Feb 062023
Wombats on the Brain – Word Games

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Try this simple calculation to test your brain.
Add it up in your head. Do NOT use a calculator or paper and pencil.

  • Take 1000 wombats and add 40 wombats to it
  • Now add another 1000 wombats
  • Now add 30 wombats
  • Now add another 1000 wombats
  • Now add 20 wombats
  • Now add another 1000 wombats
  • Now add 10 wombats

What is the total ?

  1. 5000 wombats
  2. 4100 wombats
  3. 4290 wombats
  4. none of the above
  5. no idea, but there are too many wombats!

Answer: b. 4100 wombats

Don’t believe us? Check it with your calculator or with paper and pencil.
If you got the correct answer the first time, congratulations!
You have a very sharp brain.

If you selected “a. 5000 wombats” (wrong answer)

Don’t worry. You are just like the rest of us … normal.
Now go back and add it up again in your head.
You should be able to spot where you went wrong.
Amazing isn’t it!

And if you selected “e. too many wombats” (wrong answer)

You may not be good at math,
but you have a good sense of humour.

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