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Australian Country Music Entertainer - Slim Dusty

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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Sing Along with Dad


  • Sing Along with Dad
  • Sad Cigarette
  • You Can't Tell Me a Thing
  • Been a Fool Too Long
  • Frankie and Johnny
  • Steppin' Round Australia
  • Dear Old Sunny South by the Sea
  • Angels in Disguise
  • Missouri Waltz
  • Dark Depths of the Blues
  • Side by Side
  • The Old Rugged Cross

Songs My Father Sang to Me


  • Granny's Hieland Hame
  • Old Love Letters
  • Jane O'Hara
  • The Old Lantern Waltz
  • The Ship That Never Returned
  • An Old Fashioned Locket
  • It Takes an Irish Heart
  • When the Harvest Days Are Over, Jessie Dear
  • My Old Pal
  • Two Little Girls in Blue
  • The Girl I Left Behind Me

Australian Bush Ballads


  • When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • Rope and Saddle Blues
  • The Old Rocking Horse
  • The Dying Stockman
  • Bill
  • The Black Velvet Band
  • A Word to Texas Jack
  • Cattle Camp Reverie
  • Whoa Bullocks Whoa
  • The Battle with the Roan
  • Eumerella Shore
  • Itching Feet

Slim Dusty - Australian Bush Ballads

Slim Dusty - Beer Drinking Songs of Australia
Slim Dusty - Sing Along with Dad
Slim Dusty - Songs My Father Sang to Me
Slim Dusty - Sing a Happy Song

Beer Drinking Songs of Australia


  • He's a Good Bloke When He's Sober
  • You've Got to Drink the Froth to Get the Beer
  • A Pub with No Beer
  • The Hangover Song
  • Mad Jack's Cockatoo
  • My Pal Alcohol
  • Whisky Blues
  • Pay Day at the Pub
  • Old Bush Barbecue
  • Three Rivers Hotel
  • The Boxing Kangaroo
  • Born with an Endless Thirst
  • Joe Maguire's Pub
  • The Pub Rock
  • The Pubs Still Make a Quid
  • The Pub that Doesn't Sell Beer
  • The Answer to the Pub with No Beer
  • Callaghan's Hotel
  • Duncan
  • End of the Pub

Slim Dusty Sings


  • The Sunlander
  • Mother
  • The Rain Still Tumbles Down
  • Lonesome Road of Tears
  • King Bundawaal
  • Since the Bushland Boogie Came This Way
  • Harry the Breaker
  • Walkin' on My Way
  • A Little Girl Dressed in Blue
  • The Nature of Man
  • Gumtrees by the Roadway
  • Roaring Wheels

Sing a Happy Song


  • Sing a Happy Song
  • If You Fall Out of Love With Me
  • Big Beggin' Fool
  • Set 'Em Up
  • Step Down from This Mountain
  • I'm Layin' It on the Line
  • Paralyse My Mind
  • He Don't Deserve You Anymore
  • I Ain't A-Gonna Be Treated This A-Way
  • Cinderella
  • Sugar Shed Lane
  • Hello - Trouble

Slim Dusty Sings His Favourite Songs

2 LP set from World Record Club

  • 1-A Pub with No Beer
  • 1-Born to be a Rolling Stone
  • 1-Mad Jack's Cockatoo
  • 1-The Old Time Drover's Lament
  • 1-Sweeny
  • 1-Last Train to Nowhere
  • 1-A Word to Texas Jack
  • 1-Middleton's Rouseabout
  • 1-The Whispering Bush
  • 1-By the Fire of Gidgee Coal
  • 1-When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  • 1-Trumby
  • 2-Peter Anderson and Co.
  • 2-The Min Min Light
  • 2-Casey's Luck
  • 2-Darwin
  • 2-Rodeo Riders
  • 2-A Picture of Home
  • 2-Smiles
  • 2-Country Livin'
  • 2-Things I See Around Me
  • 2-Camooweal
  • 2-Ramblin' Shoes
  • 2-Lights on the Hill
Slim Dusty Sings His Favourite Songs
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