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A Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms – Australian Dictionary

By Gilbert H. Lawson, published in the 1920’s in Sydney, Australia

A Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms is for everyone who wants to understand the language of Australia. It includes words, phrases, idioms and slang expressions that have come from Aboriginal languages, from early colonial days through to the present day.

Although this dictionary is over 80 years old, it gives you a glimpse into the way people spoke in that era. Some words have the same meaning today, while others may have changed or are seldom used anymore.

If you’re reading Australian literature from this time period and earlier, such as works by Banjo Paterson, you may find this dictionary very helpful.

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– A –
A1the best.
Aboriginalan original inhabitant of any land; an Australian black.
Absenteeeuphemistic term for convict. Word now disappeared.
Acaciakind of scrub. Australia possesses many species.
Adam’s alewater.
Ain’tabbreviation of “is not.”
‘Alf-a-mofraction of a second.
Alley, to toss in theto give in.
All inexhausted.
All my eyeexpression of incredulity.
All thereexpression of praise.
All to piecesdecadence. To fall away.
All to smashto be ruined.
Anchorwingspecies of falcon.
Answer is a lemona meaningless reply.
Ante upa surrender.
Ant-orchisan Australian orchid.
ANZACcontraction of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
Anzac buttonmakeshift for trousers’ button.
Anzac stewfoul water.
Anzac waferhard and flavourless biscuit.
Apple-scented gumspecies of eucalyptus.
Apple treesnames applied to various indigenous trees.
Ashname applied to Australian woods.
Asthma herba Queensland plant.
Aussiecontraction of Australia
Austral thrusha bird of the thrush species; found in N.S.W.
Australialiterally, southern land.
Awaketo know all.
A.W.I.absent without leave.
Axe-breakername of hardwood tree.

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