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Australian Country Music Entertainer – Most Famous Slim Dusty Record Album

Australian Country Music Entertainer – Most Famous Slim Dusty Record Album

Slim Dusty is one of Australia’s most enduring country music entertainers. A gifted storyteller and vocalist, Slim is also one of the top selling Australian musical acts.

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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The Slim Dusty Movie
Original Soundtrack

2 LP set released to coincide with movie

  • 1-Where Country Is
  • 1-Song for the Aussies
  • 1-Old Sunlander Van
  • 1-Walk a Country Mile
  • 1-Wind Up Gramophone
  • 1-Trouble
  • 1-Losin’ My Blues Tonight
  • 1-Only the Two of Us Here / Old Feller
  • 1-My Final Song
  • 1-When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • 1-Rehearsal Sequence .. Back to My Old Northern Home
  • 1-Old Time Country Halls
  • 1-The Biggest Disappointment
  • 1-Lights on the Hill
  • 1-Gymkhana Yodel
  • 1-Stay Away From Me
  • 1-Keep the Lovelight Shining
  • 2-The Man with the Hat Turned Down in Front
  • 2-Country Revival
  • 2-The Isa Rodeo
  • 2-Rough Riders
  • 2-Cunnamulla Feller
  • 2-Isa
  • 2-Just Rollin’
  • 2-Corroboree Sequence / Plains of Peppimenarti
  • 2-How Will I Go with Him Mate
  • 2-Pushin’ Time
  • 2-The Pub with No Beer
  • 2-Camooweal
  • 2-Indian Pacific
  • 2-Are the Good Days Gone Forever?
  • 2-Gumtrees by the Roadway

Australia Is His Name

3 record set

  • Travellin’ Country Band
  • When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • Medley: Along the Road to Gundagai; I’m Going Back to Yarrawonga; The Man from the Never Never; That Old Bush Shanty of Mine
  • Ironbark Jim
  • Old Bush Barbecue
  • Spirit of Australia
  • Send ‘Er Down Hughie
  • Lights on the Hill
  • Along the Road of Song
  • Australia Is His Name
  • Letter from Down Under
  • Old Woolshed Do
  • Isa Rodeo
  • Cobb and Co Twitch
  • Answer to the Pub with No Beer
  • Sundown
  • Angel of Goulburn Hill
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • Cattle Camp Reverie
  • Darwin (Big Heart of the North)
  • Horse and Hobble Days
  • Leave Him in the Long Yard
  • Banjo’s Man
  • Old Time Country Halls
  • The Pub with No Beer
  • Willy Willy
  • Old Man Drought
  • The Melbourne Cup
  • Good Old Country Style
  • When the Rain Tumbles Down in July

A Guitar and a Hat

3 LP set from World Record Club

  • 1-A Pub with No Beer
  • 1-Born to be a Rolling Stone
  • 1-Mad Jack’s Cockatoo
  • 1-The Old Time Drovers Lament
  • 1-Sweeny
  • 1-Last Train to Nowhere
  • 1-A Word to Texas Jack
  • 1-Middleton’s Rouseabout
  • 1-The Whispering Hush
  • 1-By the Fire of Gidgee Coal
  • 1-When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • 1-Trumby
  • 2-Peter Anderson and Co.
  • 2-The Min Min Light
  • 2-Casey’s Luck
  • 2-Darwin
  • 2-Rodeo Riders
  • 2-A Picture of Home
  • 2-Smiles
  • 2-Country Livin’
  • 2-Things I See Around Me
  • 2-Camooweal
  • 2-Ramblin’ Shoes
  • 2-Lights on the Hill
  • 3-Commercial DT’s
  • 3-Indian Pacific
  • 3-Isa
  • 3-My Time
  • 3-Sundown
  • 3-The Biggest Disappointment
  • 3-The Man from Snowy River
  • 3-I’ve Been There and Back Again
  • 3-To Whom It May Concern
  • 3-Beat of the Government Stroke
  • 3-And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  • 3-Pushin’ Time
  • Indian Pacific
  • Medley: Boomerang; Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport; Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox
  • Australian Bushmen
  • Clancy of the Overflow
  • Bush Poets of Australia
  • Things I See Around Me
  • The Dying Stockman
  • Walk a Country Mile
  • Big Frogs in Little Puddles
  • Sequel to the Pub with No Beer
  • Trumby
  • Joe Maguire’s Pub
  • Every Little Bit of Australia
  • The Birdsville Track
  • G’Day Blue
  • Medley: The Old Bullock Dray; The Snake Gully Swagger; Game as Ned Kelly; Woolloomooloo
  • From the Gulf to Adelaide
  • The Brass Well
  • Harry the Breaker
  • Where Country Is
  • Medley: When a Boy from Alabama Meets a Girl from Gundagai; A Little Boy Called Smiley; A Town Like Alice
  • Last Thing to Learn
  • Charles Gray’s Barndance
  • Henry Lawson
  • Dieseline Dreams
  • Pub with No Beer (duet) Live with Gordon Parsons

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