Jan 152023
Slim Dusty Record Album – Part 14

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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Slim Dusty Record Albums are a must have for any Australian music fan. Loved by generations, Slim Dusty’s albums capture the spirit and passion of country music like no other.

Australian Country Yodellers


  • My Sweetheart’s in Love with a Swiss Mountaineer
  • Music in My Pony’s Feet
  • Sweetheart Yodel
  • I’m a Happy Bushman
  • Out of the Queensland Ranges
  • Lullaby My Mother Sang to Me
  • Pay Day (and We’re All Riding into Town)
  • Homeward Bound
  • Chime Bells
  • Call of the Valley

Musical Memories of Australia

  • Along the Road to Gundagai
  • I’m Going Back Again to Yarrawonga
  • The Man from the Never Never
  • That Old Bush Shanty of Mine
  • Click Go the Shears
  • The Overlander Trail
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • A Pub with No Beer
  • Goodbye Melbourne Town
  • Botany Bay
  • Oh, Sydney I Love You
  • Back to Croajingalong
  • Beer Barrel Polka
  • The Bells of St Mary’s
  • Boomerang
  • Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
  • Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox
  • Pack Up Your Troubles
  • A Brown Slouch Hat
  • It’s a Long Way to Tipperary
  • Answer to a Pub with No Beer
  • The Whispering Bush
  • Little Boy Lost
  • Suvla Bay
  • Bless This House
  • The Old Sundowner
  • The Silver in My Mother’s Hair
  • Now Is the Hour

Cattle Camp Crooner


  • Arcadia Valley
  • Dry Weather Wind
  • Getting Away from It All
  • Casey’s Luck
  • Old Tibooburra
  • Somewhere Up in Queensland
  • Cattle Camp Crooner
  • Ribs Cooked on the Coals
  • Relics of the Past
  • Paddy Gramp
  • Horse and Hobble Days
  • The Wave Hill Track

Tall Stories and Sad Songs


  • Believe It Or Not
  • The Jimberella Kid
  • The Dog Who Stole My Hat
  • From the Gulf to Adelaide
  • Only the Two of Us Here
  • Happy Jack
  • The Man from Iron Bark
  • The Hangover Song
  • Give It a Go
  • I Hope They Fight Again
  • Ballad of the Drover
  • Holy Dan
  • Cane Toad’s Plain Code

Stories I Wanted to Tell

  • Mount Bukaroo
  • The Old Jimmy Woodser
  • Break O’ Day
  • When the Currawongs Come Down
  • I’ve Seen His Face Before
  • The Shearing Song
  • Bible of the Bush
  • To an Old Mate
  • Two Old Gentlemen
  • Why Don’t You Just Go Fishing
  • Andy’s Return
  • On the Night Train

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