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Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall – Australian Song

“Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall” is the traditional Australian song but the composer of the song was unknown.

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Come all you wild colonials
And listen to my tale;
A story of bushrangers’ deeds
I will to you unveil.
‘Tis of those gallant heroes,
Game fighters one and all;
And we’ll sit and sing, Long live the King,
Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall.

Frank Gardiner was a bushranger
Of terrible renown;
He robbed the Forbes’ gold escort,
And eloped with Kitty Brown.
But in the end they lagged him,
Two-and-thirty years in all.
‘We must avenge the Darkie’,
Says Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall . . .

Ben Hall he was a squatter
Who owned six hundred head;
A peaceful man he was until
Arrested by Sir Fred.
His home burned down, his wife cleared out,
His cattle perished all.
‘They’ll not take me a second time’,
Says valiant Ben Hall.

‘Hand over all your watches
And the banknotes in your purses.
All travellers must pay toll to us;
We don’t care for your curses.

We are the rulers of the roads,
We’ve seen the troopers fall.
And we want your gold and money’,
Says Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall.

‘Next week we’ll visit Goulburn
And clean the banks out there;
So if you see the peelers,
Just tell them to beware;
Some day to Sydney city
We mean to pay a call,
And we’ll take the whole damn country!’
Says Dunn, Gilbert and Ben Hall.

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