.48: In Aussie Slang, what is the “Coathanger”?

a. A Stand

b. Flower Vase

c. Cloth Holder

d. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Answer: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Q.49: What is a Triantiwontigongolope?

a. A town in the middle of nowhere

b. A fool

c. Yet another slang term for beer

d. A mythical insect, similar to bunyip

Answer: A mythical insect, similar to bunyip

Q.50: What is a “Greenie”?

a. An Environmentalist

b. A Gardener

c. A Nosy person

d. An Angry man

Answer: An Environmentalist

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