Jan 092023
Macquarie Harbour – Australian Poem

“Macquarie Harbour” is an Australian poem written by Rex Ingamells (1913-1955). In the poem, he portrays the beauty of Australia. From the hills, to the sky and water, this poem encaptures all that is special about Australia.

Macquarie Harbour jailers lock
the sullen gates no more
but lash-strokes sound in every shock
of ocean on the dismal rocks
along that barren shore.

No more the bolters hear the hound
that bays upon the wind,
and terror-spurred kept onward-bound
until they drop upon the ground
starved and terror-pinned.

But gales that whine among the hills
sniff at the savage tracks
the hopeless took. The snowfall fills
bleak ranges; then the moonlight spills
broad arrows on their backs. 

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See our page on Rex Ingamells. Includes a linked list of all his writing available on our website.

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