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The music of Australia ranges across a broad spectrum of styles and genres. From folk to bluegrass to yodelling to the more popular, Australian country music is alive and well and enjoyed in Australia since the earliest days.

Although many people think of the USA when talking about country music, Australia has always had a tradition of country music with its own style. For example bush music or bush band music is a type of Australian country music where the lyrics focus on strictly Australian subjects.

One of the best known in Australia and overseas for Australian country bush ballads was Slim Dusty. You may remember his 1957 song A Pub with No Beer which is still popular today.

The major celebration of country music in Australia is the Tamworth Country Music Festival held in January each year.

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Tamworth and the CMAA Awards

  1. Tamworth Country Music Festival
    Festival website
  2. Tamworth Country Music Festival
    NSW government website
  3. Toyota Country Music
  4. Country Music Awards of Australia
  5. Tamworth Live
  6. TSA – Tamworth Songwriters’ Assoc Inc.
  7. Tamworth Country Music
  8. Telstra Road To Tamworth – talent contest
  9. Tourism Tamworth
  10. Tamworth Leader – local newspaper

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

  1. CAAMA – Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
  2. The Deadlys
    Australia’s only national Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Music, Sport, Entertainment & Community Awards
  3. Tracks of the Desert
    Non-profit organisation supporting Christian Indigenous musicians from Central Australia


  1. SA Council for Country Music
  2. Australian Government – Country Music
  3. Screensound Australia

Festivals and Concerts

  1. Red Hill Country Music Festival
  2. Murraylands Country Music Festival
  3. Whittlesea Country Music Festival
  4. Canterbury Country, NSW
  5. Gympie Toyota Nat’l Country Music Muster
  6. Mildura Country Music Festival
  7. QLD Country Music Festivals Champion of Champions Assoc

Country Music Organisations

  1. AIR – Assoc of Independent Record Labels
  2. ABBA – Australian Bush Balladeers Assoc
  3. ACMF – Australian Country Music Foundation
  4. APRA – Australasian Performing Right Assoc
  5. MIPI – Music Industry Piracy Investigations
    Anti-piracy for Australian music industry
  6. PPCA – Phonographic Performance Company of Australia
    Represents copyright interests of Australian recording artists and record companies.
  7. MCA – Music Council of Australia
  8. Country Music Heritage Association
  9. Country Music Musicians of Australia
  10. Australian Country Music Foundation
  11. Australian Bush Laureate Awards
  12. Line Dance Association of Australia

Publications and Broadcast

  1. Roocast
    All-Australian music podcast feed promoting Aussie artists overseas
  2. AMRAP – Australian Music Radio Airplay Project
  3. Country Update Magazine
  4. Independent Country Music Bulletin
  5. Country Music Capital News
  6. Digital Music Centre
  7. Big Country Radio
  8. Cool Country
  9. CMS – Country Music Channel
  10. Kinda Country

Other Resouces

  1. History of Country Music
  2. Country Music WA
  3. CBOnline
  4. Australian Country Music Hall of Fame
  5. Buddy Williams
  6. Warren Fahey
  7. Country Fans
  8. Bluegrass Australia
  9. Big Golden Guitar
  10. The Hillbilly Addict
  11. Gawler Country Music Club
  12. Saturday Night Country Gig Guide

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