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Middleton's Rouseabout

by Henry Lawson (1867-1922)

Australian writer

Tall and freckled and sandy,
 Face of a country lout;
This was the picture of Andy,
   Middleton's Rouseabout.

Type of a coming nation,
   In the land of cattle and sheep,
Worked on Middleton's station,
   "Pound a week and his keep."

On Middleton's wide dominions
   Plied the stockwhip and shears;
Hadn't any opinions,
   Hadn't any "idears".

Swiftly the years went over,
   Liquor and drought prevailed;
Middleton went as a drover,
   After his station had failed.

Type of a careless nation,
   Men who are soon played out,
Middleton was: and his station
   Was bought by the Rouseabout.

Flourishing beard and sandy,
   Tall and robust and stout;
This is the picture of Andy,
   Middleton's Rouseabout.

Now on his own dominions
   Works with his overseers;
Hasn't any opinions,
   Hasn't any "idears".

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