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1962 Commonwealth Games – Gold Medal Winners
Opening Ceremony … 22 Nov 1962Host City … Perth, AustraliaClosing Ceremony … 1 Dec 1962
Participants … 1,041 athletes, 35 Commonwealth Nations

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1962 Commonwealth Games
38 Australian Gold Medal Winners

Athletics • Boxing • Cycling • Diving • Rowing • Shooting • Swimming • Weightlifting


This post is all about the gold medal winner of 1962 Commonwealth Games under the category Athletics, Bowls, Boxing ,Cycling, Diving, Rowing, Swimming.

 Men’s DiscusWarwick Selvey
 Men’s JavelinAlf Mitchell
 Men’s Pole VaultTrevor Bickle
 Men’s High JumpPercy Hobson
 Men’s Triple JumpIan Tomlinson
 Men’s 440 Yards HurdlesKen Roche
 Men’s 3000 Metres SteeplechaseTrevor Vincent
 Women’s High JumpRobyn Woodhouse
 Women’s Long JumpPam Kilborn
 Women’s 80 Metres HurdlesPam Kilborn
 Women’s 880 YardsDixie Willis
 Women’s 4 x 110 Yards RelayAustralia
 Men’s BantamweightJeff Dynevor
 Men’s Light HeavyweightTony Madigan
 Men’s Time TrialPeter Bartels
 Men’s SprintTom Harrison
 Men’s Individual PursuitMaxwell Langshaw
 Men’s 10 Miles ScratchDoug Adams
 Women’s 3 Metres Springboard DivingSusan Knight
 Women’s 10 Metres Highboard (Platform) DivingSusan Knight
 Men’s EightsAustralia
 Men’s ÉpéeIvan Lund
 Men’s 440 Yards FreestyleMurray Rose
 Men’s 1650 Yards FreestyleMurray Rose
 Men’s 220 Yards BackstrokeJulian Carroll
 Men’s 110 Yards BreaststrokeIan O’Brien
 Men’s 220 Yards BreaststrokeIan O’Brien
 Men’s 110 Yards ButterflyKevin Berry
 Men’s 220 Yards ButterflyKevin Berry
 Men’s 440 Yards Individual MedleyAlex Alexander
 Men’s 4 x 110 Yards Freestyle RelayAustralia
 Men’s 4 x 220 Yards Freestyle RelayAustralia
 Men’s 4 x 110 Yards Medley RelayAustralia
 Women’s 110 Yards FreestyleDawn Fraser
 Women’s 440 Yards FreestyleDawn Fraser
 Women’s 4 x 110 Yards Freestyle RelayAustralia
 Women’s 4 x 110 Yards Medley RelayAustralia
 Men’s Heavyweight – OverallArthur Shannos

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