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Australian Country Music Entertainer – Fabulus Slim Dusty Album

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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A world-renowned Australian country music entertainer, Slim Dusty is a household name in the genre. Dusty has been honoured with many awards, including eight Golden Guitars from the Tamworth Country Music Festival and 31 major awards from the CMAA.

Sing Along with Dad


  • Sing Along with Dad
  • Sad Cigarette
  • You Can’t Tell Me a Thing
  • Been a Fool Too Long
  • Frankie and Johnny
  • Steppin’ Round Australia
  • Dear Old Sunny South by the Sea
  • Angels in Disguise
  • Missouri Waltz
  • Dark Depths of the Blues
  • Side by Side
  • The Old Rugged Cross

Songs My Father Sang to Me


  • Granny’s Hieland Hame
  • Old Love Letters
  • Jane O’Hara
  • The Old Lantern Waltz
  • The Ship That Never Returned
  • An Old Fashioned Locket
  • It Takes an Irish Heart
  • When the Harvest Days Are Over, Jessie Dear
  • My Old Pal
  • Two Little Girls in Blue
  • The Girl I Left Behind Me

Australian Bush Ballads


  • When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • Rope and Saddle Blues
  • The Old Rocking Horse
  • The Dying Stockman
  • Bill
  • The Black Velvet Band
  • A Word to Texas Jack
  • Cattle Camp Reverie
  • Whoa Bullocks Whoa
  • The Battle with the Roan
  • Eumerella Shore
  • Itching Feet

Slim Dusty Sings His Favourite Songs

2 LP set from World Record Club

  • 1-A Pub with No Beer
  • 1-Born to be a Rolling Stone
  • 1-Mad Jack’s Cockatoo
  • 1-The Old Time Drover’s Lament
  • 1-Sweeny
  • 1-Last Train to Nowhere
  • 1-A Word to Texas Jack
  • 1-Middleton’s Rouseabout
  • 1-The Whispering Bush
  • 1-By the Fire of Gidgee Coal
  • 1-When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • 1-Trumby
  • 2-Peter Anderson and Co.
  • 2-The Min Min Light
  • 2-Casey’s Luck
  • 2-Darwin
  • 2-Rodeo Riders
  • 2-A Picture of Home
  • 2-Smiles
  • 2-Country Livin’
  • 2-Things I See Around Me
  • 2-Camooweal
  • 2-Ramblin’ Shoes
  • 2-Lights on the Hill

Beer Drinking Songs of Australia


  • He’s a Good Bloke When He’s Sober
  • You’ve Got to Drink the Froth to Get the Beer
  • A Pub with No Beer
  • The Hangover Song
  • Mad Jack’s Cockatoo
  • My Pal Alcohol
  • Whisky Blues
  • Pay Day at the Pub
  • Old Bush Barbecue
  • Three Rivers Hotel
  • The Boxing Kangaroo
  • Born with an Endless Thirst
  • Joe Maguire’s Pub
  • The Pub Rock
  • The Pubs Still Make a Quid
  • The Pub that Doesn’t Sell Beer
  • The Answer to the Pub with No Beer
  • Callaghan’s Hotel
  • Duncan
  • End of the Pub

Sing a Happy Song


  • Sing a Happy Song
  • If You Fall Out of Love With Me
  • Big Beggin’ Fool
  • Set ‘Em Up
  • Step Down from This Mountain
  • I’m Layin’ It on the Line
  • Paralyse My Mind
  • He Don’t Deserve You Anymore
  • I Ain’t A-Gonna Be Treated This A-Way
  • Cinderella
  • Sugar Shed Lane
  • Hello – Trouble

Slim Dusty Sings


  • The Sunlander
  • Mother
  • The Rain Still Tumbles Down
  • Lonesome Road of Tears
  • King Bundawaal
  • Since the Bushland Boogie Came This Way
  • Harry the Breaker
  • Walkin’ on My Way
  • A Little Girl Dressed in Blue
  • The Nature of Man
  • Gumtrees by the Roadway
  • Roaring Wheels

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