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Radio Stations
in New South Wales

Some Australian radio stations broadcast on the Internet. Use the links below to go to their websites where you will find information on how to listen to their programs online.


Call signs tell the state & if it's AM or FM

  • Radio station call signs beginning with the number 2, could be either ACT or NSW.
    Only those two share the same number.
  • FM stations have 3 letters in their call sign.
  • AM stations have 2 letters in their call sign.
State and Territory Radio Stations
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New South Wales Radio Stations

   City Genre On the Dial Call Sign - On Air Name
1. Sydney 24hr News 630 AM   2PB ABC Radio
2. Sydney News & Talk 873 AM   2GB  
3. Sydney News & Talk 954 AM   2UE  
4. Sydney Racing 1017 AM   2KY  
5. Sydney Christian 103.2 FM   website  
6. Sydney Greek 1665 AM   2MM  
7. Sydney Chinese 95.3 FM   2CCR China Radio
8. Sydney Arts & Science 576 AM   2RN Radio National
9. Sydney Dance 96.1 FM   2ONE The Edge
10. Sydney Easy Listening 1170 AM   2CH  
11. Sydney Classic Hits 101.7 FM   2UUS  
12. Sydney Rock Music 104.9 FM   2MMM Triple M
13. Sydney Underground 107.3 FM   2SER  
14. Sydney New Music 104.1 FM   2DAY  
15. Sydney New Music 96.9 FM   2SYD Nova 96.9
16. Sydney New Music 106.5 FM   2WFM Mix 106.9
17. Albury Classic Hits 1494 AM   2AY  
18. Gosford Country Music 94.1 FM   2CCM TodaysCountry94one
19. Gosford New Music 101.3 FM   2CFM Sea FM
20. Gosford New Music 107.7 FM   2GGO 2GO FM
21. Gosford Community 93.3 FM   2SNR Radio Five-0-Plus
22. Newcastle University 103.7 FM   2NUR  
23. Sydney update New Music Frequency Finder        2JJJ Triple J
24. Newcastle New Music 102.9 FM   2KKO KO FM
25. Newcastle New Music 106.9 FM   2XXX NX FM
26. Albury / Wodonga Community 105.7 FM   2BDR The River
27. Ryde Community 88.5 FM   2RRR 2 Triple R
28. Tuncurry Adult/Contemp. 101.5 FM   website Great Lakes
29. Wagga Wagga Christian 101.9 FM   2WLF Life FM
30. Wagga Wagga Community 107.1 FM   2AAA  

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